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Matthieu Richard ~ A Photographer's Journey

Matthieu Richard

Matthieu Richard

Matthieu Richard is a French Canadian/Bermudian photographer living in Nova Scotia where he has been capturing photos with stunning artistic expressions.

Like many professionals in Matthieu's field, his craft is more than photographing what is before the camera, it is about capturing the "soul" and essence of the subject matters very existence, and the wonder of it .

Matthieu is a Visual Artist who has taken his passion for photography on a journey towards mastering, like a magician, how to capture the unimaginable of what's right in plain view.

I caught up with Matthieu to find out more about his passion for photography and the Visual Arts.

I feel it is the heart, not the eye, that should determine the content of the photograph. What the eye sees is its own. What the heart can perceive is a very different matter.”

— Gordon Parks - American Photographer

Q&A with Matthieu Richard

Matthieu, thank you for taking time out for this interview and allowing our readers an opportunity to meet you and your artistry.

RW) At the start of this article I used a quote from the late great photographer and filmmaker Gordon Parks that photographs from artists such as yourself shoot more from their heart than with their eyes. Do you see it that way as well when you journey out to shoot something?

MR) Absolutely, most times I find myself free styling my photography on the go. which challenges me to utilize more of my creativity, angles, perspectives of various subjects and lighting. On the other hand, when I approach photography or videography for that matter. I always envision or have a preconceived notion of how I want my art to appear. Patience is most certainly key in this industry and I've learned to capitalize on it.

RW) How long have you been a professional photographer and has photography been a lifelong passion of yours or did it grow over time for you?

MR) Photography or visual arts (what I like to call it) has always been sitting in my subconscious mind since my teen years. It was just up to me to act upon it and bring it to life. I would sit and watch BET or MTV Jams religiously in the late 90’s early 2000’s, come up with my own ideas, camera angles and sense of emotional theme behind a specific song. I feel this then carried over into my love and appreciation for Photography and film in itself. I love being able to do the exact same things but in different forms. It fascinates me how I can intertwine the best of both worlds, learn from the two and become better in my own way. I believe this is what started it all for me. I picked photography and videography up seriously in 2016 and have been developing my craft ever since.

RW) Who are some of your favorite photographers and what is it about their photographs that gets your attention?

MR) One of my favorites who have helped me hone my craft with not only photography but editing, color grading etc, would be Peter McKinnon. He is also from Canada. Him along with his good friend Matti. Their photography is clean, to the point and cinematic. They are not afraid to break the rule of thirds which makes it edgy, in a natural respectable way.

Passion is work, and for passion to ever be anything more than that, we must lead our passion. We must lead with purpose. Anyone can dream. Few work hard enough to make their dreams a reality."

— Peter McKinnon - Canadian Photographer


RW) I suppose if you have a camera, you can photograph anything you desire to, but is there a particular interest artistically that you have more of a passion to shoot, like some famous photographers are known for photographing nature or cityscapes....what's your passion?

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MR) I tend to shoot everything because I believe everything can be captured in it’s own way whenever or however you encounter it. I would love to travel the world and explore remote places to obtain dramatic, exotic visuals. That being said, I do not have a favorite “niche” of photography per-say, but I do love every avenue of visual art in its own way equally, and I've explored almost every avenue of it.

RW) I noted in the intro that you are Canadian, and that I have never done an international feature on an artist, so thank you again for this. That being said, artistically do you think there is a different mindset in the artists who are here in the states than in Canada, or is it just a universal thing?

MR) I am Canadian and Bermudian, currently living in Canada, Halifax Nova Scotia to be exact. I actually don’t think there is much of a difference between the two different locations. I think it just comes down to how you want your end result to appear, most importantly does it satisfy your soul within before you hit that share button.

RW) This is not just a professional hobby for you - you do this for a living? What is your business for hire? Do you do commission work for organizations, or how do you offer your professional services?

MR) I’m open to all possibilities. As of right now all that is required is a signed agreement and to book a specific day and time, let me know the theme and location, I’ll be there to take care of the rest. For most of the time me being involved in visual arts I would have to say it has always been out of the passion and love for it, it’s not necessarily a hobby for me but a way of life. I still and will always do it no matter if I’m getting paid or not. I find myself constantly carrying my camera wherever I go. That reminds me I need a new camera strap.


Recently I have incorporated a Photo Booth & Photography company in the province of Nova Scotia called Candid 360 PhotoBooth & Photography. We specialize in 360 Photo booth and event photography.

RW) Many visual artists cross mediums that they excel in professionally, like painting or sculpting, or graphic arts to co-exist with their main medium. Is that true for you?

MR) 100 percent! I'm always mixing up photography and videography when it calls for it whenever I’m in a location worthy of capturing. Being that you mentioned graphic arts I am also fluent in photo-shop; creating logos etc and Light room which provides me the opportunity to bend light, enhancing photos brightness, bringing them to life.

RW) What has been your most exciting photo shoot to date? And what would you like to shoot but haven;t gotten the chance to do so yet?

MR) The photo-shoot that stands out the most for me was when I was able to provide a client video (B-Roll) and still footage of a motocross event on multiple occasions for this client. These were all kids mind you, so it was great to see family and friends come out to show support, that’s what it’s all about. This event made for natural candid action shots, my preferred shooting style.

I would love to shoot in exotic locations or maybe even create a professional short film one day.

RW) What would you like to see happen with your career, are there any long term goals, or do you just photograph each day at a time?

MR) Recently I have incorporated a Photo Booth & Photography company in the province of Nova Scotia called Candid 360 PhotoBooth & Photography. We specialize in 360 Photo booth and event photography for events such as weddings, corporate events, graduations, parties and more. Here I'm able to incorporate my photography at and in different events and locations which in turn challenges my visual observations. Apart from that I’m always ready to work on a private clients project if it came down to it.

RW) Where can our readers follow you on social media?

MR) You can find and follow my work at or my Photo booth company at My website is also You can book us there!

Catch up with Matthieu at:

Catch up with Matthieu at:

I always envision or have a preconceived notion of how I want my art to appear. Patience is most certainly key in this industry and I've learned to capitalize on it."

— Matthieu Richard

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