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Traditional Weaves of Orissa Sari


A sari is the most ancient and traditional clothing of India. It is a six to nine yard fabric which is draped elegantly around the body. Indian women are known for their curvaceous body and sari appropriately enhances the curves of a woman’s body elegantly. Indian sarees are known for its detailed hand woven designs and beautiful textures. Zari (gold thread) work that was introduced in Gujarat first is one of the finely done works that mostly appears on the borders and pallu of the saree.

Every state in India has its very own special weaves, textures and fabric that produce attractive and exclusive collection of sarees. While Southern India is known for its glamorous silk sarees, Orissa in the East is famous for its magnificently designed handloom sarees. Some of the famous styles of sarees developed in Orissa are Khandua Sari, Bapta Sari, Bomkai Sari, Ikat Sari and Sambhalpuri sarees and Brahmapuri sari.

Bomkai sari

Bomkai sari is intricately woven with low count cotton yarn and color palette majorly comprises of intense and warm dyes. Bomkai sarees are also known as Sonepuri sari and is majorly available in cotton and silk fabrics.

Bomkai Pure Silk Saree

Bomkai Pure Silk Saree

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Ikkat Saree

Ikkat sari is the most traditional saree produced in Orissa. History of this saree dates back to 5,000 years. Process of producing Ikkat sarees involves a detailed practice of tie and dye wherein selected yarns are knotted and dipped in plethora of colors and delicate technique of weaving is followed which finally results in alluring designs in multiple hues and motifs. The weft or the warp or both are processed under the meticulous method of tie-dyed before weaving to create designs on the saree fabric. Beautiful motifs inspired from history, mythological tales and nature, when blended with vibrant colors add grace to these Ikkat sarees.

Ikkat Pure Silk Saree

Ikkat Pure Silk Saree

Brahmapuri Saree

The Brahmapuri saree derives its name from the City Brahmapuri which is known for its skillful craftsmanship of weaving silk sarees .The Brahmapuri are heavy silk sarees with narrow borders, beautified with intricate motifs in array of colors.

Brahmapuri Pure Silk Saree

Brahmapuri Pure Silk Saree

Sambalpuri Saree

Sambalpuri Saree is a traditional hand woven Ikkat sari. Stunningly designed traditional motifs like shankha (shell), chakra (wheel), phula (flower), differentiate these sarees from the traditional Ikkat sarees. This style of saree is also known as Sambalpuri Ikkat. Pasapalli sari is one of the variants of Sambalpuri sari. It is a hand woven sari made of silk fabric and has a beautifully woven pallu. The chess board like prints across the length of the sari with characteristic white and black/red squares makes it glamorous. The sari is normally made from cotton, tassar, silk and silk and tussar.

Sambalpuri Cotton Saree

Sambalpuri Cotton Saree


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