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Quilting as a Hobby

Tricia Deed is a freelance writer describing the different types of hobbies which can be done during our leisure hours.

Bed Quilt

A bed quilt on a 4-poster bed adds to the decor of the bedroom.

A bed quilt on a 4-poster bed adds to the decor of the bedroom.

Quilting As A Hobby

Do you like making puzzle pictures? Welcome to quilting. Buy a yard of fabric and cut the fabric into square, rectangular, or strips. Reassembled these pieces into a pattern and stitch to form a picture which you have designed.

If you do not wish to cut up new yardage of cloth, then cut fabric from the good part of worn out clothing, sheets, curtains, bed spreads, and other types of used fabrics.

People continue to recycle their old clothing and bed linen into quilts which are used as blankets, lap quilts, or comforters. Today we see quilting not only from a practical point of view but also from an artist point of perspective. Quilting is a craft recognized beauty and function.

Pursuing quilting as a hobby will bring hours of personal gratification and fun. It is a sewing craft which ignites creativity and keeps refining sewing skills and techniques.

Quilting rewards with personal satisfaction and happiness. Because a quilt is made with much love, it is a gift which keeps giving. Quilts are cherished for their memories of the giver and any memory fabrics which may have been included during the making of the quilt.

Baby Memory Quilts are topping the list for today's quilters. Both parents and grandparents can make these cherished quilts as gifts.These quilts can either be used or placed out in the opening hanging on walls or framed like a picture.

Quilted Memories

Framed memories are composed into this quilt creation.

Framed memories are composed into this quilt creation.

T-Shirt Memory Quilts

A popular version of a memory quilt for the modern generation is making quilts from T-shirts.

Gather together T-shirts which have special memories. These quilts can be a self-gift or special gifts for children or the men in your life.

Should you not have enough T-shirts visit local flea markets, garage sales, donation centers, and swap meets. Purchase shirts at .25, .50, or $1.00 a piece.

Stop at your favorite fabric or craft store to purchase quilt backing, thread, decorative notions for embellishment, and ball point needles.

Quilting Ideas

A pillow with the embroidered word "Ideas" stitched in the middle.

A pillow with the embroidered word "Ideas" stitched in the middle.

Quilting Ideas

The quilting hobby sparks endless ideas for projects to assemble and stitch. You can create your own designs or gather free patterns from quilting magazines, the Internet, books, and DVDs. Many people who quilt will share their ideas with great enthusiasm.

You will discover as many of us have, that there are not enough hours to finalize our ideas. The best thing to do is to put your thoughts or dreams on paper until you have a chance to make that particular project. Make a file from a folder or a notebook. When the time is right you will be ready to make that new creation.

This starter list will help with some of the categories:

  • Bed Covers
  • Pillow Covers and Bolsters
  • Baby Crib Covers
  • Furniture Covers
  • Table Covers
  • Handbags
  • Lingerie Bags
  • Hot Pads
  • Jewelry and jewelry bags
  • Clothing
  • Aprons
  • Costumes
  • Stuffed toys

Beaded Quilt

A sample of beads threaded into the established design of the cloth.

A sample of beads threaded into the established design of the cloth.

Art and Craft Ideas

Artists and crafts people have introduced these ideas into their quilting projects.

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  • Photos superimposed onto fabrics
  • Fabric painting
  • Stenciling
  • Appliques
  • Unique notions and trims
  • Beading
  • Buttons, wood, plastics, yarns, metallic threads, shells, and leather
  • New or inventive hand stitching
  • New machine sewing techniques and using quilting software
  • Mixing and including different sewing media e.g. embroidery, cross-stitching, knitting, crocheting, and appliqueing
  • Making and dyeing original fabrics
  • Creating and designing original patterns inspired by nature, geometric shapes, architecture, photo scenes and more

Assembling Quilting Pieces

Quilted squares being machine stitched.

Quilted squares being machine stitched.

Stitching the Quilt

Most people use a quilting pattern to get started on a project. If this is a new hobby you may wish to start with a quick and easy project.

Stitch a baby's quilt:

There are kits which are equipped with fabric, threads, accessories and instructions. It will not take very long to hand stitch this quilt. This small quilting project will help your decision to become a hand quilter or a machine quilter. In case you are wondering about my needlework techniques I do a combination of hand and machine sewing.

After you have stitched the squares into position, the pattern may also include an applique of a bear, duck, and other similar baby favorites. At this point of progress you have attached the individual squares forming the finished size of the pattern. The applique adds interest.

Applique Suggestion: Children's coloring books offer simple drawings which make excellent patterns of animals, flowers, and more.

The final steps are to stitch the top, the padding, and the back covering together. The last step is to finish the edges with binding. These first steps are the sewing techniques of the quilt.

The final step which makes this project a quilt is the process of quilting. Quilting is a pattern of threads which covers the entire project. The simplest quilting pattern is to stitch the ditch. Other methods of quilting may be done with hand stitching or on a standard sewing machine.

More advanced quilting is done by a professional quilter who will have the machinery and the experience to attractively finish your quilt.

Flower Applique with Quilting

A sample of a simple flower applique.

A sample of a simple flower applique.

Sewing Terms for First Time Quilters


This is a cut out of a simplistic flower, animal, symbol, etc. which is hand stitched or machine stitched onto the quilt. The applique is an added decorative embellishment to the quilt.

Stitch the ditch:

This is stitching in and out of the seams where the fabric swatches connect. This is a hidden way of connecting the front, padding and back cover together.


After the pieces of the quilt have been connected and appliques stitched into place, then the process of quilting is done. This quilting may be done by hand or by a special quilting machine.

The quilting design chosen is one which will quietly enhance the overall appearance of the quilt. In the above photo you will note the stitching of the flower applique. The white thread design on the white fabric is the quilting.

The Inside Padding or Batting:

The batting is constructed of cotton or synthetic fiber. The batting is used to keep a person warm, or to give the quilt additional strength for a longer life.

1 Hour Fat Quarter Quilt with Batting - Easy Quilt

Hello Quilter


Tricia Deed on February 20, 2015:

You are so right, quilting has endless possibilities. I did a project which was to be a scarf, but when I realized that it would take me months to complete this mini-quilting project, I converted it to a luxury lingerie bag. I made it luxury by inlaying pearls in the seam lines and a single pearl in the middle of each mini-block. I also took the time to include a zipper closure. It was given as a gift to my mother-in-law who quilted, but would never make a glamor bag for herself.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on February 20, 2015:

I love quilting and have made many bed sheets and bags. There is no end to possibilities and one can be very creative while making quilts. I loved your flower applique design.

Thanks for suggesting some attractive designs and tips. Voted up and pinned.

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