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Youtube Channels of the Week - 2

Hello everyone,

In the previous article we discussed about 3 channels 2 of which were related to Strange, Dark and Mysterious. In this week, let’s take a look at one unique interview style channel along with a couple of equally interesting others.


1. Interview and Food:

People fond of food will often figure out a way to find variety and run their imaginations wild with the combinations. A lot of such, like me, would enjoy spicy food as much as sweet or continental. At the same time, those who are not so much fond of eating, may get bored. However, one Youtube channel has a way to combine it with something interesting. In it, hosts, like SEAN EVANS, invite any celebrity to enjoy eating or cooking every week while also asking them some of very unusual and personal yet interesting questions about various aspects of their lives. To name a few celebrities so far on it, IDRIS ALBA, KHLOE KARDASHIAN, SALMA HAYEK and many more. My favourite ones are of GABRIEL IGLESIAS (FLUFFY-Standup Comedian) which I have mentioned in the link below. Check it out and see if your favourite celebrity was on it or not.

Caution: Watching this may make you feel peckish

FLUFFY and Hot Sauces

2. Kindness beyond Humans:

In the last article, we mentioned one channel MR BALLEN, where John Ballen shares various stories about missing people and such. However, in this week’s edition we are going to look at a Youtube Channel which has quite an opposite theme, that too mostly from the animal world. The stories told on this channel are quite calming and pleasant which will definitely bring smile on your face. It is WONDERS OF THE WORLD. Watching 5-10 mins of these real life stories from around the world will be the one you’d not want to miss, rather it could become one thing that may inspire frequent acts of kindness in you which this world is in dire need of.

Sounds Like a Fairy Tale

3. Intriguing Mysteries and Mind Boggling Questions:

In and around the world, since the beginning of time and universe, there are things which are constantly changing, evolving, dissolving, exploding, imploding and so on. We, the Humans, being the ones with free will and thinking abilities, have often come across such things and tried to figure out what, how and why behind each and every incident. Let it be the birth of the Universe or sinking of The Titanic. To answer such well-known as well as many not so famously known facts, ARRAN LOMAS started a channel called THOUGHTY2, where he picks one topic at a time and after due diligence and gathering of all the facts, comes up with a unique way of presenting the information, mostly in a chronological order, as a story. As a cherry topping to his credibility, he has also published a book called ‘Stick A Flag in It: 1000 years of bizarre history from Britain and beyond’ (link attached at the end of the article.) Link to one of his recent videos is attached below. You’ll not regret it.

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Story of Wilhelm Gustloff


These are few of the select channels which I personally recommend to anyone who enjoys binge watching. Hope you enjoyed it to. More such channels from across Youtube will be shared in next week. So follow me @

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