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49 Craft Ideas Using Ribbons

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


You’ll love the variety of ribbon craft ideas that you’ll find in this article. Some of these crafts are super easy and will only take minutes to make; other projects are more involved and will take a bit longer to craft. All of the DIY ribbon crafts that you’ll find here are ones which include the site name where you’ll find the instructions, or directions, for making the craft.

You can make beautiful butterflies like the ones shown above by going to for the tutorial.


1. Bracelets

These attractive bangle bracelets are made using yogurt cups and ribbons. This would make a great girl's birthday party or slumber party activity. You'll find the instructions at Turning the Clock Back.


2. Curling Ribbon Flowers

You might want to read through the steps for making these flowers before starting so you'll know what the next step will be. Then making the flowers will be easy and fun. A really nice pictured tutorial for making these curling ribbon flowers is found at the instructables site.


3. Baby Sunshine Toy

Giving unique, one of a kind baby gifts are easy to do when you make the gift yourself. I love these little baby tag toys, and think any new mother would appreciate this thoughtful gift. The tutorial for this project are found at So Sew Easy.


4. Ghost Tassel Ornament

You could easily make one of these ghost ornaments in ten minutes, so it is a perfect Halloween party decoration. If you cut all the ribbon strips ahead of time, it would probably even be a quicker project. To make these super easy and super cute ghosts, go to 30 minute crafts.


5. Bridal Garter

We all know how expensive weddings can be, so if you are at all crafty you'll want to hand make what you can. The bridal garter is an example of an item you can make yourself, inexpensively. Go to 30 Minute Crafts to find the instructions for making this bridal garter. Impress that future husband!


6. Ribbon Necklace

The necklace on the left is an Ann Taylor necklace that would cost about $100 to buy. By going to the COLLEGE FASHION site, you'll see how to make your own ribbon necklace for a fraction of that price.

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7. Making a Ribbon Pacifier Holder


8. Ribbon Snake

Little kids are going to love making these snakes. This project could easily be used as a classroom art project also. You'll find the directions for making these cute little ribbon decorated snakes at Activities for Kids.


9. Easy Ribbon Curtain

Sometimes the simplest way of making something is the most outstanding. Using a variety of ribbons, in the same or coordinating colors, makes this a window treatment that you'll be proud of. I can imagine this in a baby's room. Of course different colors would change the looks completely. Find the tutorial for this craft at Good Housekeeping.

10. Fabulous Bow Tutorial


11. Angel Ornaments

Imagine a Christmas tree filled with these gorgeous ribbon angel ornaments. There are so many beautiful, wired, sheer ribbons that the possibilities are endless. The Living a Better Life site has all the information you'll need to make the angels.


12. Bridal Party Flip Flops

Although I doubt many brides will opt to wear flip flops during the marriage ceremony, I can certainly see how comfortable they would be while preparing for the big day. Go to 30 minute crafts for the flip flop tutorial, and then consider making and giving fancy flip flops to all the gals in the bridal party.


13. Sparkless Sparklers

Spark-less sparklers are the answer to how to safely include toddlers in 4th of July festivities. Easy to make and so much fun to wave. The instructions for making spark-less sparklers is found at merrimentdesign.


14. Curling Ribbon Earrings

The directions at favecrafts show how easily it is to make earrings with crochet. I haven't made these earrings, but the patterns only calls for two stitches, the single and double crochet stitch, so they should be a cinch to make.


15. Ruffles Lampshades

Go to REMODEL aholic for the information on how to make ribbon ruffled lamp shades. These are really very pretty and not difficult to accomplish. Purchase double sided satin ribbon for this project.


16. Wristlet Key Fobs

You'll find this wristlet key fobs tutorial at PRETTY PRUDENT.


17. Refrigerator Magnets

The tutorial, at HOMEMADE GIFTS MADE EASY, to make the decorated clothespin magnets includes instructions for using scrapbook papers and napkins as well as using ribbons. Of course, I think the easiest and prettiest of these magnets are the ones made using the ribbons.


18. Valentine Wreath

You'll find a link for how to curl grosgrain ribbon for making this Valentine wreath, along with the tutoial at nikki, in stitches. I'm sure you'll want to make beautiful curled grosgrain ribbon wreaths for other occasions once you've made this one.


19. Make a Baby Headband

See how easy it is to make your own headbands for your baby by going to Katie Crafts for the instructons.


20. Coasters

This is an outstanding way to use the pieces of curling ribbon that you get when you receive gift balloons or bows. Very easy to make. You'll find all the instructions for making Curling ribbon coasters at CHICA AND JO. Very nice finishing directions for your coasters, to keep them nice.


21. Windsock

You can use any color, width or print when making your windsock. All you need to really know is how to make simple knots. Think Crafts! That's where you'll go to find the tutorial for making this ribbon windsock.


22. Box Lids

Decorating the cover of a plain box is the perfect solution to making a functional container into a decorator piece. Hide pins, clips, etc. in beautiful boxes that can be placed wherever those items are needed. Matt and Shari has an easy to follow tutorial for making these ribbon lids.


23. Carrot Candy Cone

Use a paper mache cone, or make one using card stock, to make this cute carrot candy cone. What a fine idea for favors for an Easter celebration. Find the tutorial for making the carrot cone at About family crafts.


24. Ribbon Scraps Tree Ornament

Doesn't it make you feel good when you see an attractive ornament like this and then realize that you really don't have to purchase anything to make it? Fireflies + Mudpies uses scrap pieces of ribbon and a small twig to make this tree ornament. Outstanding!


25. Ribbon Tab Baby Blanket

I don't know that I would consider an 18" x 18" piece of fabric a baby blanket, but I do think a baby would love to cuddle with it, with all it's tabs. You'll find the pictured instructions for making this little blankie at family crafts.


26. Rosebud Fairy Lights

Making the little rosebuds on string lights is quite an easy task. Imagine how beautiful these rosebud fairy lights would be as wedding reception decorations. I think white buds or pastel buds would be attractive also. Find the instructions for making this project at DIY DÉCOR AND CRAFTS.


27. Luck of the Irish Shamrocks

Even if you can't claim any Irish ancestors, you can still celebrate with "wearing o the green," on St. Pat's Day. These simple to make shamrocks can be used to make barrettes, headbands, pins and more. Go to CHILDMADE to see how to make the ribbon shamrocks.


28. Ribbon Flip Flops

Basic flip flops are so inexpensive that you could decorate a pair for every occasion you can think of. Get the tutorial for making ribbon flip flops at About a Mom. You know every member of the family is going to want a pair of these.


29. Bow Hair Clips

When I see tiny little girls wearing bows in their hair, I think it is the sweetest thing ever. You can learn how to make little bow hair clips like the ones shown by going to Jane Crafts for the instructions.


30. Spirit Hair Ribbons

Cheerleaders and dance squad girls like to wear their school colors in their hair, and these spirit hair ribbons are super attractive. Go to UNCOMMON designs for the instructions for making spirit hair ribbons.


31. Ribbon Gobbler

I read through the directions a couple of times before I realized the half circles cut from the ribbon spool cardboard was for the turkey feet. This isn't a difficult project.....I'm just a bit slow this morning. You'll find the tutorial for making this super cute gobbler at SHE’S kinda CRAFTY.


32. Kissing Balls

Ribbon kissing balls can be used to decorate for almost any occasion. Think baby shower, bridal shower, New Year's party, birthday party, prom, etc. About family crafts is the site to go to for the instructions.

33. Make An Angel Tree Topper

34. Make a Ribbon Watch Band


35. Ribbon Sandals

By following the tutorial at By Wilma you'll be able to transform a plain pair of flip flops into footwear suitable to wear for a prom or wedding. Mixing a variety of ribbon colors would be cute too.


36. Baby's Tag Toys

You can make soft, fiberfil stuffing to make this baby toy, or you can make the toy crinkle when squeezed, by following the instructions at LIL BLUE BOO. I like the crinkle toy idea and think this would be a great addition to a baby gift.


37. Ribbon and Bead Dragonflies

I had no idea what a kanzashi flower was until I saw this dragonfly project. I understand making these flowers require folding the ribbon correctly. So, by using the directions for making a flower pedal, you can make a cute ribbon and bead dragonfly. Check out the directions found at FabArtDIY.


38. Bridal Bouquet

This is a beautiful way to keep the cost of a wedding to a minimum. Consider making your own bridal and bridesmaid bouquets. You might even tuck in a few pearl spray picks for variety. Find the tutorial for making this ribbon flowers bouquet at


39. Valentine Ribbon Pens

Although I think these ribbon pens, done in reds and pinks for Valentine's Day are super cute, I think I'd want to make fancy pens like these for using daily. Just by changing the ribbon colors, have stylish pens. The instructions for making the Valentine ribbon pens are found at the RIBBON RETREAT.


40. Ribbon Medallions

Have you ever wished that you had an inexpensive way to add color when decorating for a party or wedding? Check out this ribbon medallion idea, and a tutorial for making it, at STYLE ME Pretty.


41. Baby's Ribbon Slippers

Such a cute idea and perfect for baby shower decorating. You can find the pictured directions for making this baby ribbon slippers ornament at NBEADS.


42. Twirling Ribbon Wand

Check out the tutorial and the tips for making this twirling ribbon wand at Daydream Believers. You'll make someone very happy with the gift of this twirling wand.


43. Braided Ribbon Barrette

When you read the directions for making this braided ribbon barrette at MY CREATIVE LIFE, you'll see how super easy it is to make. Have the girls make these barrettes as an activity for a birthday party or overnite party. A make and take activity.


44. Make Your Own Labels

How often have you wished you had your own labels to add to a craft or gift that you've made? The instructions at Tutorial Adventures show you how to make these beauties. Check this out!

45. Ribbon Christmas Tree


46. Bookmark

Make a pretty and useful bookmark by following the instructions at My Busy Beehives.


47. Burlap Ribbon Pumpkin

Unique and attractive are two words that describe this cute project. For the tutorial, go to the Sand and Sisal site.



You can make beautiful bookmarks like these for yourself or to give as gifts by following the instructions given at Everyday Beauty.


49. A Dozen Ways to Make a Bow

I thought this would come in handy when you are making bows for your ribbon projects. Imagine a dozen ways to make a bow.

© 2015 Loraine Brummer

Which ribbon craft would you like to make? Or leave a comment.

Kelly Ann Christensen from Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas on December 25, 2019:

Finally, I see from your video how to make the gorgeous bows my late mother always made. lol This is a fabulous hub with an abundance of great ideas. I love the dragonflies and the lampshade, but the ribbon flowers has to be my favorite. Thanks for all of the ideas!

Judi Adams on January 08, 2019:

15, 21 and 42 are my favorites but so many are really great.

Susan Hazelton from Northern New York on July 29, 2018:

When I started looking at this hub I thought that maybe I would find a good idea or two but to my surprise I found so many that I absolutely love. I have saved this hub to my favorites so I can go back through and see what I can make with my granddaughter. She will love these projects.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on January 16, 2017:

These are excellent ribbon craft ideas! I would love to make some of them.

Glad to have found this hub and thanks for your wonderful and beautiful suggestions!

Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on August 18, 2015:

Lorraine, you're very welcome. I agree with you on the dragonflies and angels are the best ones.

Loraine Brummer (author) from Hartington, Nebraska on August 18, 2015:

Hi Kristen and KoffeeKlatchGals! Thanks for your visits and comments, and the vote up, Kristen. I think my favorite ribbon projects are the dragonflies and the angels. The way the ribbon is folded for the dragonflies is quite unique.....I'll have to try that.

Susan Hazelton from Northern New York on August 18, 2015:

I can't believe all of the great ribbon crafting ideas. They are all beautiful.

Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on August 17, 2015:

Lorraine, I love all of those ribbon craft ideas, if I had ribbons. Very awesome for a voted up!

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