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The VariQuest Cutout Maker 1800 Die Cut Machine for Educators


The Variquest Cutout Maker 1800 is the first electronic die-cut machine that is designed specifically for schools. This machine automatically cuts letters and numbers, manipulative, curriculum-rich shapes and bulletin board collections from construction paper, cold-laminated construction paper, card-stock and bond paper.

Incorporating cutouts into school curriculum has been shown to help improve student's achievement. Cutouts are used for visual aids in schools to help engage visual learners through the use of manipulative and cutouts. It is also used to illustrate complex concepts, thereby helping to raise student success.

With the Cutout Maker everyone in the school system benefits. Educators, school administrators, volunteers and students can work effectively and efficiently as this machine is very easy to use. The machines cuts multiple cutouts in one step, so anyone can multi-task, doing other relevant tasks, while using the machine. The Cutout Maker 1800 is USB compatible.


Why Traditional & Manual Die-Cutting Machines Don't Make Sense for Schools

Traditional, manual die-cutting machines have been in use in most schools for years now. These are die-cut machines that use rollers and a turn-handle mechanism to cut several dies in a single pass. The dies that accompanies or work with these machines are made out of wood, come in numerous shapes, and are sold separately from the die-cut machines themselves. Each die could cost from about $20 to $180, depending on the size and intricacy of the design.

When cutting, these manual dies cannot be physically adjusted to achieve different sizes of the same cutout. To achieve this, cut different size of the same shape or letters, a new size die is required. That means, you will need to get a different size die for every next size level of cutout. What does this mean for a typical school? It means that a typical school may need to acquire hundreds of wood dies over time. This not only cost the school money, but it also require that the school has adequate storage space for all the dies accumulated.


A Traditional, Manual Die-Cut Machine In A School WorkRoom

A traditional die-cutting machine. Cuts are done manually and each die plates needs its own storage space. Over the years, that's a lot of space to carve out.

A traditional die-cutting machine. Cuts are done manually and each die plates needs its own storage space. Over the years, that's a lot of space to carve out.

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VariQuest Cutout Maker 1800 Is Cost Effective And Help Save Storage Space

Unlike other cutout machines, the Cutout Maker 1800 uses eDies. There are over 4,600 shapes, 18 fonts and 228 bulletin board collections of dies in the form of intricate, scalable VariQuest eDies (electronic dies) in sizes ranging from 1" to 18". That means, no manual cutting.

With the VariQuest eDies, you can easily create unique cutouts of up to 11 ½” x 17 ½” individual shapes, and up to 2’ x 3’ when tiling. Also, you can easily change the size of your cutout for different applications, using the same eDie. And because they are eDies, your school don't have to buy countless numbers of separate die plates that's usually needed with the manual die cutters. The eDies are also much cheaper than the mechanical dies used with traditional die cutters, making it more cost effective option for schools.

So, no more buying heavy and expensive dies. With no dies to buy or store, schools can better utilize their funds for other vital curriculum resources needed to enhance student's learning. Space that used to store these manual, mechanical dies can now be put to more practical classroom uses, like for storing other essential school materials.


Why VariQuest Cutout Maker 1800 Is A Great Teaching Tool For Visual Learners

When it comes to student's comprehension and retention of taught concepts, educators face great challenges in the areas pertaining to the engagement of their students in the classrooms. Over the years, teachers have achieved better results with enhancing student's learning through the use of cutouts to create visual aids for their classrooms.

VariQuest Cutouts or any cutouts are not simply classroom decorations. They are powerful educational tools, . These cutouts essentially become visual representations of a lesson plan. From language arts manipulatives to mathematical signs, formulas and geometric shapes, cutouts can be created to support virtually any subject area including math, geography, social sciences and arts.

Research shows that most students are visual learners. And for these visual learners, seeing is believing. They learn best by observing, touching and seeing what they are being taught. As a teacher, you want to do the best your can to help your students learn the material and VariQuest Cutout Maker 1800 is one tool that can help you do that.

With VariQuest Cutout Maker 1800, you can incorporate cutouts images, maps, graphs, colors, and photos into your teaching style. This gives your visual learner students what they need to better understand and remember key information about the lesson taught. And it also makes learning fun.

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