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Youtube Channels of the Week - 7

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to the Top-3 Youtube Channels of the Week Series. As the times have progressed, so has the media for sharing and getting information and learning about various things, like advancements in various sciences, cultures and their backgrounds and folklores, day-to-day lives of people around the world and so on. Whether you agree or not, Youtube is playing a major role in all this. Hence, the deeper you dig into it, the deeper it gets. This brings us to the 3 Youtube channels we have picked for you to surf this week, after we scoured the world of videos and channels in it. So let’s begin.

1. The Most American Way

Learning about ways of life, lifestyles, cultural aspects and other influential factors of others has always fascinated most of us. This also includes seeing first hand how any individual from a different background responds and reacts to the most mundane to the most extraordinary things. America and American reactions are at the forefront of these given the prominent and devil-may-care lifestyles most of them live, as known by the world. While diving into the depths of Youtube we came across one such channel, named THE ECLECTIC BEARD, run by Ex-American Military personnel who reacts and responds to various videos and also provides some interesting insights about people and their thinking from various parts of America. The video selection for making reaction videos is quite hilarious while his reactions to them are priceless. Check it out and have fun.

Note: You will hear the most American whole-hearted laughter frequently. Don’t freak out.

  • The Eclectic Beard - YouTube
    Welcome to the Eclectic Beard channel. I do reactions, skits and segment videos to hopefully make you laugh or get you thinking.

2. Real-Life Crime Stories:

Everyday, 100s, if not 1000s, of crimes are committed around the world. They vary in the intensity and most of them don’t make it to people like you and I through News channels, as these channels are often concerned about the topics which can attract more viewers thereby increasing their TRPs (Television Rating Points). In fact, in order to gain a greater number of viewers, they often avoid showing the whole picture, and focus on the part which can be greatly sensationalized. However, most of the crimes affect communities to a smaller or greater extent. Hence, even if you were not the victim directly, some crimes committed will affect your life (Butterfly Effect). So, it becomes important to learn and understand about the minds of such criminals and the backstories which escalated things to such heights that an individual commits a crime. While surfing on Youtube, one such channel popped out of many - COFFEEHOUSE CRIME which was launched in December 2020. Narrated by ADRIAN, the backstories and various crucial details of the victims, criminals or the whole incident including the location are presented very clearly and well, with images from time-to-time and Coffee house setup in the background. This makes the videos on this channel very comfortable to binge-watch though the subject and contents are mostly darky and gruesome. Give it a try, you will come back to thank us if this is your jam.

  • Coffeehouse Crime - YouTube
    My name's Adrian and I like to report on solved, unsolved and strange true crime cases, weekly! Instagram: case...
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3. Ghost Caught on Camera:

So far, in this series we have included a couple of channels related to paranormal, reaction to paranormal, cryptids and such. However, this is one channel which paranormal lovers would enjoy and binge-watch for hours at a time. To such, it comes as no surprise that everyday at various locations, some or the other kind of unusual activity takes place which is very difficult to explain using science or any knowledge known to us till now. With the rise of camera phones and installation of CCTV cameras within and outside the buildings, suich incidents are now captured as a proof of such activities. However, it is impossible for any individual to look at all those constantly and point out such incidents. But, with compilations like this, it becomes easier for us to learn about those activities from across the globe.One such channel, successfully running since June 2014 is SLAPPED HAM by KALLEN. For paranormal enthusiasts, this must be the one of those channels they are religiously following, Is it enough to creep you out? Go and find out.


Note: Viewers discretion is advised.

  • Slapped Ham - YouTube
    All things creepy and scary.NEW LIST VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY, THURSDAY AND SATURDAY!We make creepy and scary videos.On our channel you'll find unexplained video...


These are the Top-3 Youtube Channel picks of the week-7. Hope you enjoy them and have a pleasant week ahead.


Contnue Surfing!

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