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Types of Philippine Handicraft Industry

There are many handicraft industries in the Philippines. They use different handicraft materials to produce their products and sell them to local and foreign markets. The income generated in these businesses improve the quality of lives of the owners and their workers, their respective families, and contribute valuable growth to our economy as well.

Among the major products of our handicraft industry are the following:

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Rattan Craft

This is the art of manufacturing products made from rattan.

Rattan belong to the palm family and a native species in tropical regions such as Asia, Australia, and Africa.

Rattan, yantok in Filipino term, is a long and slender climbing plant, whose sheaths are protected by its spines that play a major role in supporting the rattan as it grows on other plants in the forests. The products that are made using this material are popular and because of their flexibility and durability.

Some examples of rattan crafts are baskets, hats, wall décor, ash trays, picture frames, sofa sets, TV racks, cabinets, and other articles and furniture for home use.


Bamboo Craft

This is the art of making usable products out of bamboos.

Bamboos are used in building bahay kubo (nipa hut), furniture, house furnishings such as hangers, trays, dividers, lamp shades, and many different kinds of useful articles at home.


Leather Craft

The art of manufacturing articles out of leather.

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Taxidermy, or the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals, also makes use of the skin of animals, but generally the head and part of the back are used.

Hides and skins are also used in the manufacture of glue and gelatin.

Some examples of leather products are bags, shoes, jackets, coin purses, gloves, belts, wallets, and others.

Coconut Shell Craft

The art of producing articles from coconut shells.

After coco meat is scraped from the shells, they are cleaned and cut into various shapes to be used in making articles like buttons, brooches, table lamps, dippers, buckles, and others.

Another product of coconut shell craft is the coco necklace. It is made from coconut shells which are cut and polished to form coconut shell components. The designs used are ethnic and have special colors and shapes. The coconut shell components are combined with wood, shells, and many other natural materials to create a trendy necklace. Coco necklaces are combined with shell pendant, coco pendant, and wood pendant.


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