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Proper Care of Drafting Instruments



The proper care and maintenance of drawing instruments, supplies and equipment are the following:

1.   Pencil

a.   Never sharpen the pencil over the drawing or close to any of your equipment.

b.   Always keep the lead sharp.

2.   T-square, triangles and French curves

a.   Do not use the T-square for any rough purposes.

b.   Never cut paper along its working edge, since the plastics can easily be damaged.
Even light nick can ruin the T-square.

3.   Ruler or scale

a.   Scales should not be pricked with needle points of either the divider or compass
when measurements are taken.

b.   Do not use scale as a ruler.

4.   Speedball pens and lettering pens

a.   After using, clean the speed ballpen by wiping-off or scraping the ink on it with
clean cloth, which is a little wet or you may use blade for scrapping.

b.   Lettering pens, like technical pens, should be clean at once with clean water and
soap. Wipe it off with clean cloth.

5.   Fen holders

Always keep it together with speedball pens.

6.   Dividers and compasses

a.    Do not oil the joints of the legs of the dividers.

b.   Do not use the divider as substitute for thumbtacks in fastening the drawing
paper on the drawing board or table top.

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c.    The needle points must be sharp and of equal length.

7.   Ruling pen

a.   Sharpen the nibs or blade of the ruling pen when it is no longer in a parabolical

b.   Rub the dried ink on the nibs with the use of paper to avoid clogging at its end
when in use.

8.   Drawing paper

a.   It should be stored in rolled form.

b.   It should not be crumpled or wet or kept in a moist or cold place.

c.   Oslo papers or bond papers must be kept in a large envelope.

9.   Masking tape or scrotch tape, eraser and erasing shield

a.   Should be kept together with other supplies to avoid losing it.

10. Water color

a.   Tube water colors should be left uncovered to avoid drying up.

11. Drawing board or drawing tape

a.   It should always be in good (drawing) working condition.

b.   It must always be clean on or before using.

c.   Do not leave any kind of marks on your board to retain its smoothness.



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