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Miffy vs Cathy from Hello Kitty

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Miffy wearing a red dress

Miffy wearing a red dress


Miffy is a bunny in a collection of many stories by a Dutch artist and illustrator named Dick Bruna in the Netherlands. Depending on the story, Miffy might be portrayed as a baby or as a four year old. Miffy was drawn in minimalist design with just a few strokes and she is female as the illustrator made the decision to draw her with a dress.

The illustrator originally thought of drawing Miffy with floppy ears but decided to go with ears pointed straight upwards.

It is said that the artist came up with the idea from being on a holiday vacation and seeing a small bunny near dunes, recreating it by sketch and telling a story about it to his young son.


Cathy of the Hello Kitty franchise was considered to be one of Kitty White's friends. She was a bunny as well also drawn in minimalist design and baring close resemblance to Miffy.


Proprietors of the successful Netherlands Miffy franchise decided to take action against the internationally recognized Japanese Hello Kitty franchise and did indeed win damages. The Miffy franchise felt that the similarities between the two characters, Miffy and Cathy were unacceptably close. Was Cathy a copycat of Miffy?

In the Dutch court, Cathy was proclaimed an unauthorized copy of Miffy.

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Many sources say that a settlement was reached where funds were donated to Japanese earthquake victims instead of continuing the case and spending further money on legal fees.

Fans had to say goodbye to Cathy

It was ordered that the character Cathy stop appearing in many Hello Kitty programs and that Cathy related Hello Kitty merchandise stop being sold in various stores among many countries.

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