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Youtube Channels of the Week - 8

Hello Everyone,

It has been quite an eventful week. Hence, to get you the best of the Youtube it took a little extra time. If you are following this series regularly, you must have noticed that each part includes a unique channel, apart from entertaining and informative. The trend continues with this one as well. So, hold onto your hats while we share our Top-3 Youtube channel picks of this week which you must check out. And yes, there is also a delightful bonus, and a short survey at the end . Don’t miss it.

1. From Zimbabwe to India

Cultures, religions, day-to-day lives and lifestyles of people from different parts of the world are always quite compelling to many of us. To learn about how people live, how it is different from our own, what we can adapt from them and even the structures and monuments being erected by such people never stops to tickle our fancy. In order to learn and explore, we take a plunge into the ocean of the internet. Since most of the video suggestions, we get through Youtube algorithm, are of or from the US or Europe or some controversial country like China or Afghanistan, we lack knowledge and understanding about the rest of the world like India. However, one Zimbabwean named TANAKA ZVENHAMO seems to have found the river from which he can quench his thirst of knowledge and understanding about the country he is highly intrigued by, which is India. TANAKA, on his Youtube Channel THATGUYVIK, reacts to different videos related to different aspects of India. Infact, he even has visited India. Yet, his reactions are quite entertaining and respectful at the same time. The length of his videos are comparatively short, under or around 10 mins on an average. So, I thank Tanaka our Zimbabwean friend and request you all to go ahead and check it out. You’ll enjoy and learn within the same time frame.


2 Fit v/s Food

To clear the air first, this doesn’t channel doesn’t have videos to compare food calories or suggest what you should and shouldn’t eat. This is another Youtube channel where you will witness challenge after challenge taken down by an excellently fit individual, KATINA from KATINA EATS KILOS. And no, they’re not challenges related to fitness, workout or gym, but food. If you look at her physic, it’d be hard to believe that she even participates in such, given the variety of foods served are high on everything, a dietician or a nutritionist would consider unhealthy, to put it mildly.Yet, she feverishly executes them, while also mind-blowingly maintaining her health and shape. It is yet another channel which is near the top in entertaining, especially if you are a food-fanatic. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a bite to eat, glue yourself to the chair and hit it. You can comeback and thank me later.

  • Katina Eats Kilos - YouTube
    I do weekly food challenges, restaurant challenges, and food/travel vlogs highlighting exceptional foods and BIG eats around the world!

3. What is the speed of Dark?

Do you remember one or many questions we used to ask as kids, which we now find hilarious or silly? Do such questions still arise in your minds, or has the aged washed your inner child away? Have you ever tried to find answers to such questions? I sometimes do, and then laugh at and with myself. Very recently, have I stumbled upon one such channel, where they don’t only ask childish or outlandish questions like are tree and dog in the picture below related, but also find the answers to most of them and share. Also, this is a very mature channel, which has aged well. Meaning, it is active on Youtube since 2007. Making this one of the oldest channels we’ve listed so far and the one which has survived on Youtube since its inception. Without further ado, let me present you, VSAUCE - a Youtube Channel which is only 2 years younger than Youtube itself. MICHAEL STEVENS along with KEVIN LIEBER and JAKE ROPER are producers/hosts, whereas ERIC LANGLAY is the VFX guy. To add cherry on top, this channel had it’s own YOUTUBE ORIGINALS series know as MINDFIELD. Link is given below. Go ahead and check it out. You can thank me later while you start scratching your heads.

Michael Stevens from VSauce

Michael Stevens from VSauce

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  • Vsauce - YouTube
    Our World is Amazing. Questions? Ideas? Tweet me: was created by Michael Stevens in the summer of 2010.Vsauce is...Mi...


With this, we are a week closer to the final part of this series for this session. This break is, since we are working on another project which is shared here as well as on Youtube. This brings us to the bonus Youtube channel, STORIES OF VICTORY AND VALOR FROM INDIA. There we are sharing audio stories of Freedom Fighters from India who laid their lives for the betterment and freedom of people of our country.

Also, we are having our own BuyMeACoffee account, where we share this videos as well as links to Hubpages articles. And for every $100 we gain there through support of membership which are just $2 once or $10 per annum, we donate $75 to the orphanage. So feel free to check it out and participate with us to help the kids in need.

  • Nisarg Mehta is a writer and a youtuber
    I'm a Writer and also a Trainer as well as Student Visa Consultant. Having more than 14 years of experience in various fields, I share what I have observed as a...


Hope you liked the content. Don’t forget to answer a short survey below to help us improve. Stay tuned for more wonderful contents for your knowledge and entertainment.

Enjoy Reading and Surfing!

  • The Real-Time Indian Avenger
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