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16 Free Valentine's Day Hearts Crochet Patterns

I have a passion for anything crochet and love to collect, try out, and share the best free crochet patterns I discover!


Free Valentine's Day Hearts Crochet Patterns

Give your heart away this Valentine's Day with these cute (absolutely free) crochet heart patterns! Nothing says "I love you" like a handmade gift and these very diverse crochet hearts are just perfect. Whether you want to stuff your heart with candy, wear it as a bag, grow it as a plant or fill it with crocheted bonbons, you will have no problem finding a fond favorite to make in this list. So happy Valentine's Day to all! And happy crocheting!


1 - Heart Shaped Candy Bag

Such a cute idea for Valentine's Day! Make a little candy pouch for all your favorite people! I love the structure of the popcorn bobble stitch and the crocheted edge is very sweet. My favorite part is the zipper: it is practical and fun at the same time. And it means you can stuff the heart bag extra full of your favorite candy, who could resist that?!

The pattern is very complete. Instructions for the big heart and the little heart (zipper pull) are included. Although the special stitches (like the popcorn stitch) are clearly explained, this pattern does require some crochet experience. An additional challenge may be to sew the zipper firmly to the crocheted piece. Make sure you have your zipper is the right size for your piece before you start sewing. The finished heart measures approximately 6 x 6 inches (15 x 15 centimeters). After finishing don't forget to fill it with some or other Valentine goodies!


2 - Crochet Box Of Chocolates

Nothing says Valentine's Day like a heart shaped box of chocolates. And this year, your bonbons can be totally calorie free! They look absolutely delicious and are packaged in a gorgeous heart shaped box. I love the variety of chocolates on offer, just look at those cute little pretzel shapes and that yummy looking pink glace! This is the perfect gift for that Valentine that wants to watch their diet. And on top of all: they will last forever!

The pattern is available as a free download from the Red Heart website (free registration is required). The bonbon box is made using heart shaped pieces of cardboard to help it keep its shape. Instructions are included for all the nine different little chocolates! Each individual bonbon is put in a small paper candy cup.


3 - Valentine Heart Plants

Want to grow something really special, but don't have a green thumb? Try these cute heart plants! Not only do they look very colorful and sweet, they are also practically impossible to kill. What a perfect addition to your Valentine's Day decor!

The pattern is fairly straightforward. After crocheting the heart, the plant does take a little bit of craft skill to put together. The stem is made out of a (green) metal wire wrapped around with yarn and is inserted (and glued) into the crochet heart. The little leaf is an artificial leaf that is attached to the stem with the wrapping yarn. Step-by-step instructions for all these processes are provided and illustrated with many photos!


4 - Crochet Heart Hanger

This cute and simple little heart is just perfect for decorating your home for a special Valentine's Day. You can embellish it with a small pearl bead and some ribbon as seen on the photo, but you could also embroider your loved one's name or add some other glitter and bling. Make one in your favorite color or the favorite color of your dearly beloved Valentine. Add a little loop (as shown) so you can hang the heart and be reminded of true love every time you look at it.

The pattern is explained in a graph, as is the little crochet flower. If you're not used to reading graphs this may be a bit tricky, but it is always good to practise your graph-reading skills!


5 - Crochet Heart Sachet

Isn't this set of hearts cute and pretty? They are designed to be filled with potpourri or sprinkled with your favorite essential oil (of perfume!) and given to your true love this Valentine's Day. You could also make them into hangers (for your bag or rear view mirror), brooches, fridge magnets or just as Valentine's decoration.

The pattern is very clear. It explains the required special stitches (such as the two and three double crochet clusters) very well. The hearts are made up of two pieces (one flower centered for the front and one solid heart for the back) that are slipstitched together.


6 - Heart Nesting Baskets

Here's another sweet Valentine's pattern! How cute are these heart shaped candy bowls? You can make them big or small as long as you fill them with lots and lots of candy. Make them as a special gift for that loved one for Valentine's Day or keep them around your house as cute Valentine decor.

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The pattern is well written. It provides instructions for the three shown candy bowl sizes. Added photos give extra clearity to the pattern. Make them in your favorite colors!


7 - Lily Love Bugs

What a bunch of cuties! Just look at their broad sweet smiles and their little arms. Those little arms are completely ready to hug you and who could resist such a special Valentine's embrace! Make them in every color, but especially the color your loved one likes most. Make them big or small. Make them into a keychain or rearview mirror and show your Valentine how much you love them!

The pattern is available as a free download from the website (free registration is required). The finished little heart love bug measures approximately 3 x 3 inches (7.5 x 7.5 centimeters), excluding their arm, legs and antennae.


7 - Double Heart Fridgie

This little fridgie is very special and with its double intertwined heart a great symbol for Valentine's Day. Pick your favorite color and that of your loved one and crochet your two hearts together forever! Crochet even more hearts and make them into a garland or glue them to your Valentine's card this year.

The pattern is a bit tricky but works up very quickly. You will have your heart intertwined and on your fridge in no time! I always use these magnets for my crocheted fridgies. They are very strong and will last forever!


8 - Here's My Heart Gift Bag

Both the model and the little heart shaped bag are just too cute! What a fun and special gift for Valentine's Day this year! Make one in the recipient's favorite colors, embroider their name on it and fill it with Valentine's day goodies, candy or other little gifts! Valentine's Day has never been so stylish or fun! So, get out that crochet hook and make your own heart shaped bag accessory this year for a truly special February 14th!

The pattern is very clear. Instructions for the bag components (hearts, handles, side gusset and the lace edging) are included. So get busy for the little miss in your life, or make them as a super-special Valentine's Day gift bag!


9 - Arrow Through Heart Magnet

For sweethearts everywhere the arrow through the heart is the international symbol of true love. This special gift is meant to be made for the most special person in your life. Embroider the hearts with both your initials like you would if you carf them on a tree. Make a tiny one and hang it on a necklace. Make it into a fridge magnet (as the designer intended). Make it into a keychain, bag hanger or rearview mirror hanger. This way you will never forget that special someone every time you look at it!

The pattern is written in Russian, so Google Translate it! There are many photos for extra clearification. The arrow head and tail are glued to a tooth pick (or slightly larger wooden pick) that is wrapped around with yarn.


10 - Crochet Heart Keychain

This little keychains are so very elegant. They almost look like lace hearts. What a sweet gift for loved ones (or for yourself) this Valentine's Day. Make one in every possible color and bring some love in the hearts of people around you.

The pattern is explained both in text and in graphs. The hearts are made double and are crocheted together using the single crochet stitch.


11 - Candy Conversation Hearts

Such a fun project! These conversation hearts make cute embellishments and are so easy to make! Sew them onto purses, scarves, tote bags, backpacks, hats, or anywhere you like. You can also add a pin back to your appliques to make cute brooch, or glue on a magnet to make refrigerator magnets.

The pattern is very clearly written. The only stitch that may be tricky is the reverse single crochet stitch. If you're not familiar with this particular stitch please watch the video tutorial posted below. The words and sentiments are added using fabric puffy paint (I recommend these - choose any color you like - I love using this paint, it is easy to work with and gives a great result), but you could also consider embroidering the letters to the crochet piece.


12 - Valentine Heart Couple

These little hearts will conquer the world hand in hand! They are clearly móre than ready for Valentine's Day, but you could also make them as a wedding gift or a cute and funky set of wedding cake toppers! I love the little details and finishing touches of this pattern: the little apple cheeks, the bow tie and hair bow and (ofcourse!) the cutest top hat I've ever seen! The hands are also quite cool!

The pattern is available in English and Dutch. The English is not perfect, but whatever confusion may arise over the pattern is cleared up by the added photos. All the little details and additions (the hat, bow tie etc) are thoroughly explained. So no excuse to not have this cute couple skipping away in no time!


13 - Heart Plant

Another pattern for a cute heart plant. I have included this one because the stem and leaves are crocheted as well which makes for a sturdier plant. I love the idea of a plant blossoming in heart so much! If I could I would fill my garden with these little beauties!

The pattern is written in Spanish, so Google Translate to the rescue once again. Fortunately, the shapes are not that complicated and the more seasoned crocheter will have no problem deciphering the crochet code!


14 - Conversation Heart Garland

Such a cute idea for a colorful addition to your Valentine's Day decor! If you are familiar with working in the round, this pattern is pretty quick and easy, and you can make your garland as long or as short as you like and, ofcourse, in whatever colors you like. Plus you can have lots of fun cutting out your own felt lettering for various messages!

The pattern is explained both in text and in graphs, so pick your favorite method! The garland is assembled with a crocheted chain attaching to hearts in two places. This way the hearts hang better and don't twist and turn. The letters are cut from different colors of felt and glued to the center of the hearts.


15 - Amigurumi Kawaii Hearts

Anything Kawaii is just too cute and these little hearts are no exception. Just look at their little smiley faces and you'll be in the Valentine's Day spirit in no time! Make one in every color and give them to all the people you love!

The pattern is written in English in a very basic format. The pattern is not complicated, so it is suitable for beginners. Get your Valentine on with these cuties!


16 - Anatomically Correct Valentine's Heart

Giving away your heart has never been more literal than this! How awesome is this anatomically correct heart! I absolutely love it and I can't believe this pattern is completely free. Even the coronary arteries are in place, incredible!

The pattern is written in French, but don't let that deter you from making this spectacular heart! There are a lot of photos for extra clarification and, as always, Google Translate is your best friend!

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