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Planter Idea: Repurposing my Pink Toilet


We removed our old pink toilet from the basement bathroom. My hubby has had hip surgery and taller toilets are going to be the standard in our home.

But, since it was outside now, and being of lazy nature, we decided (for now) to fill the tank and bowl with potting soil. Add some plants, and call it good.

Walmart, with Easter, had some fragrant Hibiscus, tulips and Easter Lily.

Burgundy and blue hibiscus and a purplish tulip.

Miracle grow potting soil. Some small rocks in the bottom of the tank and bowl.

Remove plants from container, place in position. Fill dirt around them up to rim. Water.

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If the bowl gets too much rainwater, it will probably "flush", and the tank has a hole in the bottom, where I removed the filler hose and also the rubber flopper.

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