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Sideshow Collectibles

My Fascination

I've recently kind of gone down the rabbit hole with statues and collectibles, largely due to my recent exploration with Z-Brush, which is a 3D Sculpting software. There is clearly a massive market for this kind of stuff, and I badly want to be part of it. The amount of detail and precision Sideshow makes these statues with is absolutely incredible.


Gladiator Hulk

My personal favorite out of all the statues I have seen, and done research on, is the Gladiator Hulk statue where he is perched on a dead squid creature. I just love the composition and level of intricate details on this, and it really captures the essence of the Hulk character. He's a massive savage, and can easily subdue just about anything he wants, and then you add on the details of the Gladiator attire and its an incredible statue.

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