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The Birth Anniversary of the Sol Singing Legend Etta James on January 25th


the land of her birth and her death.

The late singer was best known in the musical medium during the 1950s and 1960s, and was introduced by many American artists and artists. She received three music awards, and was born in Los Angeles, California, on January 25, 1938, and achieved her peak artistic and professional fame with Cadalek, after recording a large collection of immortal songs on which she placed touches of rhythm and blues. To say goodbye to the music world, after having cancer, Etta James announced her retirement by releasing a beautiful album, featuring an immortal classic blues songs, Etta died on January 20, 2012, aged about 73 five days before her 74th birthday, at Riverside Community Hospital in Riverside, California.

Personal & Artistic Life information

Birth NameJamesetta Hawkins


25 January 1938 Los Angeles, California


20 January 2012 (73 years) Riverside

Cause of death

Blood Bleach


United States

Health problem

Alzheimer's disease &Opioid abuse disorder


Rhythm,Blues,Jazz,Rock,Roll,Gospel and Saul Music

Sound Type


Musical Instruments

Guitar, sound

Production Company

Kadalik Corporation


Singer, composer, jazz player, record musician and musician



Area of work

Musical composition, expressionist art


Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award (2003)


Etta started singing at the age of 14, and is best known for performing solo, jazz and blues, as well as "In the End" and "I'd Like to Go Mix."
Producer Jerry Wexler once described her as "the greatest blues singer ever."
Etta James was diagnosed and treated for leukemia in 2011. Her manager explained that she also suffers from dementia and hepatitis.
Her agent said she died at Riverside Hospital in California and her husband and sons were by her side.
A number of artists expressed their condolences and grief at her death on their Twitter pages, with Brian Adams writing, "Etta James" is one of the greatest voices of all time.
British singer Adele often mentions James' influence on her, and also wrote an article praising her for "The Observer" in 2010.


Etta James achievements

In 1960, James' career began to rise. The top charts included duets with then - boyfriend Harvey Fuqua, a sad song called "All I Can Do Is Cry," a song called "Finally" and a song called "Trust Me." But James' talents were not limited to powerful stories. James continued to shine through "Something's Holding Me" in 1962, "Downstairs" in 1966, and "I'd Rather Be Blind" in 1968. She continued to make new albums.
In 1967, James recorded with Muscle Shoals House at Fame Studios, and the collaboration resulted in the album "Tell Mama." James' work gained positive attention from critics as well as fans, and her 1973 album "Eta James" received a Grammy nomination, in part because of its creative mix of rock and funk sounds. Her renewed personal appearance followed at the opening ceremony of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Subsequent albums, including "Deep In The Night" and "Seven Day Itch," received acclaim from critics. James continued to perform and record well in the 1990s. Her unusual voice has always been highly influential in her recent special releases, including the album "Blue Gardenia," which topped the Billboard jazz chart.
In 2003, James underwent stomach surgery and lost over 200 pounds. The dramatic weight loss had an impact on her voice, as she told Ebony magazine that year. James explained: "I can sing louder and louder and louder." In the same year, James released the album "Let's Roll," which won the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album. Her sons, Donto and Samito James, served as producers in the recording, alongside Josh Skeller. This team regrouped for their next effort, an album entitled "Blues to the Bone," which brought James' third "Grammy" award - this time for best traditional blues album. In 2006, James released the album "Along the Way," which included cover versions of the songs by Prince, Marvin Jay and James Brown. She participated in a tribute album the following year by jazz musician Ella Fitzgerald, entitled "We Love Ella." James released her latest studio album, "The Dreamer," in November 2011, received warm opinions.

10 Best tracks by Etta James

1. I’d Rather Go Blind

2. At Last

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3. All I Could Do Was Cry

4. A Sunday Kind of Love

5. Something’s Got A Hold On Me

6. I Just Want to Make Love to You

7. Baby, What You Want Me to Do?

8. Tell Mama

9. Do Right Woman, Do Right Man

10. Fool That I Am

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