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Do You Wonder About Selling Your Photos Online?

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My online footprints are very much centred around my images now. I have recently set many of my best photos up onto a photo website.

Combine Photography with your Passion

Arum Lily Taken in my garden.

Arum Lily Taken in my garden.

No Photography Training?

It is true you do not have to be a professional photographer, but you do have to be able to take photo's that are good enough.

With today's point and shoot cameras, and easy auto settings anyone has a chance at taking good images. I am convinced that good photography has as much to do with having an eye for an image as it does the equipment used. You can take good photos with inexpensive cameras

You may find in time that you want to train and learn advanced skills in photography.

But to start with you just need to love taking photos and have the drive to want to work at it.

My Photo Taking Journey

This has been a wild ride for me. One that started unexpectedly with a tiny Kodak second-hand pocket camera. Yes, a real amateur at work here. My sister gave it to me while visiting her in Australia. She had purchased a new camera and insisted the old Kodak took good photos. So there it started.

When I got home I began taking photos in my garden.

The above Arum Lily was one of the first. Over time the little camera went everywhere with me and I began loading some of the better images onto a Public Domain Website. Approx 250 all up. Then I got caught up in other online projects, as you do, so I forgot all about the images on Public Domain. I became curious one day about an image I had seen on a product for sale with a Pohutukawa flower image on it. It seemed very familiar. I went back to the website with my free photos and was blown away by 300,000 downloads. I kid you not. So my next thought was, Sell them, even if they were just a dollar a download. Just imagine. My mind started ticking. From that day on I was saving my better images so I could try and sell them.

Oh and that Pohutukawa flower was my image.

In no time my little camera was destroyed, my poor overworked second hand Kodak. It couldn't handle the moon shots or the workout it was constantly given.

A mothers day gift that year was a Nikon Coolpix camera built for amateurs like me and especially good for close-ups. The camera went everywhere I did, even out on the boat. Then when a weekend in Taupo with friends was planned I bought a second hand, Cannon. By this stage, I was not happy with just one camera and could not relax without a backup.

Natural Untouched Photography is my Pitch

I often get my toes wet for an image.

I often get my toes wet for an image.


I Love the Sea

Coastal images are now what I love taking. I am aware that these may not make the best choice for selling, but I am running with my passion and they are great for my blog, "Stepping on Paua" Plus I get to go to the beach a lot.

I have also taken many close-up flowers and insect images, with the Nikon, which are cool fun to photograph. I am yet to try my hand at other images and may give it a go in the future. I love to paint old ruins and buildings so perhaps I could give them a go.

Sometimes I believe if you love or have a passion for what you are taking images of it seems to give you the edge and makes the image that little bit more alive. I also do not tamper with my images. What I see and what my camera sees is my image. I am marketing my images as untouched. Capturing natural beauty.

Working out what to take photos of.

If your keen to give selling images online ago, but do not as of yet have a collection, you could first research images that sell well then go after those. It may increase your chance of success.

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Does Your Image Subject Matter?

People visit these photo websites because they are usually looking for a particular image. So if you want to sell, it would be easier if you have images that they are looking for.

I have proven, If you put your images up for Public Domain (meaning anyone can download and use them for free) your images will get snapped up. I have a variety of subjects on this website and they all have many downloads. Back then I was taking photos of anything and everything.

I migrated to taking flower and coastal images. I note that people are not so keen on downloading when they have to pay for these. They love to look but never download In saying that I have never seriously marketed my images for what they are. By doing this I may attract people looking for scenic beach images and have more of a chance.

Luckily I use the Beach photos for my blog and they are good magnets on Social Media.

Perhaps if I was to put more effort into taking photos of a variety of scenes and items that bloggers might be looking for, then I may become successful. I have never tried to run keyword checks or follow trends while planning future images.

I may give this research ago in the near future.

Flowers and plants for websites or even food images may be sort after too.


So you have lots of great Images ready to sell.

Now, where do you start?

There are lots of websites that make it easy for you to set up and sell your images. Just search for the best top photo selling websites and you will have a list to start on.

I have my images at a website called Picfair. I like the fact that I can easily set up my website there and also price my images, as I want to. Plus you can easily make changes and edit anytime that you wish.

Picfair is free unless you want to advance and have extras.

I am happy at the moment with this free option.

You can see my photos and website Click Here

You may find a website that is better for your needs. Do your research and check them out first. You may even be able to put them on multiple websites. Just read the rules first.

Other Ways to Profit From Your Photos

After seeing my image on a product being sold on Amazon it got me thinking. I could create products with my images on and try to sell them. Either online or at the local market.

You could use your images to create products to sell.

It does not have to stop there, You can sell your images as prints, calendars, coasters and so much more. Even on T-Shirts. Again there are many websites that make this very easy to do.

Whatever you decide I wish you success.

Set yourself Up for Success

Here are some tips that may help you succeed with your photos.

  • Learn how to market effectively including keyword training.
  • There is lots of free advice and free or cheap courses in Photography and Marketing.
  • Share some images on Social media and let the world see what you have available.
  • Join photography forums and keep yourself pumped.
  • Learn Photoshop or similar if you want to be creative with your images.
  • Be consistent and don't ever give up.

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