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Teeth Whitening Steps in Photoshop

Teeth Whitening in Photoshop / Android & iOS / Online Editor

One thing that can ruin a great photo is teeth that are too yellow. This tutorial will show you how to whiten teeth using Photoshop, making sure the whole photo looks great.

We won't get too technical, but here's what you'll need to do: desaturate and, if necessary, increase the brightness of the teeth so that they look more natural in images.

Teeth Whitening Video Tutorial

Whiten teeth in Photoshop:

The first way to get a white smile is to use the Photoshop image editing program. We can retouch photos with it on any computer running Windows or Mac operating systems. Try PESs for photo editing Service

Let's go with the steps of this tutorial:

1. The first thing we have to do is select the teeth in the image, using for example the magic wand tool.
2. Then we will make a copy of the teeth on another layer.
3. In the new layer with the teeth we will go to Image / Ad


Android and iOS:

We are now going to do the process from an Android or iOS device or mobile phone. The process is quite simple and you get quite satisfactory results.

Let's go with the main steps:

1. The first will be to download the App, Aviary Photo Editor .

2. Open the photograph that we want to modify.

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3. Slide the submenu until you find the whitening option with a toothbrush icon.

4. Choose one of the brushes according to size and pass them through the teeth.


Teeth whitening with an online editor

Another way to whiten the teeth of an image is to do it from one of the many online editors , this time we will use the one already known to us BeFunky.

Let's go with the steps to remove the yellow from the teeth with an online editor:

1. We start by accessing the BeFunky online editor .

2. We upload the image to be retouched.

3. We'll go to the retouch menu, and to the teeth whitening tool.

4. We increase the hardness and size.

5. We touch the teeth until we achieve the desired white.

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