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Sharpie Pens-Tips And Ideas

Paper crafting has been my passion since I was a child. I love sharing paper projects, ideas, and products. Get more from your paper.


Sharpie Basics

Sharpie pens have been very popular with both adults and children since they first launched. Sharpies are considered alcohol markers that are permanent.

The nice thing about sharpies is that they are readily available almost anywhere.

Sharpie-brand permanent markers are manufactured by Sanford, L.P., in Oak Brook, Illinois. The primary components in Sharpie markers are propanol, butanol, diacetone alcohol, and different dye colorings. The dye coloring used depends on the color of the Sharpie marker.

Sharpie Fine Point Markers have been around for decades. They are the "original" permanent marker. You have probably even used one at some point in your life. Permanent on almost any porous surface, including fabric, leather, wood, paper, and more.

Available Sharpie Tips


Types Of Sharpies Available

Name Of PenType Of NibColors AvailableNotes

Brush Tip


Black, Blue, Turquoise, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Lime, Purple, Berry, Magenta and Brown

Allows you to do fine and broad lines. Quick drying fade resistant ink. Available in packs of 4 and 12.

Chisel Tip


Black, Blue, Turquoise, Green, Lime, Orange, Red and Purple

Permanent ink marks on paper, plastic, metal, and most other surfaces

Clear View Highlighter


Yellow, pink, green and orange

A clear window in the tip allows you to know when to stop highlighting. Comes in 4 and 8 packs

Glitter Water Based

Ideal for opaque marks on plastic, glass and poster board



Black, blue and red available

large tip for wide marks Comes in black, blue, and red.


Oversized chisel tip

Black, red and blue

Makes wide marks

Metal Barrel

Comes in two types-Bullet and chosel

Both types come in black, blue and red

Has the same durable metal barrel

Metallic Fine Point


6 colors available

Opaque metallic ink



15 colors

These are small and portable markers . They have a clip that allows you to clip it to a notebook or backpack

Neon Fine Point


Neon in daylight, fluorescent in UV light

Retractable Tip

Fine And Ultrafine

13 colors

Water and fade resistant

Stainless Steel

Refillable and sustainable



Red, black and blue

Larger Ink Supply

Twin Tip

Fine and ultra fine in one marker. The other choice is bullet and chisel tip

Black, Red, Blue, and one pack. Multi packs may vary.

Super large ink supply. Comes in packs of 4, 8 and 24.

Oil Based Piant Markers

Extra fine, medium or bold tips

Silver, gold, in one pack. Orange, Purple, Pink, Lime Green and Aqua Blue in another pack

Marks opaque and glossy on light and dark surfaces. Use on virtually any surface


Ultrafine point

41 colors

Precise tip with ultrafine control. Perfect for labeling. Comes in packs of 12 and 24

Water Based Paint

Medium or extra fine points available

Water based opaque markers. Water and fade resistant ink

Doodling On Tinfoil

Use a sharpies To make a design

Use a sharpies To make a design

Sharpie Marker Colors


How To Fix A Dried Out Sharpie

If you collect and use Sharpies, at some point you are going to go to use one that appears to be totally dried out.

But before you give that marker a burial in your trash can, give this idea a try. Because more often than not, it is the tip that is dry and not the marker.

  • Grab a bottle of rubbing alcohol
  • Pour some into the cap
  • Dip the tip of the Sharpie into the alcohol-filled cap
  • Prop the pen up and leave it there till you see a little bit of ink swirling out
  • Put the cap back on the Sharpie
  • Leave it for 15 minutes
  • Try the Sharpie again to see if you have breathed new life into your marker

It is worth a try!

Sharpie Special Editions

These sharpies are only available for a limited time. They make great gifts.

These sharpies are only available for a limited time. They make great gifts.

Sharpie Sets And Collections

Most often you will see sets of sharpies that are available. In actuality, sets are a more economical way to purchase these markers

You can purchase the sets in specific types of points like the fine point collection. Or you can purchase sets by colors or specific types of markers. You get to define what your needs are with the varieties available.

There are also limited-edition collections that are specialty markers only available for a limited time.

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Here are some of the more popular sets and their prices. Remember prices may vary from store to store. So the smart thing to do is to shop around for the best prices.

  • Sharpie Porous Art Pens-24pens Fine points make these markers great for drawing and sketching. These pens would be good for journaling, card making, scrapbook artists, etc.
  • Sharpie Art With Photo Paper-24 markers-works on all glossy photo paper projects. Learn how to use these unique pens
  • Sharpie Metallic Markers-6 metallic pens in one collection
  • Sharpie Electro Pop Collection- A very vibrant collection
  • Color Burst-Vibrant bright colors. Assorted colors and sizes are available
  • Cosmic Colors-Create out of this world color statements with this collection. These are all fine tips in different sized collections

Sharpie Electro Pop Collections

Decorate A Twist Tie

Recycle old twist ties for gift packaging

Recycle old twist ties for gift packaging

Decorate Plastic Zip Lock Bags

No matter what you want to store, you can't beat those plastic zip lock bags! no matter if it is stuff in your kids space, your craft space or wherever you need storage, these bags are a must have. Since they come in so many sizes, there is a zip lock for every project you can think of.

But take it a step further. Have some fun with the storage process. Gather your Sharpies and decorate while you organize. Get everyone in the family involved ! Take a Saturday afternoon, some markers, some bags and get organized,

What can you organize with these handy bag? There are unlimited ideas for these bags/

Decorate Plastic Bags

Decorate a plastic bag to create cute storage bags, fun holiday bags or just for a cute lunch bag. Create custom goodie bags !

Decorate a plastic bag to create cute storage bags, fun holiday bags or just for a cute lunch bag. Create custom goodie bags !

No Bake Sharpie Technique

Doodle and have fun with this no-bake technoque

Doodle and have fun with this no-bake technoque

Using Metallic Sharpies

Make an elegant mug gift with metallic sharpies

Make an elegant mug gift with metallic sharpies

Making Sharpie Mugs

Sharpie mugs have been so popular for years. You can create just about any design you want. But there is one thing that you absolutely must make sure of. You have to use the right Sharpie Marker. In this case, the right marker to use is the Sharpie Paint Pen. It is the only Sharpie that is permanent and will not smear. It will stay on your cup.

Another trick to this technique is to use an inexpensive ceramic cup that you can buy at any of your local dollar stores. The reason behind that is that they have a very inexpensive coating and the paint will penetrate the coating better.

Let's get started making a mug!


  • Inexpensive ceramic.porcelain coffee mug
  • Sharpie Paint Pens- you decide the colors to use
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton balls
  1. Clean the mug by wiping the entire mug with rubbing alcohol. Remember, to remove any labels cause when you bake the mug they may burn.
  2. Sketch out your design on a piece of paper. There are lots of designs on the internet if you do not feel comfortable drawing or lettering. They will give you inspiration and confidence.
  3. Start designing on your mug with the Sharpie Paint Pens. If you make a mistake or a smudge-just clean it off with the rubbing alcohol. It is important at this step to make sure your design is perfect. Any mistake will show up on the baked finished project.
  4. Allow the mug to cure ( dry) for 72 hours ( 3 days) The paint must be fully dry before baking. Otherwise, the design will not stick to the mug.
  5. Place the mug in a cool oven on a cookie sheet covered with aluminum foil.
  6. Turn the oven to 425 degrees
  7. Set the timer for 1 hour
  8. Once the hour is up, turn off the oven
  9. Let the mug cool completely in the oven. Do not remove it until it is completely cooled.

This could be of course a project for your kids to do for a grandparent. But only the design part. The baking part must be handled by an adult!

Sharpie Mug Tips

  • Choose a mug that has little shine on it. Duller is better. A highly glazed mug will not keep the ink on it.
  • Make sure to clean the mug completely. Any oil or dirt will cause problems with keeping the ink on it.
  • Make sure to use an oil-based paint Sharpie for your mug. Regular Sharpie ink will slide off the finished project.
  • Allow the mug to dry for at least 24 hours before baking. Better yet, allow it to dry for a day or two after you do your design.
  • Always put the mug into a cold oven, not a preheated oven. Not following this step may cause the mug to crack.
  • Bake at a lower temperature for longer rather than a hotter oven for less time.
  • Always allow the mug to cool in the oven. This step helps the glaze to adhere to the glaze of the mug.

Sharpie Mug Ideas


Creating Custom Pillows With Sharpies

Decorative pillows can run anywhere from $50-$100 apiece, You can actually create your own decorative pillows with sharpies.

It is easier to work with pillow covers rather than on a pillow itself. That way you can use any pillow that you may already have

The easiest way to start your sharpie pillows is to use a stencil. You need to have a pattern that repeats itself. There are plenty of stencil patterns in just about any browser. Just ty[e in a free stencil pattern and find the one that suits you best.You can just use plain computer paper to print your stencil. But if you want something sturdier, use heavy cardstock ( 80lbs or more) or a poster board.

Once you get your stencil, determine where you want the pattern to repeat.

Then trace it on the pillow in the color sharpie that you want to use.

You can add chunkier lines if you want to.

Always remember when you are stenciling with a sharpie to use a light hand, Otherwise, you may create a blurry image.

Fine tipped sharpies may help you to get better detail.

More Sharpie Pillow Ideas

Journal With Sharpies

If you are not familiar with the Sharpie markers that can be used for bullet journals, you are missing out on an excellent resource that is reasonably priced, especially for bullet journal newbies. But they go farther than that. You can use them for Bible journaling and travel journaling. Create a special art journal page using these markers by themselves or with other media. Have fun and get creative. Here are some of our favorite ideas for using Sharpies in journals:

Ultra Fine Pens

  • Start with the ultra-fine pens. They have 30 colors to play with. Create colorful lists and notes every day in your to-do lists and other lists.
  • Use stencils to create colorful layouts

Fine Markers

  • Helps you journal in compact places
  • Fill in calensars

Metallic Markers

  • Add flair with the metallic fine line pens.
  • Use to design journal covers, especially on dark colors


  • Use Clear View Highlighters. Helps you highlight what you want in your bullet journal
  • Highlight a passage in your Bible with fine precision

More Sharpie Journal Ideas

  • Create stripes and other geometric patterns with Sharpies
  • Sharpie Art Pens are not permanent markers, but they are great for journals as they do not bleed through most papers.

How To Revive A Sharpie Marker

  1. Dip The Pen In Rubbing Alcohol- Pour some rubbing alcohol in a container or the cap of the alcohol bottle. Place the tip into the alcohol. Leave it until you see a stream of ink flowing. Recap the marker and let it sit 15 minutes.
  2. Take The Marker Apart And Add Rubbing Alcohol-Remove the ink reservoir from the marker. Add rubbing alcohol 4 ml at a time with an eyedropper. Put the pen together.
  3. Inject Rubbing Alcohol Into The Tip-Stand the sharpie with the tip up and inject rubbing alcohol into the tip.Do this slowly adding just a bit at a time.

Decorate A Christmas Ball

Use sharpies to revive and enhance a Christmas ball. Metallics would be perfect for this kind of project. Ypu do not have to freehand draw. Use a stencil instead.

Use sharpies to revive and enhance a Christmas ball. Metallics would be perfect for this kind of project. Ypu do not have to freehand draw. Use a stencil instead.

Bullet Journal With Sharpie Fine Line Markers


More Journal Sharpie Ideas

How To Paint Tiles With Sharpies

You can create custom tiles with Sharpie markers. You can use any colors that strikes your fancy. This is an easy economical project that you can create coasters for yourself or give as gifts.


  • Sharpies in different colors
  • 91 % rubbing alcohol
  • Any size ceramic tiles
  • Small paintbrush, eye dropper, or paintbrush
  • Krylon UV Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating
  • Pieces of felt
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  1. Clean your tiles. If they have any netting on the back, remove it.
  2. Allow the tiles to dry.
  3. Color your tiles with your sharpie markers. What colors you use is strictly up to you.
  4. Allow the tiles to dry
  5. With your paintbrush, small straw, or dropper, drop small amounts (about dime size) of the alcohol onto the colored tile. The alcohol will start blurring the colors on the tile.
  6. When you have activated enough of the color on the tiles, set them aside and allow to dry for about 30 minutes.
  7. If there are parts where the alcohol has caused the color to be too light, simply add more color with the marker and then blur it with a drop or two of alcohol.
  8. Spray the tiles with the sealer and allow to dry. Always apply this product in a well-ventilated area like an open garage or outdoors.
  9. Allow the tile to cure for a couple of days before adding the felt.
  10. Add a piece of felt under your coaster or trivet so that none of your furniture gets scratched. Just glue the felt on with a hot glue gun.


  • 70% alcohol does not work well. Stick with the 91 % alcohol and you will have better results.
  • Use a cardboard box that is open on one side to create a spray box. That way the sealant will not get all over everything else.

How To Paint With Sharpies

Create Colorful Zentangles

Use colorful designs in your art journals. These patterns are fun to create. Let your creativity go wild with your own custom designs

Use colorful designs in your art journals. These patterns are fun to create. Let your creativity go wild with your own custom designs

Sharpie Nail Art

You can create custom-designed nail art with Sharpie Markers

You can create custom-designed nail art with Sharpie Markers

Sharpie Nail Art

Sharpie nail art is a new take to use markers to create custom-designed nails. The nice thing about this technique is that you do not need a lot of different colors of nail polish. All you need is a white base coat, Sharpies, a nail art brush, and a clear topcoat

You will use a nail art brush and apply the sharpie liquid on top of your nail over the white base color until you are happy with how the nail looks

The trick to using sharpies for nail art is letting them dry all the way before the topcoat. The topcoat helps to protect your sharpie ink and add a shine to them

Basic Sharpie Nail Art Technique

  1. Select the sharpie colors that you want to use
  2. Wash your hands in warm water
  3. Push any cuticles back gently
  4. If you have any old nail polish on your nails, remove it.
  5. Trim, cut, or file your nails if you need to
  6. Paint all your nails with the base coat. This protects your nails from permanent staining. It will also help when it is time to remove the design
  7. Once the base coat is dry, start coloring the nails on your non-dominent hand. If you are righthanded, color your left-hand nails and visa versa.
  8. If you have someone else around, have them color the other hand for you. If not, allow the hand that you colored to dry completely before you go to the other side.
  9. Coat your nails with a topcoat.

That is just the basic idea. There are all kinds of techniques that can be used to get different effects,

Sharpie Nail Art

Create Galaxy Print Shoes

So easy to create on your sneakers, Great way to give more life to old shoes

So easy to create on your sneakers, Great way to give more life to old shoes

More Sharpie Shoe Ideas

You Can Color With Sharpies

You can color-stamped images with Sharpies. They are, after all, alcohol markers. They are far more reasonably priced. You can find them anywhere.

You can color-stamped images with Sharpies. They are, after all, alcohol markers. They are far more reasonably priced. You can find them anywhere.

Recycling Vases And Bottles

Who does not enjoy a nice way to recycle bottles and vases.


  • Glass bottles or vases
  • Glue Solvent
  • White spray paint
  • Washi Tape
  • Sharpie Metallic Markers
  1. Wipe down any glass vases with a clean damp cloth to get any dust off of them. If you are using old wine or other bottles, wash off the labels. Soak the bottles in warm water for about 30 minutes to get any labels off. Use a glue solvent to get any extra leftover pieces till the bottle is clean. Allow the bottles and or vases to dry.
  2. Spray-paint your base color using a fluid motion from 8-12” away to avoid drips. Wait 15 minutes, then re-spray to ensure a thick and uniform base coat. Let stand for 2-3 hours until the paint is dry to the touch.
  3. Use the metallic Sharpie to create your unique pattern.

More Sharpie Vase And Bottle Ideas

Create A Custom Umbrella

Create a custom umbrella with sharpies

Create a custom umbrella with sharpies

More Sharpie Projects

We could not possibly cover all the projects that you can make with Sharpie permanent markers. Here are a few more ideas to consider for your marker collection.

  • Sharpie Tie-Dyed T-Shirts- a great project for you and your teen
  • Painting rocks has become very popular.
  • Water Bottle Wind Spirals can be done in any color. Perfect party decor.
  • Sharpie Tea Towels make a perfect gift for a new homeowner or as a shower gift
  • Faux Chalkboard Art is a perfect addition to a laundry room or for a wedding
  • Decorate a photo mat with Sharpies. You can also decorate a mat for scrapbook layouts
  • Glam up an I Phone case
  • Create and color zentangle designs
  • Create a burlap monogram as wall decor
  • Decorate plain gift wrap with Sharpies
  • Personalize a pencil bag
  • Make ping pong polka dot party lights
  • Make cork coasters with Sharpie designs
  • Create a jewelry dish with your own designs
  • Decorate a group of seashells for colorful home decor
  • Customize a lamp base with Sharpies
  • Create a Sharpie superhero glass
  • Make tea towels designs
  • Candles glow when you decorate them with these markers
  • Make your own rug designs with Sharpies
  • Take plain knobs and give them some color
  • Create a custom wine tray
Make plastic flowers from recycled plastic

Make plastic flowers from recycled plastic

Storing Your Sharpies

Sharpies are considered alcohol markers. So you would give them the same consideration as other markers with alcohol formulas.

The first thing to know is that you want to store them where is there is no direct sunlight on them. The sunlight over time will tend to dry them out faster.

Sharpies that have two tips should be stored horizontally. That keeps the ink equally at both tips.

Highlighter pens have a fiber tip so it is best to store them with the nib down which will prevent them from drying out.

Contrary to popular belief unless you are using a specific oil or paint sharpie the normal everyday ones are alcohol-based. Therefore you should store Sharpies the same way as any other alcohol-based marker and that is horizontal.

Recycle Beer And Oil Bottles

Recycle beer and oil bottles for home decor

Recycle beer and oil bottles for home decor

Removing Sharpies From Surfaces

Sooner or later, you may need to make a correction on a project you have been working on with your sharpies. Or worse yet, one of your little artists has gotten into your collection of sharpies and created a piece of artwork where you did not want one. Here are a few tricks to remove sharpie ink when you need to:

  1. Skin-try a hand sanitizer first. If that does not work, try rubbing alcohol
  2. Plastic-Use a dry erase marker to color over the sharpie. Then wipe it away. If that does not work, try rubbing alcohol. You can also try vinegar.
  3. Glass-rubbing alcohol will work every time
  4. Wood-Try baking soda toothpaste. Rub it intently with a paper towel or cotton ball. Do not use any alcohol on wood. It will ruin the finish.
  5. Steel-Try vinegar and rinse with water
  6. Leather-Try a mixture of 1/2 cup lemon juice to 1.2 cup water. Mix in a spray bottle. Spray on the stain. Allow to sit 5 minutes. Wipe with a wet cloth

Vinegar Sharpie Cleaner

  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • Old toothbrush
  • Clean rag or paper towel
  • Clean water

Use the toothbrush to apply the vinegar onto the surface. Allow to sit for 5 minutes. Scrub the stain until the marker is gone. Clean the surface with the water and wet rag

Other Stain Removers To Try

  • Mr Clean Magic Eraser
  • Baking soda and warm water
  • Pencil Eraser

More Tips To Remove Sharpies From Surfaces

Ultimate Sharpie Art

Get advanced ideas and resources to take your sharpie art to new levels.

Get advanced ideas and resources to take your sharpie art to new levels.

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