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Misti Tips And Tricks

As a professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to make family memories into legacies for 20 years.

The Misti Makes all your stamping easier and less challenging

The Misti Makes all your stamping easier and less challenging

Misti Basics

Misti stands for the Most Incredible Stamping Tool Ever Invented. It is manufactured by Sweet Petunia. It is a stamping platform that enables you to get the perfect image every time you stamp.

The Mini Misti is the smallest of the group. The stamping area is 6" x 4.75". It has a foam pad, a grid paper and two magnets. It is made for card making, pocket page scrapbooking inserts and other smaller projects.

The Memory Misti is the larger of the two. It is the size of a scrapbook page. This makes it perfect to use on larger size papers. The size is 12.5 by 12.5 inches.

The Misti currently comes in two colors a red or rose color and a black color

What's New In 2020

  • The top lid is bigger on the newest version of the Misti. It has a slight overhang that makes it easier to open and close the lid
  • They now have metal hinges which will help the product have less wear over time
  • The measurements now also include metric measurements as well
  • There is now an area close to the hinges to store your bar magnet. All you need to do to free the magnet is to twist it and it will come out

Uses For The Misti

  1. Stamping-Of course the primary purpose of the Misti is for stamping, You get a precise stamp in the exact place every time. If the stamp is not clear, you can add more ink and re-stamp the image perfectly
  2. Producing Mass Projects- Once the stamp is set up where you want it, you can make multiples of your project with ease. You will get the same image in the same location every time. Saves time and energy,
  3. Rainbow Stamping- If you like ti use multiple colors in your stamping, this tool will work perfectly.
  4. Backgrounds- You can place your stamp where you want it and see where it will- go. This will help you create backgrounds by just moving the stamp,
  5. Create Shading -Stamp your image once, Use a blender brush to add another darker color.. Then stamp again. You will have a shaded image.


Stamping With The Misti

The Misti is so easy to use ! With a few steps, you will have the perfect stamped image every time.

  1. Place your piece of card stock on top of the Misti pad in a corner. Use the magnet to keep the stamp in place
  2. Place the stamp with the stamping side down on the paper where you want the image
  3. press the lid of the Misti down firmly.
  4. Raise the lid. The stamp should be on the lid
  5. Ink the stamp
  6. press the lid down on top of the paper.
  7. firmly press the lid where the image is.

If you do not get a perfect image, just ink up the stamps again and re stamp. You will get a perfect image every time.

If you are using rubber stamps, remove the black pad from your Misti before stamping.

You can also do multiple stamps at the same time if you are using the same color ink.

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Red Cling Mount Stamps

The Misti makes it easy to use red cling mount stamps. This makes it very easy to use red cling mount background stamps.

Because they have foam on them, you will need to remove the black insert when using them.

Using The Misti With Background Stamps

The Misti is perfect for use with background stamps.

The Misti is perfect for use with background stamps.

Background Stamps

You can do large backgrounds the same way that you do basic stamping, The only thing that you have to consider is that more than likely, you will have to stamp it more than once to get a clear image.

You need to remove the black pad from the Misti any time that you are using a rubber cling stamp

Load up the platform with multiple stamps to create a background. If they do not stamp clearly , just reink and stamp them again.

Layering Stamps With The Misti


Layering Stamps With The Misti

The Misti makes it easy to use layering stamps to perfection. This stamping platform makes it easy to use for all stamped layered images.

The first thing to consider is which stamp pads to use. Dye inks are probably your best choice as they have a quick dry time. You want to layer on layer over dried base images.

You need to select your colors. You need stamp colors that are in the same color family. Depending on how many layers you are making, you will need a darker tone, a mid tone and a lighter tone.

The Stamp Set

Before you get started layering, take a good look at your stamp set. If it comes with an instruction sheet, make sure to keep that information with the stamp set. The instruction sheet will show you the layers and how they should be built.

Before you actually start the project, try practicing with some scrap paper so that you understand the orientation of the stamps.

The Inks

You will want to use a dye ink with your layering, because dye inks dry fast. That way your layers will not get smeared. You will want two to three colors in the same color family. If you only have two colors, but three layers, double stamp the third layer and you will get a good effect.


  • Layered stamps
  • Two to three ink colors in the same family
  • Cardstock
  • Layered stamp set
  1. Place your cut piece of cardstock on the Misti platform on top of the grid paper. You will want to place it either in the lower left corner or the upper left corner
  2. Secure the paper with one of the magnets on the upper right corner
  3. Place the base stamp (often colored solid) down on the paper where you want it to go.
  4. Push the lid down on the stamp and lift the lid. (the stamp should be on the lid)
  5. Use the lightest ink of your group. Ink up the base stamp.
  6. Press down on the lid to get the ink impression
  7. Give it a second or two to dry
  8. Place the next stamp over the base stamp impression on the card. Line it up. If your ink set gives your direction, follow that diagram.
  9. Again, press down the lid on the stamp
  10. Lift the lid and ink the stamp with the medium color
  11. Press the lid down to create the next stamped layer
  12. If there is a third stamp, follow the same procedure with the darkest color.

Layered Stamping Tips

  • You can mix colors from different stamp companies as long as they are in the same color family.
  • The same procedure can be followed when doing leaves or any other layered images.
  • If you don't have enough colors for three layers, just take the medium tone and stamp it twice
  • If your image did not stamp properly, just re stamp it
  • You can make multiple images at the same time. Because the Misti will always place the image in the exact same place every time. The key to that is to orientate the paper tp the exact same place, every time you stamp
  • You can fussy cut or die cut these flowers to get extra dimension

More Layering Stamp Ideas With The The Misti

Setting A Shaker Card Frame

I heard this idea and had to share it ! We all struggle with setting shaker frames. Well, here is a simple answer to that problem. Use the Misti !

  1. Set the card panel in the lower left corner of the Misti
  2. Carefully place the bits that you are using on the card base
  3. Place the shaker frame over the card base.
  4. Put the Misti lid over the shaker frame and lift
  5. Leaving the frame on the Misti lid, carefully remove the tape from the back of the frame.
  6. Press the lid down over the card
  7. Gently press on the lid
  8. Remove the lid and your card should have the frame in place

Steps To Use The Misti With Die Cuts


Using A Die Cut With The Misti

If you have a die cut with a coordinating stamp, it is easy to get an accurate stamped image every time.

  • Die cut your image
  • Take the left over piece of card stock and apply it on top of the misti
  • Put the die cut piece inside of the piece of card stock where it was cut from.
  • Take the coordinating stamp and place it stamp side down on the die cut piece lining it up to the cut piece
  • Place the lid on the stamp firmly
  • Lift the lid
  • Ink the stamp
  • Press the lid down

You may have to ink the image twice, but it should stamp perfectly every time.

Creating Custom Backgrounds With Misti

It is so easy to create custom backgrounds as I did on this card with the Misti

It is so easy to create custom backgrounds as I did on this card with the Misti

Creating Custom Backgrounds

You can create a custom back ground easily with the Misti.

  1. Place your paper on the Misti.
  2. Arrange the stamps that you want to use on the paper with the stamped side down,
  3. Once you have them arranged, press the lid down firmly on the stamps
  4. Raise the lid. The stamps should cling to the lid.
  5. Ink the stamps
  6. Press the lid down firmly.
  7. Reink and press again if the images are not clear
  8. You can stamp as many times as you need to

Creating The Ombre Backgrounds With The Misti

Ombre backgrounds can create the perfect background

Ombre backgrounds can create the perfect background

Creating An Ombre Background With The Misti

Creating an ombre background is easy with the Misti. All you need is a large background stamp and three colors of ink.


  • Large background stamp of your choice
  • Misti stamping platform
  • Three or more colors of inks
  1. Lay a piece of cardstock on the Misti platform.
  2. Secure it with one of the magnets in the left upper hand corner
  3. Place the background stamp with the stamping side down on the paper
  4. Put the lid on top of the stamp
  5. Rub on the lid to make sure that the stamp is secured to the lid
  6. Lift the lid and the stamp should come up with the lid
  7. Ink the stamp with the three colors in any order that you like
  8. Close the lid with the stamp onto the paper
  9. Press gently across the lid
  10. Raise the lid
  11. Is the impression is not stamped enough, just reink the stamp and stamp again
  12. Cut the image to the size that you need for your project

Misti Door Stamping

You can get a really custom background using distress and distress oxide inks with your Misti. This is similar to the smooshing technique


  • Misti stamping tool
  • Distress or distress oxide inks
  • Water spritzer
  • Craft mat piece to cover Misti stamping tool
  • Cardstock
  1. Place the piece of craft mat on the Misti platform
  2. Place the card stock on the mat
  3. Ink the door of the Misti with the distress ink or oxide ink of your choice
  4. Spray the door with a little water
  5. Press the door down on the card stock
  6. Lift the door handle and wipe off the ink
  7. Repeat with as many colors as you wish
  8. Allow to dry

Free Misti Resources

Cleaning Your Misti

My Sweet Petunia, the company that manufacturers the Misti only recommends two products to clean the Misti. The product is Novus One and Novus Two.

Novus One comes in an 8 oz bottle. It contains no harsh oe abrasive chemicals and leaves a clean shine. It helps resist finger marks.

  1. Apply the Novus one to the acrylic screen of your Misti.
  2. Apply the product using long strokes with a lint free cloth using no pressure
  3. Reapply Novus one using short round circles using a clean cloth
  4. Once the surface is clean, buff with a clean portion of the cloth.

How To Apply Novus Two

This is a paste that is used to remove permanent stains, fine scratches and haziness from your Misti

  1. Clean the surface with Novus one if it is dirty
  2. Shake the container before using it
  3. Apply the product liberally using a soft clean cloth using a back and forth motion. Apply to any scratches at right angles. Keep the cloth saturated with the product.
  4. Once the worst scratches have been polished, reapply Novus 2 in a circular motion, with light pressure
  5. Allow to dry to a light haze.
  6. Buff with a clean cloth using short firm soft strokes.
  7. A second application may be neccessary for deeper scratches
  8. Follow with a cleaning using Novus 1

If you really have bad stains on your Misti, try using a magic eraser and some water.

Misti Magnet Tips

The magnets are very strong and can be prone to cracking. Handle them with care. They are actually strong enough to pinch your fingers. Magnets can chip and/or break easily and magnets are not be warrantied, replaced, returned or exchanged.

  • Cover your round magnets with washi tape or duck tape to prevent them from cracking Cover your bar magnet with one piece of duck tape or a double piece of washi that you can pick it up easier
  • Never pull the magnets apart. Always slide them apart. That includes the Misti corners
  • While your Misti may not come with a bar magnet, using a single bar magnet is easier than using the two round magnets.

Misti Creative Corners


Misti Creative Corners

The Creative Corners Collection are a set of acrylic pieces that are tools to help you get the most from whichever Misti you may have.

Included are two corner squares with magnets, two acrylic triangles, and a longer L square. All of the Creative Corners will store inside the hinged lid of any of the Misti Stamp Positioners with the exception of the L bracket . The L bracket will nit fit inside of the Mini Misti.

  • Is you use the two Misti Corners diagonal to each other, you can stamp off the edge of your paper
  • Once you set up your stamp position and your corners you can stamp in the same position on multiple pieces of card stock
  • Use the right angle tool to line up sentiments
  • Use them to get straight sentiments
  • Helps you repeat sentiments and images with a very professional look

Free Misti Resources

  • My Sweet Petunia
    Free resources and projects at the official Misti blog
  • Free Grid Printout
    Print the small Misti grid on your own paper. You cam make multiple paper grid replacements

How To Use Misti Creative Corners

More Misti Tips

Here are a few more tips to help you get the most from your Misti

  1. Use washi tape on the corners and sides of your card front to marks where they go, That way, if you are stamping multiple cards, the stamp will be in the exact same place every time.
  2. Use a piece of silicone craft mat cut to size to fit your Misti.. That way if you are doing any wet techniques, the grid mats and pad will not get wet or dirty.

Masking With The Misti Stamping Tool

More Misti Inspiration

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