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My Favorite Fantasy Artists

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Fantasy Artists

For the past 30 years or so I have been a big fan of fantasy art. Most recently I've stumbled across and have become a fan of Jessica Galbreth I shifted from the more elaborate fantasy style of Chris Achilleos and Rodney Matthews to artists that portrayed whimsical fairies and creatures.

I also enjoy when people transfer fantasy art into a tattoo. There are a lot of Amy Brown’s fairies tattooed on her fans.

My idols are getting older now and most of the work I'm showing here are from the earlier stages of their careers. I hope you enjoy their art work as much as I do.

Greg Hildebrandt

Greg Hildebrandt and his twin brother showed artistic talent at the young age of 2. Even at that age they stayed in the lines when they picked up their first coloring book. You might think this was a mother's view but when Greg turned five years old, his kindergarten teacher suggested he attend a Children's Art Institute.

From that point on Greg was consumed by art. Once he graduated high school and did his stint in the military, he attend art school - It was focused on realist art. He quit after eight months because he got a job working in animation which was a dream come true for him. He eventually found himself drawn back to his love for fantasy. He kept his commercial day job while painting and illustrating what he loved at night until his career took off.

Both brothers are fantasy artists. Sometimes they work together on a project.

You'll see that Hildebrandt's topics include - some of my favorites - fairy tales, dragons, trolls, and beautiful women.

Supergirl Kicking Back


Peter Pan


Wizard of Oz


Rodney Matthews


Rodney Matthews

Although Rodney Matthews was born in England, he was heavily influenced by America's Walt Disney. The early days found him working for a big advertising agency, but he eventually was able to break into the field of art he’s now famous for. His most recognized works are in the form of posters, book covers, and back in the day – album covers.

I like the way he can make even the backgrounds and landscapes in his paintings so interesting. Even if he has creatures or beings in the picture, sometimes the background demands the bulk of your attention.

The picture below I had bought in poster size. It has so much detail that the poster was a perfect way to enjoy it.

Dragon and Knight




Knight on Horseback


Boris Vallejo Fantasy Artist

Boris Vallejo is well known for his illustration of barbarians and curvaceous women holding huge swords and wearing iron bras. He’s done illustrative work for Conan the Barbarian, Tarzan, and Doc Savage. He’s also done some lighter projects that you might recognize – posters for National Lampoon’s Vacation and European Vacation.

In more recent years his work is combined with the talents of his wife, Julie Bell, who is also a painter and model.

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A lot of his work will be recognizable from science fiction book covers and popular calendars he’s done over the years. Some of his work is classified as erotica, especially his latest work.

Not only is Vallejo’s current wife a talented artist, his son is a portrait artist and his daughter is a professional photographer. His two stepsons are also painters and illustrators of science fiction. Sounds like a talented family.

Paintings by Boris Vallejo


Luis Royo - Fantasy Artist

Luis Royo, a Spanish artist, was one of the top artists who had his work displayed on many Heavy Metal Magazine covers. His books sell well all over the world.

His work lies in erotic visions, realistic style, and sci-fi.

His career began as a cartoonist and painter but eventually he turned 100% of his time to to illustration. Most of his work center around magnificent female figures.

Illustrations by Luis Royo


Chris Achilleos

Chris Achilleos was born in Cyprus but moved to England with his family in 1960. For the majority of his career he has worked as a fantasy illustrator and science fiction book jacket artist. I love the way he describes his own art work:

The Beasts – usually humanoid.

The Women – larger than life.

The Heroes - Are born adventurers.

Chris Achilleos - Example of his Work


Favorite Artist


Sue826 (author) from Albuquerque on November 19, 2012:

I don't collect magazines - just books. I have some books that tell you how the artist goes through the process and others that just have example of their works. I have books that cover all the artists here. If I had more money, I'd be buying more books. :)

Willliam B on November 15, 2012:

Nice list of fantasy artist. how many heavy metal magazines have you already collected? I still have three and going. I usually collect the issues that contain my favorite story.

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