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Top - 3 Youtube Channels of the Week - 4

Hello Everyone,

In this series of articles, we have seen various kinds of Youtube channels earlier - from food to interviews and even related to paranormal. However, amongst the YT channels we are going to see in this, there are a couple kid friendly as well.

1. Touring Latin America:

Most of us know a lot about a couple of parts of America, called the USA (United States of America), and Canada which are in the northern half. However, due to local political and economical conditions, not a lot of us know the wonderful destinations and festivals the rest of America beholds, especially South America. From beaches to hill tops with ropeway services that can bring you majestic views to exploring the local delicacies, it offers a wide variety of travel destinations. To know about it, who could be better than those living right there. Yes. This Youtube Channel called MARIANNY DEY run by a beautiful young girl JUANA is a local from Argentina, shares videos of various travel destinations from the south, since May 2020..Though it’s a fairly new channel you would surely enjoy.

Note: Juana narrates in her native language. However, there are English subtitles.


2. Learning Japanese with Fun:

This particular channel was suggested to me by my child, who very religiously follows her on Youtube. As a result, my child has learned a lot about the basics of Japanese language, including the names of various things. This piqued my interest, which led me to surfing through that channel named LEARN JAPANESE WITH MAYO AND INDU. Similar to previous, this channel was launched in 2020. However, I believe, because of very delightful and relatable content in their videos, the channel is growing very rapidly. Mayo is a young girl from Japan who has majored in Hindi.So, for people from India, learning Japanese through her channel is very easy and effective. Also, for those from the rest of the world, she also provides English versions in the same videos. Hence, even if you don’t want to learn Japanese, I would suggest you to go and check it out for the upbeat part which would change your mood for sure.

Note: If you are preparing for JLPT exam, subscribe to her. She is available on various platforms where you can get in touch with her through messaging as well.

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3. A Pizza that’s Smart, huh!

The final channel that made its way to the list this week is SMART PIZZA. Hungry, are we?? Au contraire, this channel shares compilations of videos from the animal world, with quick back stories along with some, often humorous, personal connotations, which makes it’s videos fun to watch. Also, from time to time they come up with information about various animal breeds and species which are unknown to most of us, like the one recent video provides information about some species of cats which are unlike our usual domestic cats. If you are a dog person, then it has fun videos you would enjoy too, most of which are on average 10mins short. Go check it out. You’d learn and also have some fun.

Disclaimer: Some videos may be bloody or cringe. So viewers' discretion is advised.



With this we will conclude this article of the series for this week. Hope you enjoy binge watching these. Feel free to share your suggestions for next week’s list.

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