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St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Toddlers


Colored Construction Paper Crafts

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Hats

If you have some colored construction paper and a few minutes of free time, you and your toddler can create these super fun St. Patrick's Day hats! Pin them up on the wall in your child's room or school room, to enjoy a fun decoration all week long! Your child will have such a good time cutting with child-safety scissors, and it's good for improving those fine motor skills, too!

Rainbow with Pot O' Gold Craft

I'm excited to try this one with my son! I love how the colorful rainbow bends out of the pot of gold, and how you can glue real coins onto the pot to make it look realistic!

In place of the white colored paper, you could even use cotton balls if you wanted, to make the clouds look extra puffy!


Finger Paint Crafts

Using kids' washable finger paints, have your toddler make handprints on a piece of white paper or construction paper. You can have your child make handprints in all different colors of the rainbow. Then, help your child create a "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow. So much fun! What a perfect craft this would be for pre-school, or just for the fun of it!


Leprechaun Handprint

This one is so cute! An upside-down handprint turns into the most adorable little leprechaun. Add some googly eyes and a little green hat and you're done!


Candy Themed St. Patrick's Day Crafts

Need a cute treat to make for your child's pre-school class, or for the neighborhood kids for St. Patrick's Day? Look no further than these sweet creations!

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Twizzler's Rainbow with "Rolo" Candy Gold Pieces

This is such a cute idea, and it looks so easy! These colorful rope candies make the tastiest rainbow, and all you have to do is place some Rolo candies underneath to make the appearance of "gold", then wrap it in cellophane and tie off with a cute green ribbon!

St. Patrick's Day Treat Bags (or Jars)

You could use several different types of candies in these treat bags. Or, instead of bags, you could use cute little cups or jars! Mason jars would be really adorable. As for the candies you choose, as long as they are colorful and tasty, that's all you need! These treat bags/bottles contain a rainbow of Skittles, and the cute, sparkly shamrocks (or tags saying Happy St. Patrick's Day) at the top sure add some St. Patrick's Day cheer!


Crafts for Decorating Outside

Rainbow Pot with Shamrock Plants

What a fun craft this would be! Take some acrylic paints and paint rainbow colors onto a pot. Or, you could get a smaller, less expensive pot from the dollar store or Michael's and have your child paint it with washable paint. Allow to dry. Then, cut shamrocks out of green glitter paper and use Popsicle sticks or straws as a means of making the shamrocks stand up in the pot. Place outside on your balcony or patio for a fun St. Patrick's Day outdoor decoration! Or, better yet, you could always plant some real clovers in there!

St. Patrick's Day Wind-catcher

This rainbow wind-catcher is sure to brighten up the outside of your home! Use colorful tissue paper and have your toddler create a rainbow by pasting the different pieces onto an empty paper towel roll. Then, get some green ribbon and attach a few colorful shamrocks to it. Glue the ribbons onto the bottom of your wind-catcher, and display it outside in a prominent location! For more fun, you could add some chimes to the bottom of the paper towel roll, so they clang in the wind and create more of a wind-chime effect! Or, add some glitter to make it sparkle in the sun! Really, the only limit is your imagination!


Nicole K (author) on April 28, 2017:

Ms Dora, I prefer chocolate over fruity candies as well! I'm sure M&M's could be substituted! Haha. Have a great day.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on March 08, 2017:

All great ideas; if there could be chocolate candy in the St.Patrick's Day colors, those jars and treat bags would be my favorite.

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