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The Gemini Embossing and Die Cutting Machine-Tips and Ideas

As a professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to turn family memories into legacies for 20 years.

The Gemini is both an embossing machine as well as a die cut one as well

The Gemini is both an embossing machine as well as a die cut one as well

About The Gemini

The attraction to the Gemini Bossing and Die cutting machine has been startling considering it has only been available for a short time. It is manufactured by Crafter's Companion.

The first feature to this machine is that it is a "stand alone" die cut and embossing unit. That means that you do not need a computer. It does all its tasks without one.

There is only one connection from the Gemini to a wall socket. The connection is in the back of the machine.

There are three models to choose from. The original Gemini has the largest platform of the three models. The Gemini Mini is smaller but has a good-sized platform. The Gemini Go is the smallest and most portable of the models.

All of these models can use most standard sized die cuts and embossing folders. The only exception that I have found is with the older padded Cuttlebug die cut folders.

There is a reverse button that allows you to control how far the plates go into the machine. This saves you time if you are only cutting a few

It is also faster and quieter than most machines.

It will cut almost anything from vellum to heavyweight fabric. Because of the higher pressure than most machines, I am able to cut multiple layers of materials in one sweep.

It comes as a package which contains the Gemini, clear cutting platform, base cutting platform, metal cutting platform, magnetic shim, plastic shim, rubber embossing mat, 3 D die folder, 3 metal dies, user guide, power cable

No matter which Gemini you choose, you will want to register your machine. You can register your Gemini here.

Which Gemini Is Right For You?

ModelPlate /Shim SizePass Through TimeAverage Cost

Gemini Full Size

9" by 12.5 "

16 seconds


Gemini Pro

12" by 12" -12:" by 18" available seperately

Not avialable


Gemini Junior

6" by 8 7/8".

10 seconds


Gemini Go

3" by 6 "

14 seconds0


Gemini Midi

6" by 9"


Gemini Mini

6" by 3"

Manual machine


Gemini For Fabric

8.75"by 12.5"


What Can The Gemini Cut?

The best feature of the Gemini is that it can cut so many materials seamlessly. Here are a few of the items that it does cut:

  1. Layers of fabric
  2. Felt
  3. Burlap
  4. Denim
  5. Glitter paper
  6. Card stock
  7. Mirror Card
  8. Adhesive foam
  9. Adhesive vinyl
  10. Stencil Film
  11. Balsa wood
  12. Craft metal
  13. Leather
  14. Chip board
  15. Toner Sheets

The Gemini Pro

This is the top of the line with extra cutting area and edge to edge cutting. The Gemini Pro will give you years of use

This is the top of the line with extra cutting area and edge to edge cutting. The Gemini Pro will give you years of use

The Gemini Pro is the newest model from Crafter's Companion. It came out in January 2021 and is now widely available.

So, what makes this model different and worthy of your consideration?

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The first thing is its size. The plates are a large 12" x18". This means that you will be able to cut more projects on one pass. It also means that you can put through standard scrapbook paper of 12" by 12".

The second feature about this product is the opening within the machine is larger which means thicker projects will be accepted and processed.

You will be able to craft larger projects than before.

What Comes In The Package?

  • The Gemini Pro Die Cutting Machine
  • Power Cord
  • 12"x 18" Gemini Pro Clear Cutting Plate
  • 12"x 18" Gemini Pro Metal Cutting Plate
  • 12"x 18" Gemini Pro Rubber Embossing Mat
  • 12"x 18" Gemini Pro Magnetic Shim
  • 12"x 18" Gemini Pro Plastic Shim
  • An instruction Booklet
  • 12"x 18" Gemini Pro Plate Storage Bag

More Gemini Pro Ideas

Standard Gemini

These are the accessories that are used to cut and emboss projects with the Gemini

These are the accessories that are used to cut and emboss projects with the Gemini

This was the original Gemini Cutting and Embossing Machine, The plates or platform area is 9" by 12.5 ". That made me very happy. Because it will cut multiple dies and embossing folders at the same time.

For a big machine with a very high-power motor, it takes very little space. I keep mine on a small side table. The actual size of the machine is 5.6 inches high, 14 inches wide, and 7.7 inches deep. It weighs 15.23 lbs. Basically made to be a machine for your craft room.

It features edge to edge A4 cutting, pause, resume and reverse buttons, enough space for multiple dies

It features a pause, resume and reverse button.

Pass through time is about 16 seconds.

You will need space behind this machine to allow the plates and shims to go all the way through.

What's In The Box?

  • Gemini Machine
  • Clear Cutting Plate x 2
  • Metal Cutting Plate
  • Magnetic Shim
  • Plastic Shim
  • Rubber Embossing Mat
  • Ornate Lace 3D Embossing Folder,
  • Hexagons Multimedia Dies
  • Floral Frame Dies
  • Blossoming Borders Dies
  • Flourishing Elements Dies
  • User Guide
  • Power Cable

More Standard Gemini Ideas

The Gemini Junior

This machine is the compact version of the full sized Gemini

This machine is the compact version of the full sized Gemini

The Gemini Junior is the smaller version of the standard size. It has the same amount of pressure as the larger model. The only difference is that it is a smaller size, and the plate area is smaller. The plate area will cut edge to edge. The size is 6" by 8 7/8".

The machine itself weighs 10.6 lbs. . The actual dimension of the machine is 5.4 inches high, 10.6 inches wide and 10.7 inches deep.

What's In The Box

  • Gemini Junior Machine
  • Clear Cutting Plate x 2
  • Metal Cutting Plate
  • Magnetic Shim
  • Plastic Shim
  • Rubber Embossing Mat
  • 3D Embossing Folder
  • Die Set
  • User Guide
  • Power Cable

Pass through time is 10 seconds.

This machine is perfect for crafters with less space or those in apartments.

More Gemini Junior Tips And Ideas

The Gemini Go

This is the smaller yet powerful version in the Gemini line. Totally portable and perfect for those with limited craft space

This is the smaller yet powerful version in the Gemini line. Totally portable and perfect for those with limited craft space

This is the smallest but the most portable of the three models. That means that you can virtually pick it up and take it anywhere. But the features are the same from the standpoint of the motor and operation. There is a 3 1/8 " opening on a side-to-side platform. It comes as a package with the plates, embossing mat, and the corresponding shims.

The platform for this model is 3" wide by 6 " long.

The machine is 4,45 inches high, 6.38 inches wide, and 7.72 inches deep. It weighs 3.97 lbs.

Pass through time is 14 seconds.

What's In The Box?

  • Gemini GO Machine
  • Clear Cutting Plate x 2
  • Metal Cutting Plate
  • Magnetic Shim
  • Plastic Shim
  • Rubber Embossing Mat
  • User Guide
  • Power Cable

The nice thing about this model is that you can put it in its own accessory bag (a separate purchase) and take it anywhere.

The Gemini booster cable and power pack make this a truly portable model. This power pack is a separate purchase.

More Gemini Go Ideas

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The Gemini Midi

The Gemini Midi is the larger of the two manual machines

The Gemini Midi is the larger of the two manual machines

The Gemini Midi is the larger of the two manual machines in this line. No electricity is used so that you can use it anywhere and it is very portable. This is a perfect starter machine for those new to die cutting and embossing.

The Midi’s 6″ x 9″ die-cutting slot is incredibly versatile and can be used with metal dies, embossing folders, and cut and embossing folders so there really is no limit to where your creativity can take you!

It comes with a plastic shim and a plastic folder.

The Gemini Mini

This is the smaller of the two manual machines

This is the smaller of the two manual machines

This is the newest Gemini n the market. What's new with this model? Well, for one thing, it is a hand-cranked machine. No electricity is needed.

It is small and compact which makes it very portable. It measures approx. 7.25"L x 2.75"W x 4.5"H. It weighs about 2.3 pounds. It is small but will cut and emboss beautifully.

What's In The Box?

  • Gemini Mini Machine,
  • Plastic Shim
  • Plastic Folder

The cost is about $40 which makes it very affordable.

Gemini Mini Resources

Gemini For Fabric

The Gemini comes is a package with everything you need to get started right away. You get all the accessories and some dies so that you can make projects right out of the box

The Gemini comes is a package with everything you need to get started right away. You get all the accessories and some dies so that you can make projects right out of the box

This Gemini is built especially for those who quilt and use fabric. It is an automatic die cutting machine that cuts fabric, leather, felt and much more.

This model is different from other models of the Gemini. It has a wider opening than the other models. It also features oversized platforms to cut fabric edge-to- edge up to 8.75x12.5 inches.

It is compatible with most metal dies.

It cuts multiple layers of fabric at the same time

This package contains one Gemini machine, two clear cutting platforms, one metal cutting plate, one plastic shim, Threaders Metal Cutting Dies (18-piece set), user guide, and power cord. US Plug. Use with 110 voltages only

There are special dies in shapes that allow you to cut pieces for your quilt and other projects.

More Gemini Fabric Ideas

Gemini Operating Buttons

There are only actually three buttons that are used in the operation of the Gemini. I love the simplicity of this machine.

The first button is the on/off button called the power button. You press it to turn it on. You will see the buttons light when the machine is in use.

The pause and resume button will cause the machine to stop till you hit the button to resume, or tell it to reverse with the reverse button.

Do not force platforms into the Gemini. In the event that the Gemini™ senses that the combination is too thick to run through the rollers, it will stop the forward motion and reverse automatically. Verify the platform combination before feeding it into the machine again. Also check that you are not trying to cut or emboss too many layers of material at one time.

Cutting Plates And Their Uses

You need two clear cutting plates, one for the top and one for the bottom, and these protect the contents of your sandwich and provide a surface for the die-cutting machine to press together.

Because of the high level of pressure in the machine, the cutting plates will naturally bow over time – this does not affect the performance of the plates or the machine, but you can reduce bowing on the plates by rotating and flipping them between each pass.

You will get two clear plates with your initial purchase. If you have to replace them, they come as single items in a package.

There will also be marks on your plates. That is normal wear. However, the plates will last for a long time. The marks will not hamper the use of your machine.

As you run the plates through the machine, there may be a cracking noise. That is also normal and does not affect the use, cuts, or embossing features.

Each machine size has cutting plates and shims adapted to that specific sized machine,

Cutting Plates For Double Sided Dies

There are special cutting plates if you are using double-sided dies. These do not come with your initial purchase.

Created from a thicker, clear plastic than a regular cutting plate, they will receive less damage, promising longevity.

They are made to withstand more pressure than are exerted when using these unique dies. You get two double-sided die-cutting plates in a package.

You will want to mark these with a permanent marker so that they are saved for this specific use.

No matter what cutting plates you are using remember to flip and rotate your plates on every pass. That way you will keep them working longer.

Using Gemini Plates

Shims And Their Use

When you are cutting very intricate dies, the use of shims helps you get the most amount of pressure. All of these shims and mats come in precise sizes to fit your specific Gemini model.

  • The Metal Shim-this is a shim that can be added anywhere in your sandwich to increase the pressure. When it is placed above the material you are cutting, you get a stronger cut. You’ll see a much more defined cut with this plate included in your sandwich.
  • The Magnetic Shim-This shim is best used under your die. It is used to hold your magnetic die in place. It has grid lines that make it easy to use.
  • The Plastic Shim-Protects your dies and materials when passing through the die cutting machine. It creating a better fit in the machine and a level surface. This shim is especially useful if you have a very detailed die or a thin die.
  • Rubber Embossing Mat- This mat creates a softer impact, allowing your dies to leave an imprint. You can actually emboss with your dies using this mat. Instead of applying enough pressure for the die to cut through the card or paper, it reduces the pressure to result in an embossed image or pattern

Always place the noncutting side of your die against the magnetic sheet. Place the paper against the cutting side of the die and secure it with washi tape. If you place the cutting side of the die against the magnetic shim, it will cut into the shim/ This is one common mistake in using the Gemini

For really thin dies, you can use a piece of paper between the plastic shim and the base cutting plate. This acts as an extra shim and adds more pressure to the cut.

If the die is extremely intricate, you may have to run it through the machine twice.

For simple dies, you should only use the standard sandwich. Adding extra shims will cause the cut to buckle or warp. It will also cause your plates to bow out.

Always flip and rotate these shims and mats to get the longest wear.

New Crafter's Companion Magnetic Shim

More Ideas About Warped Plates

Making Your Sandwich

The sandwich is the placement and configuration of your plates, in other words, how they are stacked. I always build my Gemini sandwich from the bottom upwards. You always start with the cutting plate first on the bottom and then build from there depending on the project that you are working on.

Sandwich for Dies (From the bottom-up )

  1. Clear Cutting Plate
  2. Material To Be Cut
  3. Die-Blade Side Up
  4. Black Magnetic Shim
  5. Frosted Plastic Shim
  6. Clear Cutting Plate

Double-Sided Die

  • Base clear cutting plate
  • Double-Sided Die Cutting Plate
  • Card/paper
  • Double-Sided Die
  • Card/paper
  • Double-Sided Die Cutting Plate
  • Top clear cutting plate

Toner Sheet Foiling

You can die cut toner paper and run it through a laminator to create amazing embellishments for your scrapbooks, cards and journals

You can die cut toner paper and run it through a laminator to create amazing embellishments for your scrapbooks, cards and journals

Thin Metal Dies

The exciting thing about the Gemini is the number of pieces you can cut with wafer thin dies. Depending on the material you are using, you can get any where from 5-7 cuts on one wafer thin die pass. Always make sure that the die is blade side up !

Thin Metal Die Sandwich (From Bottom To The Top)

  • Base Plate on the bottom
  • Plastic shim (Frosted Plate) on top of the base plate
  • Magnetic shim on top of the plastic shim. magnetic side up
  • The cutting die, blade (sharp side up), smooth side facing the magnetic shim
  • Material or paper on top of the magnetic shim
  • Clear cutting plate on top of that

Make sure to align the stack evenly. Feed the stack gently into the Gemini. Once the machine starts feeding the plates into the machine, release your hold.

Very Intricate Dies

One of the things that I love most about my Gemini is the ability to cut the most intricate dies perfectly every time. As long as you follow the correct sandwich guideline, you will get a perfect cut every time.

  • The base plate is on the bottom
  • Plastic shim on top of that
  • Magnetic shim next, magnet side up
  • The die is next, with blade or cutting side up, smooth side facing the magnet
  • Material or paper goes on top of the die
  • Metal cutting plate on top of that
  • Clear cutting plate goes on top of the metal cutting plate

Mixed Media Dies

  • Base plate on the bottom
  • Plastic shim on top of the base plate
  • Position the cutting die, blade side up, with the smooth side facing the Plastic Shim.
  • Material goes on top of the die- (up to 6 pieces of thin fabric)
  • Clear cutting plate goes on top of the material to be cut
  • Align the plates and materials
  • Feed into the Gemini

Embossing With Dies

One of the nicest features of the Gemini Die Cutting Machine is the ability to emboss using dies with just the addition of an embossing mat. You are making an investment with every die set you purchase. Why not get the most out of your money?

  • The base plate goes on the bottom
  • The plastic shim goes on top of that
  • Position the cutting die, blade side up, with the smooth side facing the Plastic Shim.
  • Place your Material on top of the die. Important: If you have just cut the die your Material will still be inside the die – do not remove it. Remove the Magnetic Shim and/or the Metal Cutting Plate, and continue as follows with your die in place:
  • The rubber embossing mat goes on top of the material
  • Place the clear cutting plate on top of the embossing mat
  • Align the plates and feed into the cutting machine
  • Once the machine has started running the plates, release your hold on the plates

Embossing With Folders

The versatility of the Gemini allows you to cut does and use embossing folders with the same machine

  • The base plate is on the bottom
  • Embossing folder with the material in the folder is placed on top of the base plate
  • The clear-cutting plate is on top

Carefully feed the sandwich into the machine.

If you are embossing very thin material (such as vellum or acetate), you can decrease the pressure by placing a piece of thin copy paper inside the embossing folder.

Cut And Embossing Folders

  • Base clear cutting plate
  • Metal cutting plate
  • Cut & embossing folder with card/paper inside
  • Top clear cutting plate

Crafter's Companion Three D Embossing Folder

Three D embossing folders give amazing detail and depth

Three D embossing folders give amazing detail and depth

An embossing folder is a translucent white plastic folder with designs or patterns embedded in it. It has a raised side (also called the “positive side”) and a recessed side (also called the “negative side”). This white plastic folder is usually embedded with various designs, patterns, shapes, etc. There are two types of embossing folders: 2D (standard) and 3D.

3D embossing folders are designed to have different levels of depth, added undulations, and layers, resulting in realistic designs that pop off the page.

3D Embossing Folder Sandwich

  • Base clear-cutting plate
  • magnetic shim
  • embossing folder with card/paper inside
  • plastic shim

More Three D Embossing Folder Ideas

What To Do If Your Gemini Jams

I have had my original Gemini ever since the first machine came out. I have been pleased with the performance of this machine.

But I know that I tend to use plates until they finally get so warped that the machine may jam. Or I have done a sandwich that was too thick or not right.

If your machine jams for any reason, here are a few suggestions that may help you solve the problem.

  1. Try holding the power button for at least 10 seconds. If the plates start to move, continue to hold the button.
  2. Check to make sure that the power cord is in the slot. If that comes loose in the middle of a run, the machine will stop. Plug the power cord in. Restart the machine
  3. Try holding the pause button for at least 10 seconds.
  4. Try holding the power button and the pause button at the same time.

Gemini Foil Press

This is the newest addition to the Gemini family of craft machines. It works with the Gemini Junior and the full sized Gemini with an adapter plate. ( the adapter plate is not included in the bundle and must be purchased as a separate item. It can only be used with these models.

It is generally sold as a package for in the vicinity of $180 plus shipping depending where you purchase it.

The bundle includes a base plate station, the foiling platform, a metal shim, a top plate, a silicone mat, magnetic tweezers, 2 finger grips, a roll of foil, power cord, foil press stamp dies, foil press stamp n cut dies, manual and warranty papers. ( bundles may vary depending on where you make your purchase)

Features include a built in timer. It has even temperatures throughout the plate. It a;so features an auto shut off.

It can foil the following items:Foil a host of materials, including: 300gsm card stock, 350gsm card stock, 300gsm pearlescent card stock, 135gsm vellum, 250gsm mirror card stock, 250gsm glitter card stock, 0.15gsm acetate, faux leather, cotton fabric (including denim), satin ribbon, burlap, organza ribbon and chipboard

Gemini Foil Press Resources And Information

How To Use The Gemini Foil Press

This unit is so easy to work with. In just a few simple steps, you will have a beautiful foil project.


  • Foil Press Machine
  • Instruction Manual
  • Foil Stamp Die
  • Foil
  • Cardstock
  1. Plug your machine in and insert the FoilPress Plate into the FoilPress Base. Switch it on. Make sure your Gemini or Gemini Junior is ready to work too.
  2. Using your instruction manual. refer to the helpful table detailing times and settings depending on the type and size of Foil Stamp Die or Foil Stamp 'n' Cut Die you're using. Select the appropriate heat level and time using the handy LCD screen on the FoilPress Base.
  3. Place your die onto the FoilPress Plate and press the start button. Allow the timer to count down; when it beeps, you're ready for your foil.
  4. Place your foil shiny side down on top of the die. Then add your desired material on top of it. Be careful - the platform and the plate will be very hot.
  5. If you're using a Stamp 'n' Cut Die that foils and die cuts a shape, place your metal shim on next. For just foiling, you would skip this step.
  6. Add your heat plate. Carefully remove the platform from the system using the silicone finger grips to avoid burning your fingers. Feed the platform into your Gemini die cutting machine, grabbing it from the other side when it's done.
  7. Once it's done, remove the shims and your material. Slowly peel the foil away to reveal your amazing, foiled design!
  8. Place the platform back in the charging base to begin heating up again for your next foiled project.

Caring For Your Gemini Machine

There really is not a lot of maintenance for these die-cutting and embossing machines. Here are a few tips:

  • If you’re running a cutting plate through your machine more than once, you’ll need to flip the plate each time to prevent bowing.
  • Always use the correct sandwich or plate configuration that is recommended by the machine manufacturer, otherwise, you could cause damage to your machine.
  • Never force your plates through!
  • Try to die cut away from the center of your cutting plates, as this is where the weakest amount of pressure is.
  • Make sure you clean your machine periodically. Removing small bits and dirt will help the performance of your die-cutting machine.

© 2018 Linda F Correa

What Is Your Experience Regarding The Gemini?

Linda F Correa (author) from Spring Hill Florida on April 21, 2020:

I know that is frustrating. It has happened to me. When the machine is on, try press the middle button. Continue to keep your finger on that middle button and see if that does the trick. You can also try to hold the power button and the pause button at the same time.

Most often this happens when the power cord is not all the way in.

Another reason is because the plates are warped.

Or you may have a sandwich not in the correct order.

If nothing works there, I would call customer service at Crafter's Companion.. Let me know how you make out.

roxana on April 20, 2020:

my gemini jammed how do i unjam it?

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