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Finding Inspiration in Vintage 3-D Wooden Art


3-D Wooden Art

Upon first look, this appears to be just a picture of a room with a table, chairs, and a fireplace. But, as I look at it, I become absorbed by the details of the piece. Yes, there is a table and chairs, but there is also a bench.

There is a table, but there is something sitting on it. There is a flower that moves plus, a book or something. Not quite sure what it is, but let your imagination decide. There is a vase with flowers. The flower has an actual plastic flower with petals. The chair sits on the floor, and there is actual space under the table for some wooden figure's legs. The bench is the same way. There is space below it. The fireplace has room for an actual log inside of it, and the mantle can have something sat on it. There is also a hat hanging on the wall above the mantle.

The shelf above the fireplace has dishes on it. The picture on the wall has an actual picture in it. The ceiling has a beam, and there is a door to the left.


The details are subtle, but it conveys a view of this cabin. It's so realistic. I just love it and enjoy looking at it.

© 2017 Char Milbrett

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