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Strict, Consequential Chess as a Subject for Modern Painters

Nikolas learns the problems of rational and intuitive thinking as opposition in form of chess and cards

All Genial Things are Simple, but It's Difficult to Find It

  • It is difficult to name the game with such a long history. Chess survived religions, states, technologies.
  • In contrast with playing cards, it is a pure logic activity. Moreover, activity which requires courageous fantasy of mind. Here, there is the unlimited belief of the chess player in his forces.
  • It doesn't depend on a Black Swan, its Majesty Occasion, symbol of unpredictable events according to Nassim Taleb. There is Its Majesty Logic.

Four Squares

Kazimir Malevich

Kazimir Malevich

Suprematic Figures

K.Malevich was repeating Cezanne about our life's vision through geometrical figures. In contrast, he ceased the links of the Geometry with the real world. As a result, these figures transformed into abstract concepts. Their semantics protrude in different intellectual exercises.

The square is the sign of Illuminates. The four crisscrossed black and white squares symbolize the chess-board of Master. It says about his presence and power.

Destiny of Queen

Female Features in Chess

Ukrainian painter,Oksana Yambykh, falls the black and white chess on her uncontrolled desires. She works out the female source of this game. The queen is the single figure of the female origin. She is powerful and all others figures want to cooperate with her, to obey her.

The painter underlines the creative role of the Queen in the life represented by the chess board. Chess need female fantasy, as the fantasy need strong milestones. Thus, the eternal chess reflects tendencies of the ancient and modern gender politics. For example, pawns, are they male or female figures? If female, they would be Amazons.Remember, they may turn into Queen! The link Pawn - Queen is one of the most interesting in the game. This metamorphosis is well known as in Western as in Eastern cultures.

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Chess serves historical events

Foreboding of evil contains the chess scene between Cat Begemot and Magician Woland. The Ukrainian writer Mikhail Bulgakov in his novel Master and Margarita gives social and sinister shades to the chess figures.

They deteriorate the logic of classic chess, reflecting chaos and blood. Breaking of the chessboard proves it and involves us into abyss of sudden and miserable events. As a result, chess permit transforming figures into famous historical personalities, and their relations in great events.

Proverbs About Chess

Chess Paintings by Maria Yugina

This virtual exhibition was dedicated to the 6th Global Chess Festival. Maria Yugina is a former trainer in chess and the modern chess painter today.Her works are enigmatic and clear at the same time for those who have chess thinking. She with the husband, famous chess-player Mykhail Marin, express their passion for chess, in bold colors, shapes, and images. Her chess paintings combines Cubism with Impressionism. She describes this style as "colorful cubism".The author is a member of the St. Petersburg Painters Union. There were two exhibitions in Bucharest. Moreover, she has chess paintings shown in Germany, Spain, and Sweden.

The Lost of Knight

The White and Black Knights

.The chess and painting pair said: "As for my chess paintings, the chess position is located here and my logic. Let us say there are paintings with Nights. .I decided to create them with nice Nights, it may be an interesting theme. Moreover, here, there is position when the Nights on the chess-board ply a part of primary importance. I prepared the White Knight, there is very splendid sacrifice of the Night on d5. In brief, Stein is vs Tal. The same I would like with the Black Night, on g3."

Queen Thinks ...

Chess as a Subject for Artists

  • Chess is an integral part of our culture and meaningful element of leisure. It leads us to self-understanding and modeling real situations in our activities. It inspires belief in human forces. Moreover, chess eliminates influence of sub-consciousness on our decisions.
  • Stylized figures of the game contain countless situations and variants. They are never repeated. The same it observes in languages. To count letters or other signs, words is possible, but sentences - it's beyond us. Rook, knight and bishop, and of course, queen and king with their true servants, pawns, wake up our fantasy. Every time they propose new and new pictures of our intellectual efforts. No doubt, the aesthetic delights.follow these brain activities.
  • Chess proposes many interpretations in arts which use it for their artistic images. There are surrealism in painting, enigmatic and impressionist plots in literature. You may add interesting scripts in movies - all these are consequences of the eternal game - Chess.

Chess in Painting

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