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Vintage Mermaid Water Baby Reproduction

I cut her out on my computer.  Her name is Punkie and she has been one of my most popular reproductions.

I cut her out on my computer. Her name is Punkie and she has been one of my most popular reproductions.



THE SPLASH: My Mermaid Art & Pictures

I collect vintage mermaids and vintage nauticals as well as make for fun and profit, retro vintage mermaids. You can find the link to my website at the bottom of this article. Collecting has been expensive but worth it. I have Lefton mermaids, Py mermaids, Ceramicraft mermaids, Bradley mermaids, Freeman McFarlin mermaids and even a Florence mermaid (had to mortgage my home to get her:) The list goes on. My powder room walls are loaded - they are in my bedroom, and some are still packed that I haven't even taken out of the boxes.

I am a ceramicist and have been for about 13 years. I love playing in the mud as some call it. As I continued to buy ceramic molds, I stumbled upon some molds for mermaids. To say I was thrilled would be an understatement. These were old vintage molds and some of them actually casted vintage mermaid reproductions. My collection of vintage mermaid molds continued to multiply. So, I started creating my own mermaids.

Each mermaid that I create has her own distinct personality. I create babies but my favorites are the 8" tall MERMAID DIVAS as I like to call them. I do some plain but most of mine are highly embellished. .My motto is: bling baby bling! Most of mine wear crushed shells, Swarovski rhinestones, porcelain flowers, pearls, glitter and even vintage jewelry. Each one is a true work of art - a masterpiece. They all blend beautifully on my walls with my vintage mermaids.

Mermaids are so popular that I am thinking of starting a mermaid fan club. Perhaps, I would be my own biggest fan. My passion for creating these mythical creatures has brought me hours of pleasure and I have made excellent money.

*****The PINK MERMAID DIVA is from one of my vintage ceramic molds. I created every inch of her.***** Note the bling. That is my trademark.

Having tooted my own horn a little, I want to talk about retro vintage mermaids - reproductions that I make. Actually retro vintage mermaids are my specialty. I have been reproducing them for years from actual vintage molds. I have vintage seahorse, vintage fish and even vintage bubble molds. I make these retro vintage mermaids and their companions from two different media - chalkware (sometimes called plaster) and ceramic. I started years ago using plaster of paris. As I became more knowledgeable, I learned to use Hydracal instead. Hydracal is not as porous and is much more durable than plaster of paris. If cast properly, Hydracal is almost as durable as ceramic. Look at it this way. Whether you buy my Hydracal or ceramic vintage collectables, you aren't going to play football with them. You are going to simply hang them on your walls and they don't leap off, I promise, if you hang them properly. Well, I do have one mermaid that is known to cause a big splash wherever she goes:) So, I use everything quality. They are painted properly and sealed properly. Also, for those nauticals that I put vintage jewelry on their cute little noggins, I use a special glue that works like a charm. It takes awhile to dry but when it does, the items are there to stay. My mermaids are either adults or babies. I try to do the babies sweet and innocent. As for the adults, I sometimes get a little sexy (not vulgar of course) and do those ever so popular divas that I am very well known for. Just ask a certain celebrity who bought some from me ;) Collectors seem to delight in my retro vintage girls as much as the antiques. They work well together and compliment each other when displayed together. So, when you want mermaids with extra pizzazz, more colorful and highly embellished than their vintage sisters, you can count on me. I'll be there - paint brush in one hand and a mermaid in the other. Thanks for reading. Hope to do business with you. Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

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Vintage Mermaids and Mermaid Reproductions


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Terry Vester on March 22, 2019:

Would love to know if you sell any and average price range.

cc on November 16, 2017:

I have an original of this same one . Do you know anything about where and when made? I have searched for years and found your wonderful Diva's today after 3 hours. thank you for such a beautiful art.

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