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Christmas Craft for Kids, Easy and Cheap

Easy Elf Hat w/ Ears

This quick and easy project is dirt cheap!   Works great as a small group or cub scout/girl scout project or at home with your own kids.... kid tested in my own cub scout den meeting!


To make (8) hats, you will need the following:

  • 1 yd 72” red felt = (8) hats
  • 1 piece 18”x12” pink or brown construction paper = (8) pairs of ears
  • 8 pieces of 23¾ “x18” white tissue paper = (8) fuzzy balls
  • 2 pieces of 18”x12” green construction paper = (8) strips of trim
  • Hot Glue, Stapler, Scotch Tape, Black Marker, Scissors

****1 yard of 72” red felt (not wool felt) sells for $4.99 at Joanne’s Fabrics

Elf Ear Template


Prep before kids arrive:
Green Trim
• Cut first piece of 18”x12” green construction paper into (4) 3”x18” strips
• Repeat with second piece of construction paper for a total of (8) strips

Elf Ears
• Cut or tear 18”x12” construction paper into (8) 6”x41/2” blocks by first tearing in half to create (2) 9”x12” pieces.
• Next tear each half into 41/2”x12” pieces for a total of (4) pieces
• Then tear each of the four pieces in half to create a total of (8) 41/2”x6” pieces
• Using the template provided, draw two ears (left and right) on each 6”x41/2” block

Red Cones for Hat Base
•    Fold yard of red felt in half  to create two squares of 36”x36” on top of one another.  Match up edges evenly to cut out (4) cones using diagram (to end up with (8) total cones)
•    Each cone should measure roughly 18” on two sides and 24” across the bottom with 4” of felt below the bottom in a semi-circle (refer to diagram)

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Diagram for Red Felt Cones


Hat Construction and Assembly

Green Trim
•    Each child can cut out small triangles at the top of his strip of green trim

Elf Ears
•    Each child can cut out his pair of ears and use a black marker to draw the inner squiggle line

White Fuzzy Ball
•    Do this all together… give each boy one sheet of white tissue paper
•    Grab each of the four corners of the tissue paper into the center… tissue will be puffy (my children said it looked like a diaper)
•    Grab each of the four newly formed edges into the center (so the tissue is collapsing in on itself to form a ball)
•    Twist bottom where all the corners were gathered so you have something to glue/staple to the tip of the hat. 
•    Poke or crumble the tissue slightly so it looks like a snowball

Red Cones for Hat Base
•    Have an adult measure using the red cone of felt around the child's head with the open seam at the back of the head
•    Staple or hot glue along the edges to form a seam, hat will be tall and pointy
•    Wait until hot glue dries completely, then turn hat right side out, so hot glue or staples are on the inside

•    Hot glue or staple the tissue paper to the tip of the hat
•    Hot glue the green trim around the base of the hat starting with the middle of the trim in the center front of the hat.  In many cases the trim will not reach all the way around to the back
•    Hot glue the ears, one on each side, to the green trim with the pointy tips of the ears pointing to the back of the child's head


christinalang on December 01, 2010:

Very cute. 8 kids at once? Amazing:)

Susan Hazelton from Northern New York on November 24, 2010:

Cute hat - great holiday crafting idea.

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