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10 Neon Purple Aesthetic Images, Collages and Ideas to Inspire You


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Want neon purple aesthetic inspiration? You've come to the right place! In this article, we're going to take a look at some of the coolest neon purple aesthetic inspiration out there, including collages, ideas, decoration tips and making the most out of this aesthetic.

The neon purple aesthetic is characterised by violet tinted photos, including purple neon signs, photos with purple filters, and so forth. It's a futuristic aesthetic, and one that is steadily growing in popularity. You can make use of this aesthetic for decorating your bedroom, or creating themed bullet journal layouts and so much more!

Let's begin!


Crafting Tips With This Aesthetic

Geometric washi tape also looks great with the neon purple aesthetic, there's an example of this shown in the text collage example below.

1. Neon Patterns

One of the coolest types of images embodying the neon purple aesthetic include images of patterns and geometric patterns. These would look great in bullet journals, phone lockscreens and scrapbooks, to name but a few places!

You could try printing out polaroid photos, for example by using a printing service that offers retro photo printing. Then you could create your own collage and add this collage to your walls. It could be quite the decorative touch!

I've provided an example to show you below; the beautiful purple-tinted rectangles merge beautifully together overall!

This neon purple polaroid looks amazing with the cool geometric patterns!

This neon purple polaroid looks amazing with the cool geometric patterns!

2. Purple Neon Polaroids

You can also print your own purple neon polaroids, which can look beautiful in so many places, from your bedroom walls to a scrapbook and so much more! I love rearranging polaroids along my wall, and even add some cute washi tape to the corners also for added effect.

In the example below, you'll find some polaroids which look great together, featuring images from Unsplash! The neon arrow points beautifully towards the other imagery, and overall, I'm a huge fan of making use of the neon purple aesthetic for decoration.


3. Combine With Other Aesthetics

You can also search for images which embody other aesthetics. For example, the pink aesthetic is another incredibly popular aesthetic, and I've found images which combine both the neon pink and purple aesthetics, for a very cool effect!

Pink combines beautifully with purple, it's almost as if these two aesthetics were made for each other! Both radiate and compliment each other so wonderfully; this is why I'd definitely recommend combining imagery from both aesthetics in a mix-and-match manner.

There's an example of this displayed below!


4. Light Art

Light art photography is a beautiful type of photography that incorporates the use of light as well as the movement of light. Combine this with the neon purple aesthetic, and you've got yourself a truly stunning photo!

If you find any light art photos that are free to use, you could try adding a purple tint to the photo or a retro filter that has a violet tint to it. This will transform the photo into a purple aesthetic photo for you!

You could incorporate light art into your bullet journalling, combined with washi tape and some metallic stickers, it would look amazing overall!

5. Combine With The Purple Aesthetic

It's key to note that you aren't just limited to making use of the neon purple aesthetic when creating polaroid collages! You can try combining the purple aesthetic also, which encompasses all images with a purple tint, not just neon ones.

Note the difference here between the purple aesthetic and the neon purple aesthetic however, the purple aesthetic generally refers to not just neon imagery, but all imagery with a purple tint or violet filter. Images part of the purple aesthetic could include cosmic galaxies, purple macarons and evening skies. You could even try combining images of amethysts and other purple crystals for an amazing effect!

You can find more purple aesthetic imagery on free image sites such as Pexels and Unsplash, but if you can't seem to be able to print polaroids, you can also buy polaroid stickers with the purple aesthetic from Etsy too!

The purple skies and cosmos work beautifully with the neon purple pattern!

The purple skies and cosmos work beautifully with the neon purple pattern!

6. Neon Signs Galore!

There's just no denying it, neon signs look simply amazing together! The glow they emit and their gentle yet formidable ambience is something I've always admired. Why not try decorating your bullet journal with some neon sign imagery? It'll definitely help add an almost mysterious tone to your weekly layouts, so give it a try!

In the example below, I've combined three different aesthetics together, the neon purple, blue and yellow aesthetics! However, they seem to work well together! The blend of colors works well, and definitely shows that images from different aesthetics can definitely be added together!


7. Overlay Text

I would recommend overlaying text onto your neon purple aesthetic imagery too!

You can get text snippets from:

  • Magazines: Try looking for headings in articles within some magazines you have. That said, since you'll be effectively tearing out parts of your magazine, make sure to only choose magazines that you don't intend to read in the future! That's why I usually go to my newsagent and buy some recent magazines that I don't intend to read in the future, and after I've read the magazine, rather than throwing it in the recycling bin, I cut out snippets from the magazine instead!
  • Newspapers: For a cool vintage effect, try cutting out headlines or words from newspapers too! Or you could out small random squares from article text too!
  • Etsy stores: You can also buy collage kits on Etsy, including PVC stickers which contain fascinating imagery and headlines you can add to your collages.
  • Digitally: You can create your own text and visuals using image editors and designers such as Canva, and then print these out for use in your collages.

In the example below, I've created my own digital design using Canva, and overlayed text onto the purple background, and then added an image over this. It makes for a cool effect, which works well with the neon purple image too!


8. Try Adding A Purple Tint to Your Images

If you want to make use of your own images and want to convert them to the neon purple aesthetic, how about adding a purple tint to your photos? If you have any photos of lights, cityscapes or neon signs, you could add a purple tint and the light will have a violet tint to it overall, leading to a neon purple image! This can be great if you want to add your own memories to your scrapbooks, for example, and want to cultivate the neon purple aesthetic as a theme for one of the pages for example.

There are several photo apps on the Play Store and App Store that let you add tints to images, in fact, nearly all photo editors these days have this feature directly built-in! They'll allow you to add tints of any color to your imagery, so definitely check that feature out!

9. Overlay Images

You could also try creating collages too, where smaller images are overlayed onto a larger background image. It could lead to a beautiful layout, perfect for scrapbook collages and bullet journaling!

In the example below, I've overlayed a neon purple aesthetic image onto a cosmic backdrop, along with some gradient blobs too (all digitally, of course!). You could try this too, adding small images in a collage and then overlaying this collage onto a larger background image.


10. Try Decorating Notebooks Too!

You can decorate your notebooks also, for an amazing redecoration! Try adding neon purple aesthetic images to the front of your notebooks, or even better, try adding a full purple aesthetic image on the cover of the notebook, but then overlay smaller images onto this larger image, similar to the image above! It's one of my favourite collaging techniques there is.

You could also combine stickers, magazine fragments and washi tape along with your collage. There are so many ways to decorate your notebooks, you're only limited by your imagination!


Thanks so much for reading! Hopefully you've found some cool ideas for decorating your bullet journal with this aesthetic, or for your bedroom walls too! If you have any comments, do make sure to let me know in the comments section below and I'd be delighted to read them!

Have any other tips for others? Or want to share some crafting tips regarding this aesthetic? Make sure to drop your thoughts in the comments below, we'd all love to hear from you!

There are so many other aesthetics out there, including the neon aesthetic too, so make sure to try combining aesthetics together for even cooler results!

Thanks again, and wishing you the best with your decorating journey!

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