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Resources For Euro-Pro Sewing Machines and Free Manuals

The Euro-Pro brand of sewing machines offer traditional sewing machines for all budgets.

The Euro-Pro brand of sewing machines offer traditional sewing machines for all budgets.

Euro Pro Sewing Machines

The Euro-Pro brand of sewing machines offer budget pricing to a wide range of sewing machine capabilities. Simple and portable machines, like the Dressmaker series, offer the convenience of stitching straight stitches anywhere. Other machines, like the Euro Pro Denim 1260 DX, can sew through several layers of fabric easily. Euro Pro makes basic models, and those that have a wide range of sewing specialty stitches. The Euro Pro Denim and Silk model has over 20 different specialty stitches, along with buttonholes, and can handle both thicker fabrics such as denim and delicate ones such as silk.

The Shark/Euro-Pro brands can be found in a variety of department stores and online retailers. If you have one, or if you have received one as a hand-me-down or purchased second hand, here are great resources for the Euro Pro sewing machines. All the resources below are free, including the manuals. Many companies simply copy the manuals and offer them for resale and copies are tough to find that are free to download. Instead of paying money for a used manual, try these resources first to see if your model is listed first, for free.

The Euro-Pro sewing machines are being fazed out by the Shark Company, but are still available. On the Euro-Pro sewing machine page on, you can find resources such as company contact info, ebay auction deals, and other Euro-Pro related sewing machine information.

Where To Find Free Euro Pro Sewing Machine Manuals

Where To Find Euro Pro Parts and Accessories

Using a Euro Pro Sewing Machine

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