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Using Cricut Pens-Tips And Ideas

Paper crafting has been my passion since I was a child. I love sharing paper projects, ideas, and products. Get more from your paper.

Cricut Pens And Markers

Cricut pens and markers come in a variety for every need and project

Cricut pens and markers come in a variety for every need and project

Cricut Pen Basics

Learning to create with the Cricut pens on your Explore and Maker will open up a whole new world when it comes to creating projects. Our goal is to help you get the most from your machine. Creating with Cricut pens will help you go father with your machine than you thought possible.

Let's start with the basics. There only used to be a few options when it came to Cricut pens, but they have expanded the line and there are a wonderful range of colors and tips available. They are sold as single pens and as packs of pens. If you have Cricut Design Space and purchase them from Cricut, you will get 10% off your purchase.

Tip sizes (known as weights range from 0.8 which is extra fine to 2.5 which is used for calligraphy projects. There are quite a few steps between.The fine point pens come in 30 plus colors and variations of color.

The calligraphy pens are mostly available in black and gold, These are the heaviest weight pens.

The pen's weight as well as the color are printed right on the side of the pen, so that you will always know you are choosing the right pen for your project.What I also love about these pens, it that the color of the pen is clearly shown on the cap of the pen. That way I can see the color that I need without have to scribble the color on a piece of scrap paper. This information saves me a lot of time.

Technically, any pen can be used for any project. But the 0,3-0,8 will give you much finer detail over the larger weight pens

On your machine you will see two clamps. They are known as the A clamp and the B clamp. The B clamp always holds your blade, The A clamp always holds your accessories like your pens, stylus and other tools.

The machine is so smart, when you are doing a project, it will actually tell you to put in your pen. The software knows the project and the tools that are needed. So it will tell you exactly when the pen is needed.

The Cricut Joy has it's own set of pens and markers. The reason behind that is because the machine is a much smaller size.

If you have a Cricut Explore 1, you will need an adapter to accomodate the current lines of pens.

Types Of Pens Available

  • Metallic
  • Fine Point
  • Extra Fine Point
  • Gel Pens
  • Washable Fabric Pens
  • Infusable Ink Pens
  • Calligraphy Pens

Understanding The Text Function In Cricut Design Space

Before you can use the pens in the Cricut Design Space, you need to understand some of the program that allows you to write on your projects.

The text function is easy to use. The function is located on the far left side and appears as an open T

  1. One click on the T to open the function.
  2. A box will open where you can type in your text
  3. Resize the text by clicking on the double arrow icon. You can also change the text size with the drop down menu at thee top of the screen
  4. To change the font type, click on the text, Chose the font type from the drop down menu in the upper left hand corner of your design space screen. You have the option of filtering the font menu. Your options for filtering amoung the fonts include the Cricut fonts, your fonts (the ones associated to your computer), multilayered fonts, single layer fonts, and writing fonts. This feature saves a lot of time. To write text, you must use a writing font.
  5. Select the font that you want to use.
  6. Select the color pen if you want to change it
  7. Send your project to the make it page
  8. Secure your pen in the clamp A. Make sure that it is in correctly. If you are using a Cricut pen, you will hear a click when the pen is in right.
  9. When your ready, load the mat with your card stock on it and click go,

Learn To Use The Text Function In Cricut Design Space

What kind of Projects Can You Use Cricut Pens On

There are an endless number of ways that you can use your Cricut pens on. Here are a few of my favorites:

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  1. Invitations
  2. Addressing envelopes
  3. Creating labels
  4. Making a scrapbook title
  5. Making a sentiment for a greeting card
  6. Create a greeting card
  7. Writing on vinyl
  8. Drawing projects from Design Space to color
  9. Journal on a scrapbook page or in a journal
  10. Create table signs for a special event
  11. Make a sign for a child's room
  12. Personalize an envelope with your return address

Cricut Pen Weights (Tip Sizes )

Pen Weight (Tip SizeSize Name

0.3 Tip

Extra Fine Point

0,4 Tip

Fine Point

0.8 Tip

Glitter Gel Pen


Medium Point Metallic


Thick Black Metallic


Extra Thick Black Metallic

No Rating

Washable Fabric Pen

Pen Tip Sizes

Left to right-0.4 fine tip, 0.8 gel tip, 1.0 medium tip, 2.0 calligraphy tip

Left to right-0.4 fine tip, 0.8 gel tip, 1.0 medium tip, 2.0 calligraphy tip

More About Pen Sets

Depending upon your need, you can buy groups of the same kind of pen in the same weight. Or you can buy variety packs with different pen sizes. You purchase the pens by your individual use.

The Cricut Joy have their own pen sets because of its' smaller size. So, when you are shopping for pens, no matter what your machine, make sure that you are purchasing the right size pen for your machine.

Design Space Prompts

Cricut Design Space will always tell you when to use your pen

Cricut Design Space will always tell you when to use your pen

Cricut Pen Sets

These are just some of the sets that are available at Cricut

Set NamePen NotesColors IncludedPen Sizes

Fabric Pens


Washable Fabric Pens

5-1.0mm pen weight (tip size)

Glitter Gel Pens

Add a touch of glitter to your projects

Red, blue, green,pink, and violet

5-medium point (0.8 ) pens

Gel Pen Fingerpaint

Bright vivid colors

Orange , lime, red , yellow and blue

5 medium point (1,0 pens)

Joy Gel Pens

Only for use with Cricut Joy,

Pink, blue and green

3 medium point (0.8 )pens

Milky Gel Pens

Silky Smooth pens in rainbow colors. Reminds you of street graffetti paints

Pink, blue, orange, green and yellow

5-1,0 pens

Multi Pen Black ( 5 Pens


1-0.8 glitter gel, 1-1.0 tip marker., 1-0.4 tip marker, 2-2.0 calligraphy marker

Ultimate Fine Point Pack

Works with Criscut Explore or Maker. Cricut Explore ! will require an adapter

Vivid bright variety of colors

30 -Extra fine point (0,3) pens

Adding Text To A Project

Choosing A Font

In your font menu there are fonts that are specifically marked as writing fonts. Using these fonts will assure you that you will not get letters that have dead space that look like bubble letters.

If you do not want to look through the whole file of fonts to find all the writing fonts, there is an option to save you time. Just go to fonts. Click the filter label on the far right, then hit the "writing " option. This will give you a list of all the fonts that have the writing feature.

Basic Steps To Writing On Cricut Projects

When you bring it down to basics, it is not really difficult to use a Cricut pen at all. Once you select your font and the text or deign, the steps are really easy.

  1. In the Design Space page, once you design your product or text, you hit the " Make It" button
  2. Move things around the screen if you need to.
  3. Load the mat and choose the correct setting for your material.
  4. Press the Cricut symbol to begin the cut and or print.

Adding Text With Cricut Pens

Understanding Fonts

Fonts simply put are a style of writing and printing. Some fonts look more like print and others look more like script. Cricut currently has some 400 different font styles that you can choose from. Cricut has fonts that they have built into their software system to make it easy for you to both cut and write.

Besides the fonts in the Cricut software system, there are also your own system fonts. These are fonts that you have downloaded into your system. These system fonts Whatever fonts that you have added to your computer should also be automatically be available in your Cricut Design Space.

Not all fonts that can be downloaded to your system will work well with the Cricut Design Space. As we said, the folks at Cricut Design Space have chosen the fonts that will cut and write seamlessly with your Cricut machine. The Best choices for fonts to add should have clean clear lines.

More often than not, with the Cricut pens, you will be using a script font. Script fonts are set at 1.2 between each letter (letter spacing ) That means that your letters in script will not appear together.

.There are two ways to change the letter spacing

  1. Change the letter spacing in the navigation bar at the top labeled " Letter Spacing"
  2. Ungroup the letters, and drag and drop them together one by one. This takes longer, but works better with script. They don't always fit together when you just change the letter spacing.

Downloading And Uploading Fonts In Cricut Design Space

How To Group And Ungroup Letters In Cricut Design Space

Using Multiple Colors On Projects

Cricut has over thirty colors of pens and markers. You can use multiple colors to create a project. Design Space (the Cricut computer program ) will guide you through the process

When you select a project and set it to draw, the project will set to black. However, there is a square next to the linetype that will allow you to change the pen color.

When you click this drop down, all of the Cricut colors come up for you to select. You just chose the color that you want the design to be drawn in.

The advantage of taking that step is the when you go to make the design, the software will prompt you when and what color to change your pen.

While setting your pen color is not important when you are using a single color to draw, it is a huge time saver when you are using multiple colors. The machine will draw all of the color of a single pen, so once you use that color, you do not ghave to go back and use that pen again.

Using Multi Colors of Cricut Pens

More Using Multiple Colored Pen Tips

Washable Fabric Pens

These pens are for marking fabric. They are used in The Design Space to create pattern pieces from whole patterns built into the computer system. The pattern is marked and cut in one step. Compatible with the Cricut Explore and Maker.

If you were to use the Explore, the pen would mark the fabric and then you would have to hand cut it, The Maker will mark the fabric and cut it with a special tool.

They can also be used to create embroidery lines.

No more tracing and pinning fabric. This system is flawless.

Cricut Infusable Pens

Cricut Infusable pens create designs on all of your fabric designs

Cricut Infusable pens create designs on all of your fabric designs

Infusable Ink Markers And Pens

The most wonderful thing about Cricut Infusable Ink Pens is that they bond chemically with the base of whatever you use them. So that means that for example if you create a coaster, there will be no scratching or pulling off of your design.

You can now create your own heat transfers. These pens will help you create a one of a kind design on a heat transfer sheet. The heat transfer sheet can then be infused on a tee shirt, tote bag, shoes -just about anything that is a fabric.

The pens come in different weights ( that pen tip size). These specialty markers come in sets. The biggest set is 30 pens

You can use any of the hundreds of designs in Cricut Design Space or you can use laser copy paper to do a free hand drawing. It is up to you how you create your design. The ink becomes one with the fabric.

  • Requires compatible Infusible Ink blank (sold separately) and Cricut EasyPress® or heat press that reaches 400°F (205°C)
  • Transferred inks won't flake, peel, fade, crack, or wrinkle

How You Do It

  • You draw the design in laser copy paper.
  • Choose a compatible Infusible Ink blank (sold separately) or on copy paper
  • Transfer design with Cricut EasyPress or heat press that reaches 400°F (205°C).

There are a lot of different transfer sheets available.

Using Infusable Inks In Multiple Colors

Infusable Ink Projects

Pen Not Working On Your Project? Try This

If your pen is not writing, there are a few things you can try so that you can complete your project:

  1. Open the accessory clamp. Remove the pen from the clamp. Write with the pen on a piece of scrap paper to see if the pen is dry or still has ink.
  2. Make sure the pen is in the clamp right. Open the clamp.Remove the pen. Re-insert the pen into the clamp. Make sure that the pen clicks and is in the clamp. Re-lock the clamp.
  3. Watch the pen working as it is writing. If you do not see the pen touch the paper, try to place the pen into the clamp.

More Cricut Pen Ideas

More Cricut Pen Tips

Here are a few more Cricut tips for using your pens

  • If you are using script, especially with copy paper, use the light grip mat
  • Remove the pen as soon as you are finished the project and place the cap on the pen. I have dried a few pens by forgetting that step.
  • Make sure that you set your Cricut to the right material setting. Most of the time. it should be set to card stock, light card stock or paper

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