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Granny Stripe Blanket Crochet Pattern

Hello, my name is Sue and I have 14 years crochet experience. I love crochet and I am passionate about sharing crochet skills with anyone.

Crochet A Vintage Granny Stripe Blanket

Vintage Granny Stripe Blanket Photo 1

Vintage Granny Stripe Blanket Photo 1

Materials Required

For this blanket I used two strands of Stylecraft Special DK held together throughout. Stylecraft yarn can be purchased from many places however I usually buy from the Wool Warehouse website and I have added the link below.

I have used UK crochet terms throughout.

Finished size approx 78” x 78” or 192 x 192 cm

The quantities listed are for a double bed size blanket You will need 4 of each of the following colours;

Duck egg

Vintage peach






You will also need a 6 mm Crochet hook and possibly a 6.5 mm crochet hook for the foundation chain or loosen your tension for this row.

Useful Information to Read Before You Begin

If you want to adjust the size of your blanket then the rule of thumb for a granny stripe is to chain in multiples of three and then add two more chains. So for this blanket I chained 195 then added two more at the end to total 197.

Choose your preferred order of colours. I laid one of each colour in a row then took a photo, mixing them up and taking photos of each mix every time, then chose the most appealing order for me.

I chose to use the pistachio colour intermittently; otherwise I kept the order of colour throughout.

You may wish to use a larger hook for the foundation chain because if it is worked too tightly your blanket will be distorted.

If you are new to crocheting you may find my instructional videos below useful for making your blanket.

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How to Make A Crochet Chain

How to do A UK Double Crochet Stitch

Start Crocheting

Row 1 - Chain 197 and work one double crochet (dc) in 2nd chain from hook. Then work a dc in each chain until you reach the end. 196 stitches (sts). Now turn your work ready to go back the other way.

Row2 – Chain 3, work 1 treble (tr) into the first stitch. *Miss 2 sts and then work 3 tr into the next st*. Repeat from * to * until 3 sts before the end, miss 2 sts and work 2 tr into the last st. Turn.

Row 3 – Ch3 and working in the space between the trebles on the previous row, work 3 tr. Work 3 tr into each space between the trebles on the previous row until the last stitch – this will be the 3rd chain of the chain 3 you made at the start of the previous row, make 1 tr stopping when you have 2 sts left on your crochet hook. Cut the first colour leaving a tail. Finish the 2 sts left on your crochet hook with your next colour. Tie the tails of the 2 colours once to hold in place. You are now ready to continue. Turn. I find this method of joining in new colours the neatest.

Row 4 – Ch3, work 1 tr in to the first space between the trebles of the previous row. Now work 3 trebles in each space between the trebles of the previous row until you get to the final space. Work 1 tr into the space and 1 tr into the 3rd chain of the chain 3 at the beginning of the previous row. Again, I think this practice makes the neatest edge. Turn.

Row 5 – Ch 3, work 3 trebles into each space between the trebles of the previous row. Once you reach the end of the row make 1 tr into the 3rd chain of the ch 3 at the start of the previous row, stopping when you have 2 sts left on your crochet hook. Cut this colour leaving a tail and complete the treble with the next colour. Tie the tail ends together once. You may find it easier to sew your tail ends in as you go as it is an enormous job to tackle at the end.

Repeat rows 4 and 5, working two rows of each colour until the desired length has been reached. Fasten off.

How to Make A UK Treble Crochet

Blanket Border

Border I made a row of double crochet all the way round the edge of my blanket, working 3 double crochet in each corner.

I then finished with a round of crab stitch. This gives the edging a nice ropey effect that I thought was fitting for this chunky blanket.

Crab stitch is just a reverse double crochet and is completed as follows;

Join yarn to any side of your blanket and ch 1. Insert your hook in the stitch to the right of your ch 1. Grab your yarn with the hook and pull through – 2 sts on hook. Yarn over your hook and pull through these last 2 sts and that’s it. You follow this all the way round your blanket doing exactly the same, even on the corners.

Be prepared to have to twist your hook around a bit more than usual in order to pick up your yarn going in this direction. It may seem a bit awkward at first but go slowly, you’ll be fine.

I have added A link to a tutorial for the crab stitch however it uses American crochet terminology so a Double Crochet (UK crochet term) will be referred to as a Single Crochet (American crochet term). The crab stitch is referred to as a Reverse Single Crochet. However they are exactly the same stitch.

Crochet Granny Stripe Border

Photo 2

Photo 2

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