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Thanksgiving Kids Crafts


Top 5 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Of the hundreds of Thanksgiving crafts I've seen over the years, these five are my favorites. They are easy to make and are a hit with kids. Most can be prepared ahead of time so that minimal help is needed from adults and children can dive right in.

These ideas come from lots of sources. Some will have links to instructions at trusted websites and some have instructions included here.

I've taken pictures of our own versions of these crafts so you can get a good idea of how they look completed. I've also added some tips we've found through trial and error to make the crafts a little easier to make.


Thanksgiving Indian Craft

Our homeschool group made these cute little Indians for our Thanksgiving craft project. Cutting the pieces out ahead of time made the craft extremely kid friendly. All instructions are here at FamilyFun (link no longer available!).

There were instructions for Indians AND pilgrim people, but I've only made the Indians. The pilgrim people are cute too, but require more handling.

Pictured here is a regular sized Indian (tissue paper tube) and an x-large Indian we made just for fun. For the x-large Indian, we used a huge heavy-duty cardboard tube (a tube used for mailing posters etc.) and adjusted the size of the other materials. If I can find a HUGE paper tube (surely someone makes one) I'd love to make a life-size Indian this way. I think it would be a great project/challenge for teenagers to make.

Make an Indoor Fire for your little Indians

More Indian Fun!

Turkey Treats

Turkey Treats

Candy Turkey Craft

Candy Turkey Craft

Candy Turkey Craft

Turkey Treats

A perfect craft for Thanksgiving Day

This is one of my all time favorite Thanksgiving Crafts. It was published in a 1993 issue of Southern Living magazine and I've kept it all of these years. It's really cute and kids enjoy making and eating these turkeys. Because it is so old, it is not listed at their website, but I simply must share it and give Southern Living and contributor Elizabeth Yarborough credit for the idea.

I've added my own ideas too and denoted those with an asterisk*.

Turkey Treats

  • Oreos (cream filled chocolate sandwich cookies)
  • Red Cinnamon Candies (or red M&M Minis*)
  • Whoppers (malted milk balls)
  • Chocolate frosting (or peanut butter*)
  • Candy Corn

You can probably tell from the picture exactly what you need to do, but here's a quick run down.

1. Separate chocolate cookie carefully, leaving filling intact on one of the halves and set aside.

2. Attach a red cinnamon candy (or red M&M Mini) to a malted milk ball with a little frosting (or peanut butter).

3. Attach the malted milk ball to a cookie half with creme filling using a dap of frosting (or peanut butter).

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4. Spread chocolate frosting (or peanut butter) onto the half of the cookie with no creme filling.

5. Arrange candy corn in a fan shape on chocolate frosted cookie halves leaving a space in the center for the malted milk ball. This is your turkey tail.

6. Attach turkey tail to turkey body (malted milk ball) using chocolate frosting.


Heehee...We Got Craaaazy with This One....A Peacock!

Here's a spin on the Turkey Treats!

We got the idea to make another version of the "Turkey Treats". My daughter and I dug through the half-price Halloween candy and found these really neat pink and purple candy corns. We also won't believe it...strawberry flavored (pink) Whoppers candy. We used vanilla flavored creme-filled cookies and vanilla frosting. It looks like a Peacock or Flamingo to me, but nobody's buying it since Flamingo's don't have fan tails.


Stained Glass Window Leaves

These are best displayed in a window

This craft involves scraping crayons to get colorful crayon shavings. These shavings are then melted between layers of waxed paper with a warm iron.

This project is best to do at home (vs. classroom) because of the iron etc.

The light shines through the melted crayon and they really do look like stained glass.

This idea can be used for any holiday. For Christmas, a tree shape could be used with green crayon bits. For Easter, an egg shape could be used with multi-colored bits.

If you like this window craft, you might also like the Tissue Paper Fall Leaf Sun Catchers listed below under More excellent Thanksgiving Crafts.


Turkey Hat

If you want to be just plain silly, make these turkey hats. This craft is another one that can be cut out and prepared ahead of time.

A couple of things I changed to make this craft better for kids were: I used googly eyes (instead of pom-poms) for the eyes and I used tape and a gluestick when possible instead of white glue. We DID use white glue for the eyes, but another option if you want to avoid white glue for the eyes is Glue Dots. If you've never used Glue Dots, they are small clear sticky dots about 1/4 inch in diameter. They are VERY sticky and kids will need help using them, but the upside is that they do not need to dry like white glue. They come on a roll and you can find them at any craft store.

OK, this is cute too!


Sweatshirt Turkey with Hand and Footprints

Handprints and a footprint make the cutest turkey! There are lots of versions of this craft, but I like this one best. I still have the one we made when my daughter was little.

All you need is a light colored sweatshirt or t-shirt and some acrylic paints: red, yellow, brown, white and black. Oh, and a child willing to rub their hands and a foot in some paint (this won't be hard to find). Step-by-step instructions are below.

This would make a special Thanksgiving gift for a grandparent.

Bonus Craft #6: Here's our paper pumpkin.

Here's our paper pumpkin.

Here's our paper pumpkin.

Just found this one and of course we HAD to make one of these. We didn't have a stamper to make designs on the orange paper, so we used a thin orange marker and made random swirly lines instead. It worked GREAT. One more thing: they don't say this in

More excellent Thanksgiving Crafts

I've been out scouring the internet for the BEST Thanksgiving crafts. Enjoy!

  • Cool Indian Corn Magnet
    You may have to click past an ad or two to get to the craft. Use chenille stems and tri-beads to make an ultra-cool Indian Corn Magnet.
  • Tissue Paper Fall Leaf Sun Catchers
    Don't miss this one! I hunted around the internet to find the most kid-friendly version and I think this one is it.
  • Tree Branch Craft
    Use a real tree branch and add your own colorful construction paper leaves. Add notes of thankfulness to the leaves if you like.
  • Harvest Blessing Snack Mix
    I will be making this one without a doubt. It's the first time I've seen it. Several snacks (bugels, candy corn etc.) are mixed together and each represents part of the harvest season. A note is included and given as a gift.
  • Mouse Napkin Rings
    This one is more of a simple print-out and cut-out craft, but I included it because it is adorable!
  • Indian leg fringes
    I can see the little Indians now! The idea for this is genius. Kids would love this to go with an Indian headdress. The instructions recommend using newspaper, but using brown paper bags would be the right color. Or if you are feeling REALLY crafty y
  • Woven Thanksgiving Placemats
    Here's the all-time favorite woven placemat. Use lots of fall colors for the best result!
  • String of Leaves
    This would be a wonderful project for a classroom. Several leaf shapes could be offered with a variety of colors of construction paper. Each child could do 2 or 3 leaves making a festive decoration. And I bet each child could pick out their own leaf
  • Acorn Necklace
    This link is not to a crafting site, it is actually only to a picture to show an idea. It's a necklace made from a double-acorn. Instead of the leather necklace "chain" shown, a child could use yarn. The yard could even be tied in a knot around the a
  • Turkey Cupcakes from Betty Crocker
    Another option for turkey themed treats. These are really cute.
  • Construction Paper Indian Corn - Nice!
    I'm inspired with a million springboard ideas after seeing this really cool indian corn made with wonderful bit of fall colors. Even little kids can do this.
  • Candy Corn Stained Glass Window Art
    Just like the craft in my Top 5 list, this candy corn uses crayon shavings. A little messy but the results are breathtaking!

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