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Mother's Day Crafts for Kids

Get Crafty for Mothers Day

Mother's Day comes just ones a year (at different times for the US and UK) but no matter where in the world you are Mothers Day is a special occasion. So why not show your mum just how special she is with ones of these great Mothers Day crafts.

Dad's listen up, these are perfect crafts that the kids can make for Mothers Day, that mum will love and cherish, and will no doubt get you in her good books, hehe! So whether you want to make her a special personalised card, a bunch of paper roses or another gift you will hopefully find something here to help give you inspiration. There are crafts for all the kids, from Toddlers to Teens, so the whole family can get involved with some great Mothers Day Craft fun.

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Pretty Covered Coasters

Tiles covered in fabric or paper to be used as coasters is becoming a very popular craft and I have seen it appearing on a number of blogs and websites. This particular one has come from and I think these would make a great gift for mothers day, one that even kids could make themselves. You just need tiles, paper (or in this case pretty napkins) and glue. Then just add the 3 together and you have these beautiful handmade coasters. Best thing is they will be unique and you can make them with any pretty papers you can find. Just bundle up a set with some pretty ribbon and your done!

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

Who needs real flowers when you can make these great toilet roll flowers that will never wilt and die. I found this craft on It's a Wild Life Blog and think it is just really clever. This would be a perfect craft for Dad to make with the kids to give mum on Mothers Day morning. Making a whole bouquet of them would be really cheap and simple and they would look great in a nice vase (just don't add water!). The kids can be as creative as they want painting all the petals, so the flowers will be lovely and colourful.

Mother Day Flower Card Printable Template

Mother Day Flower Card Printable Template

Mothers Day Flower Card

This is a great free printable which can be found on Be a Fun Mum. Just print it out and follow the instructions to make this greta personalised card. You simple cut out the centre of the flowers and add the photos behind them. This would be great to do with a school group or after school club too, as you just need the photos. Mum will cherish this personalised gift always, each child can make their own with a different picture of mum, so she would have a whole bunch of flowers! Plus you could make them for Grandma and Aunty too! Or any other lovely women that deserves it.

I Love You This Much Card

I Love You This Much Card

I Love you This Much Card

This craft has been one of my favourites that I have seen online this year. It doesn't need to be saved for Mothers Day really as it could be given for Valentines, Birthdays, Fathers Day or for any other occasion really. gives you the instructions to make the one shown in the photo, although the actual craft is pretty obvious. Just let the kids draw round their hands, then cut them out (or if they are small an adult can cut them out) decorate a long strip of paper with the words 'THIS MUCH' and any other fun patterns, then add the words 'I LOVE YOU' to the front hand (or put the whole message inside like this particular craft does). Fold and your done! Simple! Let the kids be creative on the centre strip and I am sure any mum would love it!

Pretty paper on Amazon

Hearts & Flowers Paper Bouquet

Hearts & Flowers Paper Bouquet

Hearts & Flowers Paper Bouquet

Paper bouquets last much longer than real ones, and they can be prettier and more fun! Making Friends has printable shapes for this fun flowers and hearts bouquet, or you can just draw and cut the shapes yourself. The kids will have fun cutting all the shapes our of coloured paper, then glueing them in layers to build up the flowers. Make a whole bunch or them for a special Mothers Day gift. Plus you don't have to stick to red and pink card you could use any colour or even patterned paper for an extra special look.

Your Tearific Card Craft

Your Tearific Card Craft

Your Tearific Card

Who doesn't like a good cuppa. I bet most mums look forward ot a nice relaxing cup of tea when the kids are in school or in bed, so they will definitely love this card from Plus kids will be able to make this themselves, with only a little drawing and cutting help. You can use any pretty patterned paper to make the cup and saucer, or you can make it in white and let the kids decorate it like mums favourite cup. Try adding a real tea bag of mums favourite tea or putting a photo on the teabag cutout instead, for an extra special gift.

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Finger Painting Art Gift

Finger Painting Art Gift

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Finger Paint Art

As Time Flies had this adorable craft that even the littlest ones can do. You simply get a canvas, masking tape off the word love (or a name, or MUM) and let the kids paint or finger paint all over the canvas. When its all done, remove the tape to leave the word amongst all the paint. It's so simple and sweet. You could do any word or colour so this again would suit any occasion but I think mums would find it extra special if their little ones did it.


Amelia Griggs from U.S. on August 05, 2020:

Very creative, Chantele! Thumbs up * * * * * :-)

Chantele Cross-Jones (author) from Cardiff on February 27, 2013:

Hi The Unlearner, well I hope that works, lol! Men just don't get it some times! Maybe you should just show the girls and get them to ask daddy? hehe!

Jo from Isle of Wight UK on February 27, 2013:

Okay, thumbs up for the toilet roll flowers, I have just shown it to my husband followed by the not so subtle hint ( they don't get subtle) 'perhaps you could make these with the girls.....for me' Well time will tell.

Priyanka Estambale from United States on February 27, 2013:

Such pretty ideas! thanks for sharing!

Chantele Cross-Jones (author) from Cardiff on February 27, 2013:

Hi Billybuc, well that'll work too, I'm sure Bev would love some of these ideas!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on February 26, 2013:

How very clever! The title says for kids, but I'm thinking I could do this for my wife. She will think it is terribly cute and I'm all for racking up brownie points. :) Thanks for the ideas.

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