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50+ DIY Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

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I am a fashionista trained in fashion buying and fashion design.

Candy tackle box for Valentines

Today we're doing something a little different, in front of me I have tons & tons of candies: strong nuclear worms, chocolate coated candies, starburst minis etc

I've had the old-fashioned Mike and Ikes that were all rainbow colors like fruity ones but these are pink and blue just like the cotton candy at the fair!

So we're going to try to put 17 different candies in our tackle box and it's gonna be an awesome Valentines gift for that special someone in your life!

1) Valentines candy tackle box


2) You're my favorite fish in the sea


3) Papas candy tackle box


4) Moms emergency stash


5) Extra large candy tackle box


6) Hooked on you


DIY: Candy bar poster

I just wanted to show you guys this Pinterest inspired card hat I'm going to be making for Valentines!

I'm going to be making this gift for my mom, I wanted to do something for her because she means so much to me and she's a huge sweet tooth as you can see.

7) Happy Valentines candy bar poster


8) I'm lucky I found you


9) Hey Mr Goodbar


10) Sugar bug


11) Candy bar poster for 50th birthday

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12) Candy bar poster for 16th birthday


How to make a beer can cake

For today's video I am gonna be doing a beer cake present for my man! Once you've been together for a while you kind of run out of ideas on what to get them.

So I picked up these plates which I'm gonna use for the base and you guys can see like the images below to see how that looks.

13) Beer cake with lottery cards


14) Beer cake for birthday present


15) Beer cake for 21st birthday


16) Beer tower with bows


17) Beer tower with silver sparklers


18) Beer bouquet with red gift paper


Melted crayon art for Valentines

For today's video we're gonna be doing some melted crayon art. I've never tried this before but I'm really excited to, so I'm gonna go into some of the supplies that I'm using and we're just gonna get right into it!

So for the supplies, I'm starting off with a canvas board I prefer the flat boards over the thicker stretched canvases for projects like this.

I have a box of Crayola Crayons 48 set, I'm gonna try to use as many of these as I can that'll fit the color theme that I'm going for. I also have a bottle of glue that I can use to glue the crayons down onto the canvas then I've got a pencil for sketching as well as various paintbrushes.

19) Melted crayon art with photos


20) You melt my heart


21) Love art


22) Melted crayon art with black & white photos


23) Blowing bubbles


24) Melted crayon art flowers


DIY How to make a candy bouquet for Valentine’s Day

In this video I'm gonna show you how to make this Valentines bouquet for that special someone.

You're gonna need a glue gun, cellophane, paper, ribbon and you're also gonna need some wood sticks.

Once you have your boxes ready, we're gonna glue the sticks to the candy I like to put it next to the box that way I know how high I want my candy!

25) Candy bouquets with love heart balloons


26) Candy bouquet with monkey balloon


27) Pink love heart candies glued to wooden sticks


28) Candy bouquet with cuddly monkey toy


29) Kit Kat bouquet with ribbons


30) Candy bouquet in a bucket


5 Senses Valentines gift ideas

In today's video we are going to talk about the famous five senses gift ideas that you can give to your partner, o let's get right started!

What you need for this are gift boxes, I got four here, tissue paper, ribbon, some markers to write on the boxes and of course the gifts that you're going to put in the boxes!

31) Gifts in white bags and red gift paper


32) Red gift boxes with chalkboard labels


33) Life with you makes perfect sense


34) 5 Senses gifts in brown paper bags


35) Black herringbone gift bags


36) 5 Senses gifts with love heart labels


DIY Tutorial: Date Night Jar

Here's an awesome gift idea for Valentines - a date night jar! I've always wanted to do this since we've seen the pin on Pinterest!

So you're gonna need a jar, some lollipop sticks - I got these multicolored ones off of eBay, I got a hundred die pop sticks for about $3!

37) Date night jar with blue & yellow lollipop sticks


38) Date night jar with chalkboard labels


39) Activities you can do for a date night


40) Color coded date night jar


41) Ideas for your date night jar


42) More ideas for your date night jar


Dollar Tree Valentine's gift baskets

Valentines gift baskets are a great way to let that special person in your life know how much you love them.

For my first gift option (which is the cheapest and the easiest) I'm going to use this mug from Dollar Tree, I loved it because it was pink on the inside. I'm going to create a sharpie design so I've got these sharpies at Dollar Tree as well but you can go ahead and use regular acrylic ones.

43) Valentines gift basket with love heart balloon


44) Romantic gift basket with cuddly toy


45) Candy gift basket with soft toy


46) Candy basket with love heart balloon


47) Liquor gift basket for Valentines


48) Treats for a Valentines gift basket


DIY 365 Note Jar

Today I'm going to be showing you how to make a jar with 365 notes in it! Basically what it is it's a bunch of love notes put in the jar the notes can be memories you've had with that person, what you like about the person etc

Once you finish writing on them you can place them in your jar and add some fancy ribbons or other bits of bling!

50) Color coded love note jar


49) 365 Love note jar


51) Long distance jar


52) Good things that have happened jar


53) Daddy's 365 jar


54) Rules to follow for your 365 jar


DIY “Open When...” Letters + Box!

For today's video I'm going to be doing a diy open when box and letters video so basically this is a really, really cute gift idea especially for Valentines.

I think this is a really cute way to how that you really care about someone by putting in a lot of effort because it does take a lot of effort to write all these letters but I do think it's worth it in the end!

55) Open when envelopes with fancy writing


56) Use color markers to make the font stand out


57) Open when you need a pep talk


59) Colorful open when letters


58) Open when letters with colorful artwork


60) Open when you need a laugh



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