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Party Skirt for American Girl Dolls

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I found this white fancy fabric in Hobby Lobby and I thought it was beautiful...even better it was on sale at 50% off. I imagined I can make a party skirt for my American Girl doll using this fabric. So I bought a half yard and went home immediately to start sewing. This is an easy and simple skirt to sew but the fabric made it look special.

So my model for this tutorial is Ivy. She is a gift from my sister and she bought it from the AG store in New York when she went there for a vacation. I asked for Ivy because she is Asian, just like me, plus I really like her cute bangs and shiny black hair.

Materials Needed


Materials Needed

For this project, the materials needed are:


4 inches length x 54 inches width fancy fabric (this fabric that I found at Hobby Lobby is called white mesh with glitter and its at the special occasion section). I use the whole width of the fabric but if you want, you can make it just 30 inches wide.


4 inches length x 22 inches wide jersey fabric for the lining


1 3/4 inches length x 12 inches width fabric for the waistband

10 1/2 inches elastic

I actually used a jersey fabric for the lining and the waistband so I did not do any hemming since this fabric does not fray. Same with the fancy fabric, the seam does not need to be finished. But you can use any fabric you want, like cotton, just add at least 1/4 inches in length as allowance for the seam.

More Free Pattern on my Blog


Sew the Longest Stitch.

Start with the skirt overlay. Set your sewing machine to the longest stitch setting and sew 1/4 inch from the edge of the fabric, as shown in the photo. Most people would tell you to sew at least 2 stitches so you will have an extra just in case it breaks, so you can do that too. In my case, I am just too lazy to sew another one :) so I just try to be really careful so as not to break the thread.


Gather the Fabric.

This is the part where you should really be careful, especially when you are like me who does not want to sew two stitches. This part is called gathering the fabric where you pull one of the threads, usually the lower thread is the loose one. It can vary, you can experiment and try which thread is easier to pull. Once you figure that out, pull that thread slowly to gather the fabric. Your goal is to keep pulling until the fabric is the same length as your waistband.

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Make everything the same length as the waistband.

Gather your lining too until its also the same length as your waistband. As you can see in the photo, I did not have to seam my fabric because I used a kind that does not fray. But if you use material like cotton, you have to finish the seam for a clean look. Also, this fancy fabric is 54 inches in width because I want it to look flowy. You can decrease the width if you want to 36 inches or 44 inches if you don't have that much fabric.


Attaching the waistband.

The next step is to pin everything with right sides together as shown in the photo. The waistband should be at the top and attach it by sewing 1/4 inch seam from the edge of the top part.


Topstitch the waistband.

After sewing the waistband to the skirt and lining, flip it to the right side and then fold back over to hide the sewn part of the skirt. Pin the waistband to hold it together and topstitch to make the casing for the waistband.


Feed the elastic.

Attach the elastic to a safety pin and feed it through the casing. I advise you put safety pins on both ends of the elastic so as not to lose it inside the casing. That happened to me several times before so I learned my lesson.


Finish the skirt.

With right sides together, finish the back seam of the skirt by sewing 1/4 inch from the edge. Trim the excess seam and thread for a clean look. Turn over to the right side and you're done.

The Finished Product


I decided to sew another one....this is Jessica


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Video Tutorial for the Party Skirt


Diane on May 19, 2018:

These are adorable and with your tutorials, they were so easy to mke.

Thanks again

Esperanza on December 30, 2016:

Great photo tutorial! My daughter loves the skirt I made her AG!

Norma Grandone on May 25, 2016:


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