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Pyrographers Exhibit At All Pyrography Show

For the love of art by fire.....

For the love of art by fire.....

Fire Is Their Artistic Element

The excitement for a small but extraordinary group of artists is building. As a very special art exhibit prepares to open the doors, this should prove to be the first of a kind. Andrews Art Museum in North Carolina is hosting what many believe to be the first ever, all pyrography exhibit. This show is special, not only because all of the artwork is designed by fire, but also because of the broad scope of artists who are participating. These artists represent pyrography artwork from around the world.

In Tom Vogler's Own Words

"Pyrography as a fine art medium seems to be a growing trend in the art world. Where it was once seen as a craft and snubbed by the mainstream art critics, it's now starting to get noticed more and more. It's a culture unto itself. I look at the insight feature on youtube that shows where the viewers are from, and they are from all over the world. The new work I'm seeing is phenomenal with so many styles and techniques."

Two Maps For Pyrography

Pyrography Exhibit In The Making

Artist Tom Vogler is the driving force and inspiration for making this exhibit happen. It all started with his dream and has blossomed into what promises to be a fruitful art exhibit. It helps that Tom is also a pyrographic artist. He is active in his local art community which happens to be Andrews North Carolina.

Did I mention Tom is also one of the Andrews Art Museum Directors? That is a fact. Tom got together with Annette Rawlings, Andrews Art Museum Director, to put this show in motion. Now just weeks away from the opening, everything behind the scene is a buzz. Many of the artists who will be exhibiting are also working hard to get the show up and ready for the public. They want to present pyrography, not only to the local community of Andrews NC but also call attention from the world of fine art. It is due time.

Making A Go To Exhibit Pyrography

Much help behind the scene, came from Danette Smith and Carlos Castellanos. Not only adding their own works to the exhibit but also helping to gather information, promote, organize and render the things it takes to get the show up and running. Artists who work to organize these kinds of exhibits deserve a big thank you on behalf of the exhibitors as well as the public who will be enjoying this unique show.

Introducing The Andrews Art Museum Exhibitors

Annette Rawlings / Andrews Art Museum Director

More Pyrographer"s Exhibiting At Andrews

  • Terry Durham / Tennessee

Additional Exhibit Information

This very special art exhibit is all the buzz amongst pyrography fans. It is important to get the word out for all to enjoy either in person or Online if you are not able to make the trip. Promoting this event helps to bring this art form to the front lines.

Opening Celebration

Saturday June 4th 2011

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5pm - 7pm

Mark your calendars,

set your alarms,

put on your walking shoes

and reading glasses.

Make your way over to the

Andrews Art Museum in Andrews North Carolina.

You are sure to have fun, see artwork like you have never seen before.... This is one worth the energy to get up, get out and take in a spectacular exhibit, all pyrography art show. The video is just a bit of what is holding in store for you at this

20th Century Pyrography

Extravaganza....BE THERE!


Adriano Colangelo on November 02, 2011:

My congratulations for this site, really very interessant about the pyrography´s art; for this reason, please visit my site, because I am an Pyrographers too, italian artist living in the Brazil.

My best wishes, Adriano Colangelo

Liz Elias from Oakley, CA on June 05, 2011:

Fascinating! The slideshow was awesome. I wonder exactly how this is done? Is the entire piece torched, then scraped clear of char in selected areas, or does the torch flame have that fine of a point to get that level of detail? Or is it even a torch, or a "traditional" wood-burning tool, more like a soldering iron with various heated tips?

I see some have added paint, as well...

Thanks for sharing! Voted up and beautiful.

Victor Mavedzenge from Oakland, California on June 01, 2011:

Great to know such a beautiful and time consuming practice is getting the recognition it deserves. Great hub

Hello, hello, from London, UK on May 30, 2011:

Thank you for a wonderful hub. It must be af ascinating art and so beautiful.

Garnetbird on May 25, 2011:

I wish I could go!!! I live in California. Great Hub!

kafsoa on May 25, 2011:

This is outstanding! Human mind and skills are unlimited! I'm really thankful to you C.S. Alexis. I've learned a new thing from your hub. Rated up and awesome because this is really awesome:)

Eiddwen from Wales on May 24, 2011:

A great hub and thanks for sharing.

Take care


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