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Car Sketch Tutorials by Luciano Bove

Luciano Bove is a car design manager working at Renault Design. Born in Italy, he graduated from Art Center College of Design in California.

Peter Fassbender and his FCA Brazil Design Team

Peter Fassbender and his FCA Brazil Design Team

Car designer the dream job!

A lot of young people would love to become car designers, a lot of them dream of red Ferraris and Lamborghini, or drawing all day long nice sexy cars...

Let's face it, Car Designer is a dream job!

In the world, according to latest statistics, car deign jobs are always kind of rare and the reason is always the same. We have more design schools opening, but the job vacancies are not increasing.

This means also that the competition is very high and quality is more important than quantity.

Talent is the most important element and second is your skills. Those two parameters are the key for your success. Excercising everyday is important to train your skills and creative talent. The more the better.

Starting from a simple Car Sketch in Side View

How do we start?

To become a good car designer you need a good Design school with a BS in Transportation Design.

Very often the good schools require an entry portfolio meeting to select the real talented students and discard those that are not really made for such discipline, this selection has two important things: first selecting the best the school will produce highly talented designers, secondly the school's reputation and working students rate will be kept high.

For these reasons it is very important to exercise a lot sketching all day free-hand trying your best to learn drawing cars with confidence.

In those videos you will find several simple exercises you can try all day long to improve and be ready to put together a convincing entry portfolio to try your chance!

In conclusion: watch and repeat!

How to understand perspetive drawing about cars.

Basic perspetive drawings

Basic perspetive drawings

There are many car design enthusiasts around, on Facebook we can find many young students trying hard to draw cars dreaming of becoming car designers one day.

For them, I decided to make a very simple tutorial to help understand that in order to start drawing cars we must start from basics of drawing. We must understand that we have to train a lot to draw a car correctly in perspective. We have to draw basic shapes without problems, understand the very simple drawing rules to draw a real car sketch in perspective adding all details and shading to make it look good!

So here a short list of basic shapes in perspective with wheels, they are just simple shapes and maybe a bit boring. However, if we learn how to do this exercise well enough, soon we can start drawing shapes that will look like cars on wheels.

The Side View is important because it is not intended as a flat drawing, but as a drawing in perspective (1 point), the Side View shows us the sketch proportions, the most important element in car design. If you do not master proportions you will not have a car sketch!

They are simple perspectives in fact in some cases (3/4 F and R) the Vanishing Points go to the Infinite (horizontal side plane with parallel lines). The Tip-Up and Top views are as we were looking at a car from a balcony on the first floor (3 points perspectives)

The most difficult perspective is the bottom right drawing, here we have a real 3/4 front 3 Point perspective on a tilted plane (not easy parallel lines).

The important thing is also all the "minor axis" of wheels' ellipses, in fact, it is always the minor axis that goes to V.P. If you do this correctly your wheels will look good unless they will look like wheels' suspension are broken!

My advice is to try to copy many times the exercises. Try all of them many times to gain experience, you will see how easier it will be for you after a while.

Sketch Tutorial Video

Watching the video you can see how I start sketching my car in 3/4 front view.

I always draw first the base made by the wheels and the car lower body part. I add the cast shadow, I draw a center section that I replicate to get the car main box in perspective. All Vanishing Points go to the infinite so rear wheels minor axes go to the infinite. The front wheels have a tilted minor axes (sligthly turned), we do not want our front suspensions to look broken.

Try at home to do what I did and enjoy!

© 2012 Luciano Bove