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List of American Quilt Magazines for Quilting Inspiration

A lover of arts and crafts, Shasta Matova enjoys making artistic, applique, pieced, traditional, miniature, modern, and crazy quilts.

There are many quilting magazines in the market today.

There are many quilting magazines in the market today.

Quilting Magazines on Amazon

Listing of quilt magazines available in U.S.

It is fun to receive a quilt magazine in the mail. It is a welcome relief from bills and junk mail. Relaxing with a cup of tea while looking over a quilt magazine is a pleasant past time. The magazine offers beautiful colorful pictures, and patterns for a variety of projects that you can start if you want. Even if you don't have time to actually make a quilt, you can always find the time to look through a magazine.

There are many different quilting magazines available. It may be hard to choose. Since all of them may not be carried by your local store, it may be difficult to know that they exist. They also have similar names so they may be difficult to keep apart. I have tried to list as many as I could find, so you don't miss any! Most of them are published six times a year.

Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens makes many types of magazines, including some quilt magazines. Their biggest quilting magazine is American Patchwork and Quilting. It has quilt patterns in a variety of styles and skill levels, and carries news articles about quilters. Links on the site can be found to obtain information about other magazines made by this publisher including Quilt Sampler and Quilts and More.

Quilt Sampler is printed twice a year by Better Homes and Gardens. It is available at quilt shops and newsstands. It has a guide to different quilt shops around the United States, and also has some patterns.

Quilts and More is made by Better Homes and Gardens, and has smaller quilts and other projects. Although all of the magazines generally carry one or a few small projects, this one has more of them.

Fons and Porter

Fons and Porters Love of Quilting goes along with their quilt shows. It has quilt patterns in a variety of styles and skill levels.


McCalls Quick Quilts makes simpler patterns that are faster to make.

McCalls Quilting is made by McCalls and has quilts in a variety of styles and skill levels.

Quilt Magazine

Quilt Magazine was published twice a year and has quilt patterns a variety of styles and skill levels. The makers of Quilt Magazine also maked a number of other quilting magazines including the ones listed below. Please refer to the link to main site to obtain information about Quilt Magazine, Quick Quilts, Quilt Almanac, The Quilter, Scrap Quilts and Quilting Christmas. The parent company that published all these magazines declared bankruptcy and went out of business in 2014.

Quick Quilts is made by the same company that makes Quilt Magazine. It has patterns that are simpler and is good for beginners.

Quilt Almanac is published annually in January and is offered only on newsstands. It is made by the people who make Quilt Magazine. This one also has simple patterns that are quick to make in a variety of styles..

Quilt Trends is a quarterly magazine that started Winter 2011 and showcases more contemporary patterns. They also have Quilting Christmas which is a special holiday issue, and Novelty Quilts.

Quilter's Newsletter

Quilter's Newsletter offers tips, news and a few quilting patterns. There are many pictures of quilts in this magazine from shows, etc., that do not have corresponding patterns in the magazine. As a result, it is a chance to see more complicated and complex quilts.

Other Quilting Magazines

Miniature Quilts was a magazine that specialized in small-scale replicas of bigger quilts. It is no longer being published, but you may be able to find older issues.

Modern Quilts Illustrated offers patterns and articles focusing on a particular style of quilts called modern quilts.

Primitive Quilts and Projects offers patterns for quilts, rug hooking, stitching and other projects for people who prefer the primitive style.

Quilter's Home had articles, many times funny, about a quilter's lifestyle. They have stopped publishing in 2011, but you may be interested in reading older issues.

Quilter's World has quilt patterns in a variety of styles and quilt patterns.

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Quilting Arts is made by Interweave and focuses on art quilts.

Quiltmaker has a variety of styles and skill levels.

There are also quilting magazines throughout the world. Australian Homespun, and Australian Patchwork and Quilting come to mind, and Japan also has several quilting magazines. Quiltmania is published in France and has patterns for contemporary quilts.

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Many libraries carry some of these magazines, so you can borrow them. You can then buy only the magazines that carry the patterns you want.

You may be able to share magazines with fellow quilters. You each subscribe to a different magazine, and when you are done with looking through it, you can trade. Some magazines might be difficult to give up though!

Some quilt guilds also have libraries.

Magazines subscriptions are offered by the publisher, but other parties also sell them. Sometimes you can get better prices from an outside source.

Most of the magazines have websites that offer free patterns, blogs and other information. They are a valuable resource, even if you do not subscribe to the magazine. Click on the names of the magazines on the list to go to the magazine's website.

If you live outside of the country which offers the magazine you want, you may want to see if they offer a digital version to save on postage.

Some of these magazines will offer a free sample issue. Be careful though, because if you choose to subscribe, many of them are offering the price for the remaining issues, so you may wind up paying for your "free" issue.

When you do subscribe, it is often cheaper to not automatically renew the subscription. The magazine will often offer better rates if you wait.

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Comments: "List of American Quilt Magazines for Quilting Inspiration "

Cindy moreau on April 04, 2019:

So interesting

Shasta Matova (author) from USA on March 11, 2013:

Thanks Sharkye11. The variety of quilts that are out there is amazing, and it is so nice to be able to choose from a large variety of different quilt magazines that we can look at to see the latest trends, the latest fabrics, and new designs.

Jayme Kinsey from Oklahoma on February 11, 2013:

Very useful hub! I didn't know there were so many magazines to choose from. I like the variety of focus that they offer. I adore looking at art quilts. Probably because I grew up with so many traditional patterns. I kind of grew tired of seeing Log Cabins and Baby Blocks!

Sharing and voting!

Shasta Matova (author) from USA on November 26, 2012:

Thanks Pamela, I have lots of magazines that involve simply dreaming and not actually making the quilt. I used to feel guilty about that, but I decided that I buy other magazines simply for reading and looking at the pictures without feeling obligated to do anything. It's not like I always make the recipes from the women's magazines. I hope you can find the story quilt hub now.

Pamela Dapples from Arizona. on November 24, 2012:

Great idea for a hub! I still have some quilting magazines I bought in the 1990s. But unlike you, I mostly dream about making a quilt and rarely do it. I have made very simple quilts for my grandchildren. I look forward to reading your hub on how to do a story quilt. I saw it in my inbox, but haven't found it here at your site yet.

Voting up and useful.

Shasta Matova (author) from USA on October 14, 2012:

Thanks Gail. I am glad you liked it.

Gail Meyers from Johnson County, Kansas on October 13, 2012:

This is a great resource! Thanks for the information. Voted up and useful.

Shasta Matova (author) from USA on April 03, 2012:

Thank you for your comment Dawn. I appreciate knowing about changes in the quilting magazine industry, and issues with any links. Since my list does not have these issues, you must be referring to the list of magazines on Amazon. This list is created by Amazon. I wanted to let them do it, so that we can be up to date with new magazines that are available and magazines that are no longer available. It is strange that Quilter's World is not on the list, since it is sold by Amazon as well.

Dawn on April 02, 2012:

This PDF Doc has a duplicate listing of The Quilter's Magazine. And at the same time is missing Quilter's World Magazine.

Shasta Matova (author) from USA on October 24, 2011:

Thank you quilt827. I feel the same way about your hubs.

quilt827 from Tampa Bay, Florida on October 24, 2011:

Nice to have another quilter to read, GOOD INFORMATION

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