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Seaweed Scrunchie - A free pattern

The Arosep Seaweed Scrunchie

The Arosep Seaweed Scrunchie

This project is inspired by the pretty sea weed known as Arosep. It is known by it's scientific name of Caulerpa lentillifera. It is found abundantly in the Philippines.

Arosep Sea weed

Arosep Sea weed


The project is worked in the round. The foundation row is worked over a band of elastic. The final row being accentuated by clones stitch, to replicate the cute round petals of the sea weed.

I used two pieces of elastic for more durable scrunchie.

Clones Row


Special Stitch

Clones : Clones stitch for this project is worked as follows.

Ch 6, make 3 sets of wraps on the last 3 CH. SL on the base of the clones. Ch 3 and slip on the CH 2 space.

Repeat, and SL on the same CH 2 space. You will work 2 sets per CH 2 space.

Use only 3 wraps for your clones because this stitch tends to use up a lot of yarn , but it depends on you if you want a rounder petal.

Clones Knot

A photo of Clones stitch

A photo of Clones stitch

Clones Tutorial

A very good tutorial about clones can found here:

French Knots


Green worsted weight yarn or DK weight. For the model I used Monaco Acrylic yarn.

3.75 mm hook

2 pieces Elastic ( Goody or similar brand)


CH - chain

SL - slip stitch

DC - double crochet

HDC - half double crochet

SC - single crochet

SK - skip


Row 1. Attach yarn and make SC all over the elastic. ( Just like you would a magic ring ). The stitch should cover the entire length of the elastic. Make 60 Sc.

Row 2. CH 1, SC on same ST. CH 2. ( SC on next stitch . CH 2 , SC on next ) around .

Refer to the pictures above for the first and second row.

Row 3. Ch 4, ( stands for DC and CH 2 ). (DC on CH 2 space. CH 2 ) repeat around. SL on first ST.

Row 4. Refer to the notes about clones stich.

Ch 6, use the last 3 CH to make the clones stitch. SL on the botton of the clones stitch just made. CH 3, SL on the same CH 2 space. ( repeat twice ).

SL on the last CH 2. Finish off.

close up of the petals

close up of the petals


The project tends to curl, as was normally the case with projects using elastics. The petals will spread out once you used it to tie your hair.

This project can be used with any yarn as gauge is not important.


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