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Sewing Instructions for Women Waistcoats / Tops / Vests

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Sewing Instructions For Women Waistcoats / Tops

Making waistcoats and tops for women is one of easiest sewing instructions that dressmakers always learn. You can sew waistcoats using many variations.

  • You can sew the style with mandarin collar
  • a V-neckline style
  • a scooped-neckline

If you are new to sewing, you should be aware of different pattern views, before you start the cutting.

Pattern Views Of Ladies Waistcoats

There are many pattern views to the top, vest or waistcoat that you want to sew. It depends on which style you are interested in.

Make sure that you study your sewing pattern well, so that you know which view you can sew to make a perfect fit.

The common views that you may come across include:

1. View A can come with the top and the back for a scooped neckline. There may be button patterns.

2. for a mandarin collar waistcoat, you may have the back view, the front view will be the top with collar.

3. the v-shaped neckline vest is the one that many people called the classic waistcoat. The pattern is quite different and is a common style.

How To Prepare Your Sewing Pattern

Many dressmakers use patterns to cut their desired clothes. You will need to have a waistcoat pattern and afterremoving the tissues, you can start cutting outthe relevant pieces of the pattern. These are the things that you can do before you start cutting:

  • use measurement tape to get your correct size, so that you can compare it with the size chart that comes with the pattern. The size on the pattern may not fit you, so you may have to make adjustment as you cut the pattern.
  • Check the length of the pattern to make sure that it is the length that you want. Some patterns may come with a shorter or longer length than what you want. You may also find extra tissue at the edge of each pattern is there for adjustment.

Free Waistcoat Sewing Tutorial

Types Of Waistcoat Styles

Suitable Fabrics For Making Waistcoats For Women

There are many types of fabrics that are suitable in making waistcoats. You should know which type will fit the occasion that you want to wear the top to.

These fabrics include:

  • silks
  • corduroy
  • brocade
  • mediumweight wools
  • cottons that are closely woven

Silk Fabric

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Things you may like to know before sewing waistcoat/vest


You decide to use:

  • stud fasteners
  • velcro fastening
  • Or any other stylish fastener of your choice

    Buckle straps

    • You can also add buckled strap to make the vest more fitting
    • It is a decorative


      • remember to attach lining to the fabric edges.
      • The lining should be cut using the pattern to match with the fabric

Waistcoat Sewing Instructions

To make you waistcoat look gorgeous and fitting, you will have to:

  • cut the pattern and then transfer all the markings on the pattern to the fabric that you want to sew.
  • Make sure that you are aware of the seam allowances, so that you do not sew above or below it.
  • Always sew seams that are with the right sides together.
  • Remove the tacking
  • trim and press

How to look classy wearing waistcoat

The key for any classy appearance is to ensure that you never go with a waistcoat which reveals the body. It needs to fit perfectly, however, you should not reveal a lot of cleavage or midriff, furthermore ladies should make sure the arm openings are not made to be too low, to ensure that bra is not showing.

This way you will appear classy when wearing a waistcoat. Many women are put off by donning a waistcoat because it was in the past thought to be far too manly an item of clothing. Majority of the women do not know the tips to get ideal look by wearing a waistcoat.

Here are some excellent tips on how to look classy in a waistcoat:

  • Put on your waistcoat on a shirt, top or even blouse that comes with either full or half sleeves. Thus giving complementary appearance when you wear it with a compelling coloured blouse or tank top. Also you can wear the waistcoat to show a printed t-shirt.

  • Put on waistcoat over a dress. Wear any denim waistcoat over either a knee length or maxi dress.

  • When you wear a waistcoat with a tank top, only allow a modest amount of the tank top to peek out of the chest and the remainder to peek out from the bottom. It won't look great should the tank top peek out from under the armpit or sides. To prevent this occurring ensure that the openings of the arm are not as low.

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