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Cute and Clever Cereal Box Crafts

Jamie loves writing about DIY projects, decorating on a budget, craft ideas, and creative ways to reuse and upcycle products.

Save your empty cereal boxes and turn them into clever crafts! As some of you may already know, I'm a huge fan of using materials that often end up in the recycle bin or garbage can for making arts and crafts projects. The lightweight cardboard that is used for food packaging is ideal for many different projects. It is comparable to chipboard. In fact, as long as I am saving cardboard food packaging like cereal boxes, frozen pizza boxes, etc. I will never have to buy an ounce of chipboard.

Below is a round-up of crafts made specifically from cereal boxes (and two where cereal boxes can be substituted) that I found at different places on the internet. I wanted to show you all the different things you can do with cereal boxes and just how easy they are to work with. This is just a small sampling of what you can do. Do an internet search sometime and you will be amazed at all the wonderful cereal box and food packaging crafts and many of them with free tutorials.

Sunburst mirror made from a cereal box.

Sunburst mirror made from a cereal box.

Sunburst Mirror

We will start out with home decoration crafts. I found this fabulous sunburst mirror at Simply Stoked. The pattern she created with the strips of a cereal box that surrounds the mirror is truly impressive. This decorative mirror is just as beautiful as the more expensive versions but it didn't cost any more than a box of cereal!

3D Star & Star Wreath

Grey Luster Girl shares how she made this 3D star out of an old cereal box and I must say that to me, it looks just like one of those expensive metal stars that people hang on walls for decoration. I can't help but be excited about this one.. I can't wait to try to make one myself!

The second picture is of a cardboard star wreath that I found at Learning to Be a Mom. I LOVE it and yes, you guessed it! Each and every star was made using old cereal box packaging. She shares a great photo illustrated tutorial as well.

In case you are interested in making one or a few of these, here is a free star template.

3D paper mache letter made with cereal boxes

3D paper mache letter made with cereal boxes

Decorative Letters

This large decorative freestanding B I found at Green Zebra Crafts looks like it came right out of a home decoration store, doesn't it?! She actually used cereal boxes and tape to form the three dimensional B and then covered it with paper mache. The tutorial is great and full of photos. I think she did a wonderful job. I'm definitely inspired!

Fabric Covered Mats

Fabric Covered Mats

Photo Mats

Got fabric? You can make a fabric covered photo mat using fabric and a cereal box! These were actually made using mat board but cardboard food packaging would work just as well. I wasn't sure If I should share this one just because the tutorial doesn't use a cereal box but these mat boards were just too cute not to share and especially since you could so easily substitute the cereal box for mat board. Go have a look at Delightful Distractions.

Ready for some cute notebooks? The Long Thread has this very nice tutorial for notebooks made from cereal boxes. You can use the plain brown side of the cereal box for the cover or you could use the actual label side of the box. Either way, these notebooks are really nice and easy to make.

The plain journals/notebooks could be embellished however you like. A few ideas would be to use rubber stamps, washi tape, paint, scrapbook paper, embellishments, etc.. The possibilities are endless! :)

Star Book

When I saw this I just couldn't help but share it! is is a little book that opens up into a 3D star, sort of like one of those pop up cards or like in a children's book and it was made using a cereal box. Kargrrl via Craftster shares the tutorial. I am excited about this one and can't wait to give it a try! You could make one of these and personalize it anyway you like.

Cute fridge magnet organizers from small cereal boxes.

Cute fridge magnet organizers from small cereal boxes.

Fridge Magnet Organizers

Mini cereal boxes are just the right size for making these little fridge magnet organizers! Busy B Family shares how they were made along with lots of great photos.These are perfect for keeping track of pens, pencils, coupons, small notepads etc.. and aren't they just as cute as a button!?!?

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Hanging files made from cereal boxes.

Hanging files made from cereal boxes.

Hanging Files

This is another great organization craft that I found at Small Fry & Co. They are hanging file boxes made from regular cereal boxes. I think this is such a great idea.. I think they would come in particularly handy for bills and receipts. Also, I they would work great for hanging in a craft room to store light weight items like ribbon scraps, paper scraps, etc.

Cereal boxes into beautiful decorative boxes.

Cereal boxes into beautiful decorative boxes.

Decorative Box

Gone crafting has shared how to make these decorative boxes with recycled cereal boxes! They are surprisingly easy to make. Just a few snips with the scissors and a fold here and there and you have a nice little box ready to decorate. I think these boxes would be perfect for storing photos, keepsakes and special things like that.

Small box for paper clips etc.

Small box for paper clips etc.

Paper Clip/Trinket Box

Need a small container to store paper clips or other small things in? Grab an empty cereal box and see the tutorial over at Attune foods. You could leave it plain or embellish it. You could even use it as a small gift box!

Gift Bags

I kinda went crazy when it came to gathering up gift bags made from cereal boxes. I had no idea all of the different sizes and shapes! The first cereal box gift bag I found was at Just4Fun2. It was made turning the empty cereal box on it's side. I think it's really cute! I love the patterned paper she covered it with as well. Perfect for Christmas for sure.

  • The second one I found at Clever Nesting, and this one was made with the cereal box standing straight up. Whether it be on its side or standing up, a cereal box really is a neat packaging idea! She did a great job with this one too. I love the black sheer handles.
  • The third photo is a couple of cute cereal box gift bags I found at Carole's Crafty Corner and I love them! The embellishments/finishing touches are so cute. I love the ribbon handles.
  • The fourth photo is another cereal box gift bag similar to the others except the handles are cut out on this one instead of using ribbon handles. I think it's really cute! This one was found at superartlady.

Gift Boxes

Just like with the bags, I found a few different types of gift boxes that can be made from cereal boxes. The thin cardboard cereal boxes are made from is perfect for making things like this. The first one I found at Creative Jewish Mom. I love how she decorated them. What cute gift boxes!!

The second photo is of some smaller gift boxes made out of cereal boxes that I found at Compulsive Craftiness. There is a tutorial for them as well. I love how they are the plain brown and ready to be embellished.

Card made from a cereal box.

Card made from a cereal box.

Cereal Box Card

Needing cardstock but don't have any on hand? Why not use a cereal box instead! This card was made using a cereal box and printer.. I love how it turned out!

Cereal Box Garland

Cereal Box Garland


Garland made from cereal creative! I came across this neat craft over at Michele made me. I think this would be great for a party with a recycling theme. It shows just how versatile cereal boxes can be. Another idea that popped in my head would be to cut and glue thin strips of cereal box together and then glue circle cutouts ( small or larger) along the strips.

Cereal Box Globes

Cereal Box Globes

Hanging Globes

You can add string to these globes and hang them from the ceiling and other things for party decorations. I have seen these type globes made out of decorative paper before but these made from cereal boxes that I found at plumpudding will definitely be more sturdy. They look great plain but there are lots of ways you could embellish them if you wanted to. You could cover the strips with decorative paper or fabric before assembling, paint them and other things like that.

3D Chandelier

3D Chandelier

3D Chandeliers

Next up are these cute chandeliers! These were actually made using frozen pizza boxes but you could just as easily substitute cereal boxes to make these: They're made from the same material! These are really popular and can be used for a lot of party decorations. You can add your own rhinestones to embellish it or paint them any color you want. Here's the tutorial. Have fun!

Chipboard (Cereal box) Letters

Chipboard (Cereal box) Letters

Large Letters

Cereal boxes are the perfect size for cutting out large letters! You can cut them out and the material is sturdy enough that you can embellish it with many different things. Kids love this stuff! Make Monthly shares the tutorial. What a cute kid's craft! Be sure to have a look at the other letters. What I really love about this one is that it's not only fun but also educational as well.

Cereal Box Laptop!

Cereal Box Laptop!


This is the cutest thing that I've ever seen!! Have your little one build and use their very own laptop! A cereal box is the perfect size for this project. I found this at No Time for Flash Cards, I can't wait to sit down with my 4-year-old and help him make one. It's such a cute idea, and I already know he would be so proud of it.

Snowman & Houses

Are these not the cutest cereal box crafts you have ever seen!? I loved them both so much I had to share them both. The snowman is the perfect winter craft and isn't it the cutest!! I found this at TeacherTime123 along with a great tutorial.

The little houses in the second photo are precious. I had made made my son some houses out of toilet rolls but I'm definitely going to have to give these a try. I was thinking about decorating them even more by adding little roof shingles from square or round pieces of paper, adding windows of cellophane or clear food packaging and things like that. I found these at Bella Dia along with a nice tutorial with lots of photos.

Cute flip flop craft out of cereal boxes!

Cute flip flop craft out of cereal boxes!

Accordion Folded Spring Flower Collage

Accordion Folded Spring Flower Collage

Flip-flops & Flowers

Flip-flops are so much fun.. what a neat craft! Ramblings of a Crazy Woman has the tutorial for these cute flip flops made from cereal boxes. Just think of all the different designs the kids can dream up!

The next photo shows an accordion-style folding flower collage I found at Make and Takes. I love both of these crafts because they are both so bright and colorful!

A Little FYI

For some of these projects that you have to cut shapes out of the box (like the chandelier, etc..) or even the covered photo mats, a die cut machine will cut them out perfectly, every single time—even through cereal box cardboard. It just lends a more professional look to your projects, it's easier and saves time. However, some people really enjoy the cutting out process and find it therapeutic and relaxing and I understand that too. I just wanted you to know there were other options.

Happy Cereal Box Crafting!!!


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