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Yarn Bombing a Whole Town in Portugal

Giant Doll

All participants have a previously determined space to decorate.

All participants have a previously determined space to decorate.

Yarn Bombing Facts

The idea seems to be born in Texas, U.S., where some knitters tried to repurpose unfinished projects and leftover yarn.
Yarn bombing's popularity has spread throughout the world with groups of graffiti knitters organizing displays worldwide.
There are a range of reasons why people get involved in yarn bombing, including: subversion, protest and art. Yarn bombers try to subvert ideas as how knitting should be employed and ideals like women as homemakers. The excitement of the act, due to the risks, also plays an important role.
But, perhaps, the most important reason is the opportunity to beautify public spaces.

The largest display of crochet sculptures consists of 13,388 crocheted sculptures and was achieved by The Craft Club (UK) in Thundersley, Essex, UK, on 24 August 2014

ET Crochet Installation

Another installation on the streets of Vila Nova de Cerveira

Another installation on the streets of Vila Nova de Cerveira

The most important street art crochet in Portugal

In Portugal, at Vila Nova de Cerveira, there’s an annual event that covers the town with crochet. This was the second year of "O Crochet Sai à Rua", intended to call tourists to the so called town of the arts.
There are hundreds of installations throughout the streets made by the habitants. Awesome creations that color the ambience and delight visitors. Some of them are incredibly big, like the 6 meters high doll and more than 200 kilometers of yarn was transformed into unique pieces of crochet.

Crocheted House

There are some featured pieces such as a 6-meter-high doll all decorated in crochet, with a dynamic and interactive profile, the size of the house where the crochet atelier works, as well as the 11 five meters high deers all adorned with crochet, which refer to each parish of the county..

Crocheted town

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All in crochet!

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Vila Nova de Cerveira, Arts Town

Vila Nova de Cerveira is a municipality in the district of Viana do Castelo in Portugal. The town was founded by King Denis of Portugal in 1321 that also ordered the construction of the castle that dominates the town center. Nowadays, the town is mainly known and visited due to the international biennial of art that takes place in the town since 1978.

In 2014, the municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveira, together with the Tourism Service, issued a challenge to the population: knit a triangle or square crochet and be part of a single ornamental design on the streets of the village.

In 2016, the challenge was to consolidate and affirm the event. Due to the success of 2014, "Crochet out the Street" began to assign topics and making it a community intervention project.



  • O Crochet Sai Á Rua - Cerveira
    O Crochet Sai Á Rua - Cerveira. 2,080 likes · 9 talking about this. Pegue num resto de lã, tricote um triângulo ou quadrado em crochet e faça parte deste...

Cerveira Biennial Foundation

  • Home Page | Bienal de Cerveira
    Focusing on art, culture and creativity as distinctive elements, Vila Nova de Cerveira has maintained over the years, a healthy and balanced relationship between cultural heritage and contemporary creation.


Margarida Borges (author) from Lyon, France on October 11, 2016:

I also think so but I like them all!

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Wow this is interesting. The ET installation is cool!

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