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Ukrainian Artist - Maryna Vaschenko

Nikolas considers with a great interest new trends in the postmodern Ukrainian arts. He is fond of graphics and color paper works, vytynanka

Ukrainian Artist-Maryna Vaschenko-the Pictorial and Graphic Arts, Vytynanky (Papercutting)

Photo of Maryna Vaschenko

Photo of Maryna Vaschenko

Credo of the Artist

Life is constant movement in a circle of changes. Through art I am looking for a strength for life, thanks to art my mind acquires creative energy and seeks unique aesthetic pursuits in the depths of spiritual truths.

Each graphic work is a study of own subconscious, an intuitive research of aesthetic ideal.

The Most Favorite Events in the Life of Maryna

PlaceYearEvents and achievements

Sozopol, Bulgaria


First International Plein-Air Marine Artists Competition in Graphic Arts category, the first winner

Kyiv, Ukraine


All Ukrainian Exhibition Competition of the Fine and Decorative Arts, a first rank diploma

Kyiv, Ukraine


Independent Interactive Mystical Festival "Nymph", Grand Prix

Rationality and Feelings

From the first years, one of the common motifs in the artist's works is the tree of life, which appears in the form of "Tree of Atonement" (2008, mixed media), "Trees that heard confession" (2014, excision), sometimes reminiscent of traditional iconography. . Generating thoughts about the meaning of life, such images surprise with the lyric sound, then unusual, but organic combination of rationality in the perception of the world. There is at the same time the nudity of feelings.

Intoxicated Flue

The cycle of works the "Intoxicating flue" is created on reasons of the verses, written with the father of artist, sculptor Oleksander Vaschenko. Texts of him are distinguished by eccentrics and sharpness of perception, sometimes, shocking. Graphic reading of verses being genetically related to the the author, however, does not seem a comment and ordinary visualization of literary character. It becomes a push to the origin of follies that remove full of symbolic reasons, allegories and hints the imagination of the author. Aiming as possible more precisely to represent the text, she executes the emotional compositions saturated by details with own plot.

Father and Daughter, the Vaschenko

Graphics from the Intoxicated Flue

From Intoxicated Flue

From Intoxicated Flue

Fantasy From Intoxicated Flue

From the Intoxicated Flue

From the Intoxicated Flue


The cycle "Yangolomania" (ink) was created during 2011–2020, constantly changing, acquiring in some places ambiguous reading of well-known images. Angels born of the artist's imagination may seem a bit unexpected. This is because they are too different from the stern angels - the guardians of heaven, as not similar to the touching and sentimental images of angels. Those are common in popular culture. In Marina Vashchenko's works, angels appear as contradictory as life itself, and their images are full of drama. Even they are endowed with unexpected passion ("Whirlpool of Inspiration").

Angels and Their Struggle

On the way of Eternity

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Eider of Yogi

Yet more saturated phantasmagorical reasons are seemed by the follies executed by India ink from a cycle "Eider of Yogi". It was created during 2017-2020. Combining in itself offenses, that remind and vision, and folklore personages, and in concert reasons-quotations from artistic works of past epochs, work at the same time looks more structural and rationally ranged. In them considerably more important is a role of unfilled images background that gives the feeling of free space and more expressive reading of silhouettes. Accompanied yet and by own lines, the cycle becomes the unusual and interesting passing to the next stage of work. Without regard to active activity as an artist and teacher, Maryna Vaschenko together with his husband I. Nesterov comes forward and as an organizer of creative collaboration in "Hota Ruta" (2018) and author and counsel of a few exhibition projects - "Craftory".

Eider of Yogi


For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What do her monumental works remind
    • Slavic ancient gods
    • German ancient gods

Answer Key

  1. Slavic ancient gods


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Opening of the Exhibition Drunken Chimney

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