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Sell Photos on Shutterstock

Sell Photos on Shutterstock

Sell Photos on Shutterstock

Can I Sell Photos on Shutterstock Quickly

Yes, indeed you can sell your drawn photos on Shutterstock. For this, first of all, you have to create a Shutterstock Contributor account. It is very easy. You can follow the steps mentioned for this, select an email ID and a username, besides create your own password. After that, you are ready for Shutterstock. To sell your photo. This video can be more beneficial especially for those people who are just starting, they should try to watch this video completely.

How to Sell photos on Shutterstock

Can I Sell Mobile Photos on Shutterstock

Q. can I sell mobile photos on Shutterstock?

Answer from my experience: If you have a good quality mobile or iPhone, you can easily sell your photos at Shutterstock. There is no restriction that the image taken from the mobile cannot be uploaded here but it should be according to their standard criteria such as the size of the image and the quality within the image and The jumping point of the image is very important.

What Is Model Release on Shutterstock

The model on which a person has the right is released, we have to upload the model of the person whose photo is to be uploaded on Shutterstock, otherwise, your photo gets rejected on Shutterstock. This is a kind of PDF. There is a file which after downloading, we have to fill it, after filling it correctly, we have to attach it with the photo. If we do not attach that file with the photo, then our photo gets rejected at Shutterstock. There are many such photos on Shutterstock that you do not need to give an image release. If any person or any other thing does not exist in any of these pictures, then you can feel free to upload something that is considered your own.

Types of model release in Photography

There are two types of model releases.

Model Release Types

1. Self Model Release: Sales model release means if the photo is yours that does not depict any other person or someone else does not have any rights over it, it comes under photography under the self-release model or we understand it like Shutterstock. But whenever we upload a picture, a model release is sought. It is optional for us. If we upload pictures related to nature then we do not need any kind of model release but when we are related to another person When uploading a photo, a separate written letter is given to us by the person who has his signature, only then we can declare our rights on that photo or sell it.

2. Other Person Model Release: other person model release, if we want to sell another person's picture on any website, then we have to give general information about that person, besides submitting a signature-based form of that person if we do so If not, then our photos are rejected on any website such as Shutterstock, etc. If we are selling a picture of someone else, then we need to mention it in that picture, then only we can sell that picture like There is an actor who selects a photographer and gives him the right to sell his photos, then he gives a form to him based on his signature, only then the photographer can sell those photos to these websites like Shutterstock, etc.

How to Upload Photos on Shutterstock

First name the image you are uploading, such as natural beauty, blue sky, etc. After this, you have to write a description below that photo, which has to be written for at least 200 words, in which you have to write what is visible in the photo, do not write any other unrestrained. Before selling your photo on Shutterstock, search for keywords related to that photo so that the keywords prove helpful in selling your photos in Keywords. You can enter as many as 50 as many keywords as possible that relate to that photo because if If you know more keywords, then your photo appears more in the search bar, more visible photos are more likely to be sold in the search bar. Apart from this, if you are uploading photos of another person, then you have to give the model release of that person. If you are uploading your own photo, then you directly click on the submit button and your picture will be reviewed for some time. Your photo will appear in your portfolio as soon as your photo is approved.

What Can I Sell at Shutterstock

In addition to photos on Shutterstock, you can upload video clips and upload your designed illustrations. photos quality submit on Shutterstock. If you are uploading a photo, then the size of your photo should be more than 3.6 Mb, only then the photo is accepted here. Apart from this, there are other criteria when you upload the photo, you are told before that.

Conclusions and Facts

In this hub, we studied very deeply in the hub for how to position yourself as a successful photographer on Shutterstock and we explained how you can upload your photo on Shutterstock and in addition, a video has With this video attached, you will be able to understand deeply what precautions you have to take while uploading a photo.

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