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Youtube Channels of the Week

Hello everyone,

Let’s dig into multi-faceted part of internet that that is open to all of us – Youtube. With the evolution technology we received various things that are affecting and have become part of our daily lives. Some good, some bad and some, well, depends on how users access. Among them, internet has become inevitable part of our routine. From checking emails, to staying and sharing updates with family friends and colleagues through different social media applications and even binge watching videos and movies, major part of the day light is spent online.


Binge Watching

Binge watching has become a buzz word in recent times. Especially, after the introduction of Netflix like OTT platforms alongside YT, it has become one of the most favoured free time activities. However, on most of the OTT platforms a paid membership is required, whereas YT is free (with a bit of disturbance with ads, of course). Also, while one needs a lot of approvals from other platforms, on Youtube any newbie can open an account and start his/her own channel and start uploading and sharing videos of their likings and skills. Being connected to online community for over a decade and half, I have come across various channels where people demonstrate various aspects from adventure to food, comedy and many more. Below are three of those YT channels, I feel that everyone should follow or visit atleast once.

1. Reaction videos:

I, personally, am a big time follower of real life paranormal activities. From years, I have followed many channels who provide a compilation of such content which I binge watch during my free time. However, there is a new trend developing across Youtube where people react to videos from others’ channels. I, amongst all, am a hardcore follower of CASPERSIGHT. Creator’s name is Ben, who loves playing Horror games with which he started his channel, sharing his gameplay videos. Later, he started with reaction videos which has now mode his channel one of the best reaction video channel on YT, where he reacts to videos of real life adventure at haunted places as well as compilation of such videos, mostly along with podcast on a different channel he has recently started. Though the type of videos he reacts to is a bit grim, his upbeat and realistic response makes his videos fun to watch. Hence, if you are into paranormal videos or even want to learn how to react on videos, CASPERSIGHT is one of the go to YT channels which you must check out. Also, his channel is available on various platforms like Twitch and Discord, and he is active on various social media platforms including Twitter. JUST RAMBO IT!!!

  • Caspersight - YouTube
    I look into the best scary, wierd and paranormal videos on the internet and give it a twist.Represented by BOSS MGMT GRP - For business enquiries caspersight...

2. Story Telling:

“If you are a fan of strange, dark and mysterious”, it is the right place to be. Story telling is one of the highly underrated forms of art. If delivered right, it can take you on the roller coaster ride everytime. If you wish to experience such MR. BALLEN is the person to follow on Youtube. John Allen the narrator is a former American Navy Seal, who after retirement started reading and sharing stories from the series of books called Missing 411. The path then evolved into sharing real life incidents from various parts of the world. To add cherry on top, he shares a very peculiar way of interacting with Like button which is adorable in a weird way. To find it the mystery behind that interaction, go check out his channel through the link below. Also, his podcasts are available on various platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcast and many other, and he, like the other two, is active on various social media platforms including Twitter.

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  • MrBallen - YouTube
    I tell strange, dark & mysterious stories.Check out the MrBallen Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google and everywhere else you get podcasts!Follow me on...

3. Food Eating Challenge:

Are you a foodie? Do you like belly full of meals with variety and change in cuisines? If your answer is yes, then BEARD MEATS FOOD is a go to channel for you. You will not regret it. In his videos, Adam Maron, a former banker, visits various places across UK mostly, looking to take on food challenges, where a large amount of food is served and he has to complete it in given time limit. Also, he participates in major eating challenges in and around North America where he has become the first British to with Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating challenge. While sometimes it may get a little overwhelming to some, Adam’s attitude throughout the video is quite realistic and upbeat, like Ben, that can cheer you up. So LLLLLUUUUTTTSSSSGGGURRRIIIITTTTTT!

  • BeardMeatsFood - YouTube
    Bearded eating feats of monumental proportions! Love big eating? You're in the right place; so click the subscribe button and join me on my journey to glutto...


With this, we’d summarize this article, and soon share few others. So stay tuned and don’t forget to rate and comment about how you liked this and who would you like me to write about.

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