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Memories Captured in Watercolor

Memories of My Grandfather

Memories of My Grandfather

Heirloom Stool

Heirloom Stool

Personality of a Painting

My grandfather was a kind, quiet man who worked hard all his life and provided well for his family. He was a carpenter who could build just about anything he put his mind to such as tables, shelves, window frames and doors.

As adults my siblings and I each received a hand crafted stool made by our grandfather with a needlepoint sewn on top by our grandmother. My stool is pictured here, and can be seen within the painting above. I knew it had taken hours of hard work for my grandparents to make just one stool. This was a labor of love that I still treasure.

I can still picture my grandfather in his work shop standing amid a variety of projects with saw dust drifting through the air.

Black Panther Yellow Ash Tray & Grandpa's Pipe

Black Panther Yellow Ash Tray & Grandpa's Pipe

Panther on Yellow Ash Tray

This unique yellow ash tray sat nestled on a table between grandma's straight backed floral chair and grandpa's worn leather chair. Sometimes while visiting as a child I'd sit on the edge of grandma's chair and watch grandpa pack his pipe with tobacco spilling it onto the yellow ash tray and table. It was mesmerizing watching him puff and puff the end of the pipe holding a lit match over it before the tobacco started to burn filling the room with it's thick smoke. Years later his pipe still carries a hint of that rich tobacco aroma.

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Globe World Bank

Globe World Bank

Moving Through Time and Space

This small globe world bank sat on my grandfather's dresser for years until he gave it to my son, his great-grandson. Over the years as my son grew the small bank moved around his room from a desk to a book shelf to finally rest on the very same dresser that was once his great-grandfather Andy's. Their is something very special about seeing an object move through time and space during ones lifetime.

Producing a painting using items that were once part of my grandparents lives or made by them was a creative way I could honor them and preserve some priceless memories. One day my son who will inherit this painting and not only get a glimpse of his great-grandfather, but a bit of his own life too.

© 2013 Laura Ross


Laura Ross (author) on February 14, 2013:

My decision to add photographs of items within the painting didn't come to me until I started to write the hub. I'm glad you like the painting.

Donna Hilbrandt from Upstate New York on February 14, 2013:

Really lovely work. It took me a moment to realize that you were dissecting the painting with photos of the objects. I am seriously preoccupied at the moment. I love the painting and the memories that inspired it.

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