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My Top Pens

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Favorite Pens

Here are my favorite pens of 2021...

  • Bic Renew
  • Platinum 3776 Century
  • Pilot Hi-Tecpoint 0.5mm

That's one ballpoint, one fountain pen, and one rollerball... the perfect mix! I'm not using pencils these days (mechanical or wooden) so nothing appears on my list.

The Bic here is quite new, but it's based on the 60 year old Cristal design, so no shock there that it's great.

The fountain pen, the 3776 Century, has been my favorite pen for like 15 years. It's a masterpiece and something every writer should own. I have it with a Fine, 14 carat gold nib and it's amazing smooth but never so smooth that I feel like I'm losing touch with the paper. It really is superb. It's about a $200 pen, so it's no joke, but it's been with me for so long and the fountain pen ink is so fun and varied that this pen simply cannot be beat. This is why it's my top pen of 2021 despite it also being my top pen of 2020.

The Noodler's Konrad Flex Fountain Pen is also very, very good. The flex nib is soft and smooth, but it's not as smooth as the 3776. The Konrad is a bit scratchier, which is not bad. It's different and I like it. Its a more affordable pen as well, as it costs around $30. It's a great pen for the price, but it's not a 3776.

The Lamy Safari Fountain Pen is also a great pen. I have the black nib with black body. It's a nice pen and a great pen for the price, which is about $20. It's a good pen, but I don't think it's as good as the 3776 or the Konrad.

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On the budget side I also like the Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen. It's a great pen. The nib is not very smooth, but it's smooth enough, which is not my preference. I like there to be a bit of texture on a pen, so I can feel the paper. The Metropolitan has a very refined, almost luxurious feeling to it, and the nib is very smooth. It's a very good pen, but I don't prefer it to the 3776 or the Konrad.

© 2021 Anthony Remple

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