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Morse Code Bracelet: Minimalist Jewelry and Accessory

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Morse Code Bracelet Minimalist Fashion Accessory For Men and Women

Morse Code bracelet | Rantipole MNL

Morse Code bracelet | Rantipole MNL

Brief History

Back then, I managed a jewelry and fashion accessory shop, I personally experienced to make handmade fashion accessories that features Morse code as its main piece. In this article, I will share the knowledge I learned and my personal views on this kind of fashion accessory.

First, Let us break down what is Morse code and how can it possibly become a part of your fashion. It is an alphabet or number represented by combining dots and dashes. It is named after one of the inventors, Samuel Morse during 1830s for electrical telegraphy. This was used to deliver long distance messages by signaling a machine to write marks on a moving paper tape with electrical pulses.

To simply put it, letters and number are replaced by dots and dashes to form a word or code. For instance, Letter A is represented by one dot and one dash (.-) and letter B is one dash and three dots in respective order (-...).

International Morse Code

International Morse Code

As a fashion accessory

I personally made a bracelet myself, I used glass beads for it but some uses other elements such as silver or gold. I learned that aside from different elements that you can include in jewelry and accessory, you can also include Morse code as its main feature.

You would frequently see a jewelry or a fashion accessory with an engraved word or name in it. As for Morse code bracelet it is the same thing. Difference is, it is not engraved in the jewelry but its part of the piece itself. To decode its meaning, you need to be familiarize with the International Morse Code. It is not complicated. In fact, you can memorize alphabets with its Morse code. Also, nowadays, Morse code decoder are all over the internet for our convenience.

How to make Morse Code Bracelet

It is also easy to make a bracelet that holds your secret message. All you need are the following:

  • Glass Beads or metal beads - one that represents the dots and one that represents dashes
  • thread or nylon string - this keeps the beads together
  • patience and keen eyes


  1. Pick a word and translate it.
  2. Once translated, insert the beads to the string. Use the chosen colors of glass beads to represent the dots and dashes. Pay close attention to prevent jumbling the dots and dashes, as this will result in a different interpretation or will have no meaning at all.
  3. When done, make an adjustable knot. Then it should be good to go.

Yes it is easy to make and certainly fashionable. It just requires to have a keen eye to avoid error and to make sure that you are inserting the right kind of beads before you finish it with an adjustable lock.

Sets of Glass Beads

Sets of Glass Beads

Pros and Cons

Just like anything, there are pros and cons that you might need to consider.

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  • Customizable - as it requires you a specific word to include, there are sellers who allows you to choose a specific word to use.
  • One size fits all - the size can easily fit to anyone as it has an adjustable lock feature.
  • Sustainable - you can actually make a business out of it! materials are cheap and easy to find.
  • Can serve as a present - as it holds a special meaning, you can give it as a gift.
  • Minimalist - to anyone fan or appreciates minimalist fashion, it is best for you! you will love it with its minimalist design and mystery message.
  • Available for Men and Women - suitable for everyone.


  • Familiarity - Not all are familiar and needs to be decode to be understood.
  • Handmade - although you can give it as a gift, not all appreciates beaded jewelry or fashion accessories

Suggested words to use

Cant decide what to put in your piece? Aside from your name you can use other words for your bracelet.

Positive affirmation:

  • Stay strong
  • You are enough
  • You can do it
  • Be true. Be you.
  • You matter

Romantic words:

  • I love you
  • I miss you
  • You complete me
  • Im yours
  • My love
  • My darling
  • sweetheart

Family member:

  • Mother
  • Father
  • Sister
  • Brother


  • Beautiful
  • Fearless
  • Gritty
  • Fierce
  • Amazing
  • Adorable

You can use any words you can think of. Use something that resonates and or reflects you or the person you will be giving it to.

It is undeniable that Morse code bracelet is a must have in your fashion accessory collection. Given that it is very stylish, it is also unique. Imagine, wherever you go you are wearing something meaningful.

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