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My Blog About Jim Henson's World of The Dark Crystal (Part 1)

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Kira and Jen

Kira and Jen

Since 1976, I have been a fan of Jim Henson, and his puppets. I loved Sesame Street and The Muppets when I was a little girl. I also enjoyed watching all the Muppet movies. The movie The Dark Crystal was released in 1982. I loved it, because it was different from the cutesy monsters and animals that Henson created before. Dark Crystal also had a world of its own dealing with racism, mystery, cultural, love, friendships, religion, bravery, adventurous, thrilling, and scariness. I also fell in love with the two gelfling charaters: Jen and Kira. They were unique looking but beautiful..

The Movie Summary

Jen was sent to go on a journey to find a shard that was a missing piece of the big crystal that kept the world healthy and beautiful. Since the piece (shard) was missing, the world was dying and becoming a dark place to live. The evil creatures (the skeksis) chipped the shard out of the crystal to keep them evil and rule the planet.

Jen thought he was the only gelfling living, because he heard stories that his parents and other gelflings before him were killed by the skeksis and drained the essence out of them for the evil creatures to drink to keep them eternal. As Jen was on his adventure, he discovered another gelfling living, Kira. After learning about Jen's destiny, Kira wanted to join him on the adventure to place the shard into the huge crystal to heal it and their planet. With Jen's school/book smarts and Kira's worldly smarts and her bilingual skills - they were perfect for each other to make the adventure and healing their planet a success.

skekSo, the dying emperor skeksi

skekSo, the dying emperor skeksi

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I first watched the movie when I was nine years old, and watching the skeksi emperor dying and crumbling to dust was pretty freaky, and it kept my up for several night. I still loved watching the movie, because I loved how gorgeous and unique the gelflings looked. I was very impressed with how Jim Henson, Brian Froud, and Wendy Froud created them.

One part of the movie, I could not watch for a long time was the scene when one of the little podlings had his essence drained. I couldn't stand seeing his eyes buldging, and his skin sinking in...

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The Movie’s “Easter Eggs” and Endless Wonder

I didn’t think about this movie having a sequel or a prequel: the story already had a happy ending, and at the time not too many prequels were made. However, I did think it would be fun and interesting to see what Jen and Kira’s parents would looked like… In the movie, I did see a quick glimpse of Kira’s mother, but not long enough to get an idea what she looked like, and I couldn’t tell if she looked like Kira at all.

During Jen and Kira’s adventure, we see them exploring ruins that belonged to gelflings before the skeksis drained or killed the gelflings. Parts of the stone walls were still standing and a thrown still intact. Kira had her girly moment by sitting in the thrown to have a feeling of being a princess or queen.

Kira sitting on a throne.

Kira sitting on a throne.

At the same time, Jen found a wall that had writing and drawings, and invited Kira to join him to study the wall. The wall gave them instructions how to heal the Crystal of Truth. Some of the gelflings that were illustrated on the wall resembled ancient Egypt drawings, except two gelflings: one of them looked like it could’ve been a queen and the other one looked a lot like Kira wearing her hooded cloak flying with her wings.

The Wall of Destiny:  the descriptions that led the gelflings to mend the crystal and why...

The Wall of Destiny: the descriptions that led the gelflings to mend the crystal and why...

I assumed a queen existed on the planet of Thra years ago. I didn’t think Kira came from the royal family, so I didn’t think anything of it at the time.

Jen, Kira, and Chamberlain

I did like Kira for being a little feminist, and she wasn’t afraid to be strong minded a couple of times during the movie. Jen was laid back, but wasn’t afraid to physically protect himself from the skeksis. Even though Chamberlain was an evil character, he was comical. He was more of a pacifist than the other skeksis by not killing the the two gelflings, and letting the other skeksis do the killing. I think Jim Henson had that in mind, because I think he wanted Chamberlain be a villain that people would “love to hate” him.

skekSil (the Chamberlain) and Jen

skekSil (the Chamberlain) and Jen

Winding Down

Still decades later, I still am a fan of the movie and enjoy the story. I wish I could thank Jim Henson’s company and other people who worked on that film. They gave us a completely different world that felt authentic by making characters that looked real and a story that had their own politics and their own ways in life.

If you are ready to read the second part of this blog, go ahead and click now to read about the book series I read that was the prequel to the movie, Dark Crystal.

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