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Paper Crafts are Popular

Tricia, like others learned paper crafts in the school system. As an adult she has made a variety of paper crafts for home and business.

Paper Hanging Lanterns

Paper Party Hanging Lanterns with stenciled tails.

Paper Party Hanging Lanterns with stenciled tails.

Paper Crafts

Paper is available in many forms, sizes, weight, and tints. There is unlimited use for abstract and realistic creations and designs with various papers. Used, new or old, paper crafts have value and purpose.

I have used paper to record my notes and ideas, decoupage projects, decorating special event or holiday occasions, paper-mache projects, painting portraits and landscapes, dance props, Halloween masks, holiday ornaments, hats, parts of costumes, book markers, airplanes, flower and vegetable planters, mats, and other miscellaneous things. You may have made these same pieces.

Paper is abundant and is available for free or a small cost. Construct your object with paper before investing in costly supplies.

  • It helps assure, confirm, and verify confidence in our personal skills to build the desired item.
  • Gain experience for a first-time project.
  • Saves monies before investing in costly materials.
  • Discover tips and ideas for improving the stock.
  • Freedom to explore.
  • Avoid costly mistakes or unnecessary construction steps.
  • Discover errors in the instruction sheet or diagram.
  • Use the item to assure that it will serve the intended purpose.
  • The paper pattern may fill other desires, providing a secondary function.

I do these paper projects in an educational environment, self-amusement at home, business articles, or as a hobby.

Paper Crafting Benefits

Benefits for Children and Adults:

  1. Builds confidence, self-esteem and self-worth
  2. Build manual dexterity
  3. Learn new skills to discover or improve natural talents
  4. Refine eye and hand coordination
  5. Relieve stress
  6. It’s a calm pursuit
  7. Individual or group participation
  8. Creative play
  9. A chance to explore.
  10. Self-expression
  11. Crafts introduce practical activities.
  12. Fills the gap of boredom, routine, or nothing to do syndrome
  13. Fulfill particular interests or adventures
  14. A source of income
  15. A hobby to pass the time
  16. Personal satisfaction
  17. Entertaining

School Arts and Crafts

Student cutting construction paper and applying pieces on a drawing guideline.

Student cutting construction paper and applying pieces on a drawing guideline.

Children’s Educational Levels

Elementary School–Simple Objects to Make

Pupils can draw, color or paint, cut out pictures, paste, glue, or tape onto a story board, greeting cards, or an object. I notice other names are paper cutting, card-making, and scrapbooking. Paper craft supplies offer ease for small fingers. Adults plan their projects, oversee, and aid students when necessary. Completed items decorate the classroom walls or pupils keep for their for special reasons.

Middle School–Making complex projects requiring additional skills

These students can do elementary level projects, but it involves more complex projects with the need for higher skills to keep this age involved and challenged. Teachers encourage students to use and value their imaginations. They want students to explore and experiment, creating original or enhanced crafts. Students keep projects for personal reasons or as gifts to family members.

High School-Projects need discipline, higher mechanical skills, attention to details, originality, and imagination.

Students may use the same applications and techniques for making craft projects learned in elementary and middle schools. Teachers will introduce and plan projects that will require art techniques and assembling skills. Finished objects will appear more refined and available as props in a school play, fundraiser, and retailing.

School art and crafts classes seek financial aid with the school budget, grants, teachers, parents, retail and public donations, fundraising, and picking up garage sales, discount store freebies, and dumpster diving.

Christmas Mantle Decor

Reindeer and pine trees cutouts enclosed in a viewing box.

Reindeer and pine trees cutouts enclosed in a viewing box.

Adults Make Complex and Challenging Objects

Paper crafts are not just for children, adults benefit as easily. Adults can apply techniques learned during their school years, attending classes in your local city, Online, among a gathering of friends and family who enjoy working with papers, and arts and handicrafts books.

These crafts are more challenging because of building, assembling, and finishing difficulties.

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Small Sample List:

  1. Basket weaving
  2. Mobiles
  3. Blossoms and plants
  4. Journals
  5. Holiday decorations
  6. Lanterns and lamp shades
  7. Jewelry
  8. Home decor

Paper Roses

Paper roses in a paper wrap.

Paper roses in a paper wrap.

Paper Choices

Any paper is helpful, but there are exceptions. This is the time to explore, experiment and prepare a notebook listing your results for future reference. If preferred, we may buy readymade kits. Kits include assembly instructions. Papers may be in the kits, or instructions will recommend suitable paper to produce the item.

Kit Samples to Get You Started:

  • Studio cards
  • Crepe-paper flowers
  • Coloring
  • Bookbinding
  • Garden
  • Jewelry making
  • Plants

Products which adults can create for increasing income comprise pottery, weaving, fashion, flower art, notion boxes, candle holders, and office supply containers.

These items range in size from miniature to large. Begin as a generalist, but be mindful of the items you are making as it may fit a niche.

Gift Box

A sturdy simple gift box

A sturdy simple gift box

Paper Types

  1. Newspapers
  2. Wax
  3. Vellum
  4. Tracing
  5. Parchment
  6. Poster board
  7. Wrapping
  8. card stock
  9. Craft
  10. Manila pattern paper
  11. Freezer
  12. Pattern
  13. Shredded
  14. Packing paper whole sheets or shredded
  15. Origami
  16. Printmaking
  17. Scrapbook
  18. Designer
  19. Handmade
  20. Metallic foil
  21. Rice
  22. Thai
  23. Computer
  24. Tissue
  25. Cardboard
  26. Construction
  27. Crepe
  28. Washi or Japanese paper
  29. Vellum or tracing paper

Birds in Flight Mobile

A bird mobile.

A bird mobile.

Newspaper Craft Ideas

Are you bored? Do you have newspapers that you have been saving? Try these ideas or create your own.

Ideas: Open the pages and review its contents then … Cut out crossword puzzles and solve

  1. Do paper cuts or practice paper cutting
  2. Make a coloring book of cut outs
  3. A journal of flowers, weeds, herbs
  4. Collect a journal of personal interests e.g. fashions, recipes, etc.
  5. Construct flowers, mobiles
  6. Practice sheets for origami and other paper crafts
  7. Cut stencils
  8. Collect large print characters of alphabets and numbers
  9. Cutaway items that you cannot draw and trace for other projects.
  10. Construct boxes for a variety of uses
  11. Make papermache

Paper Sculpture

Paper sculpture of head and words saying "Let it snow".

Paper sculpture of head and words saying "Let it snow".

Selling and Marketing Crafts

Your skills and talents have excelled, and people are interested in buying your creations. Are you thinking of selling your paper crafts?

Best-selling items:

  1. Book markers
  2. Coasters
  3. Dresses
  4. Flowers
  5. Furniture
  6. Gift boxes
  7. Home décor items
  8. Jewelry
  9. Paper sculpting and paper modeling
  10. Purses and wallets

Build your website and your branding name. Branding describes who you and the product line you represent. Your reputation as an artist, expertise, and product quality. These establish customer confidence in your reputation and product line. Consider your favorite product and who produces it. Think of how you appreciate that product. That is branding.

Choose your niche market or specialty. You may single out one specific item to produce or one specialty that includes variety or accessories.

Know your market ... who, what, when, where and why to approach them. Start promoting your product line.

I have been told that there can be exceptional profits marketing business to business. Sell to manufacturers.

Marketing startups:

  1. Design website and a blog
  2. Maintain an e-mail list
  3. Social platforms
  4. Advertise locally and nationally
  5. Sell at arts and crafts shows, local festivities and events
  6. Private home shows
  7. Target manufacturers

Belief in your creations and feedback from family and customers should aid in your motivation to promote your product line. But some artists and craftsmen find selling difficult. The solution is to hire commission sales people to sell your product line. Sales people prefer commissions as they can make an income greater than a salary.

22 Ideas That Prove Paper is The Best Crafts ...

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Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on April 30, 2021:

I have created some art using torn paper. I have also made Christmas ornaments using Christmas cards sent to us. It is amazing what can be made from paper!

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on April 30, 2021:

It's amazing what you can do with paper. I'd love to be able to give something a try, and you've given me some ideas. :)

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